Jul 102011

Norge decided to post a long comment accusing me of working continuing his nonsense about how I work for the Illuminati:

Hi…this is Norge. I’m not sock-puppeting or using multiple user names – I only need one ID to defeat opponents, especially fools like White & Nerdy. I am pleased to see you already accuse me of sockpuppeting, it goes along nicely with White & Failing’s accusation that I am a white knight. Any more lame tricks? Maybe you want to alter your post thread so that I cannot directly reply to your posts, the same way White & Sucking did? Hopefully not, hopefully you are more macho than that.

First, if you have a problem with some other blogger, take it up with them.

That second comment I quoted two posts ago conveniently came in at the right time.  That’s why I considered the possiblity Norge may have written it using another name.  More importantly, I checked Norge’s IP address.  He has posted comments here under the name Norge and paullamont.  He has used multiple user names despite his claim to the contrary.

I’m not sure what that thing about not directly replying to posts is about.  It may have something to do with a limit for how far comments will nest in wordpress.  If that’s the case, Norge is trying to manufacture fake claims of nefarious behavior.

So, you admit it, freely admit it – GREAT, I’m glad that I activated your cognitive dissonance to confess to both the readers here and at Omega Virgin Revolt the truth about your government involvment. I want everyone to understand that this time PMAFT isn’t bragging, he is confessing – a big difference. I’m glad you didn’t backpeddle out of it and try to pass it off as some kind of tongue and cheek gag against conspiracy theorists. I’ve been frequenting your site for some time now and I’ve read such unprovoked admissons of your complicity – so I think we both agree it would’ve been futile to make denials. Can you also go tell that fag White & Nerdy that he can stop gloating now, and that you weren’t joking or kidding when you bragged about your government ties? He may be too busy to respond to you though, as he is preparing his anal canal for Dominique Strauss Kahn’s homecoming.

I’m not sure what cognitive dissonance is supposed to being going on here.  All I did was be honest about how I am gainfully employed.  Yes, I work for a defense contractor.  Yes, I have a security clearance.  None of that means I work for the Illuminati.  It’s not a tongue in cheek gag, but with the way Norge is incapable of reading what’s right in front of him, it might as well be.

I utterly destroyed White & Nerdy, so maybe now I’ll start talking to you and get to the bottom of what you so-called Men’s Rights guys have against conspiracy theorists. I feel it is like this – we are all reading the same book, only conspiracy theorists are smarter. We have read further and faster, and while we are on page 250, the majority of people are stuck on page 82. When we tell you on page 200 that a New World Order, led by Freemasons, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanic bloodline familes, along with their lapdogs and affiliated members of the Good ol Boys club, are taking over the world and destroying your freedoms – you tell us that is too unbelievable, and you instead flip to page 83.

There’s no unified opinion on conspiracy theory in the MRM.

The book Norge is reading from is likely a Dan Brown novel that he can’t seem to figure out is fiction.

It is an intelligence issue – a matter of understanding all of the data out there, and being able to read through it faster since the enemy has had a magnificient head start as far as planning and execution. While some of us are smart enough to detect the danger, others are dumbed-down into falsely believing such vile forces do not exist, even at a time when they are making their evil selves more and more obvious to the world. The good thing is, it is not too late to change and put aside your stupidity – if only to save yourself and live a better life, aside from any specific theological or philosophical lean. I’m saying that last part to your readers and not to you PMAFT. You and White & Nerdy have already made your allegiance clear and known. You are not stupid, or unaware – you are complicit..

Actually it’s an issue of sanity, namely how Norge isn’t sane.

Where as your men’s rights movement acts to clip the fingernails of your enemy, their hands are still locked around your throat. It is a misdirection, and it makes you into a running dog for the NWO because you are towing their line and making yourself an asset to them. Many of the men arriving at this site are victims of feminism, which this last 100 years has been the 2nd most successful NWO policy for damaging their opponents – the human race. By giving readers misinformation that feminism doesn’t have its roots being start by the NWO, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanist bloodline families like the Rockefellars who have many charities and organizations for women established – you set your readers up to take a fall. You have them avoid recognizing who their real enemy is, but instead have them save their hatred for 3 group entities:

1. Feminist Authors – Dworkin, Marcotte, etc.

2. Men who defend feminism – manginas, white knights, pussy addicts – and including men who devalue themself and marry a lesser woman – like the Dilbert guy – and male politicians who support feminism to get the woman vote.

3. The legal system and woman who get away with crimes and dishonesty, from outright criminal behavior to no-fault divorces, cheating, etc.

I agree that all 3 types of people are shun-worthy, and should be called to task for their behavior and crimes – but they are also a product of a system created by Globalism and Feminism – the tools of the NWO. This doesn’t give them an excuse for their behavior or a sympathetic pause from us, at the least they deserve our pity for being duped and at the most our severe hatred for damaging humanity. Writing about them is fine, but it would be proper to occasionally point to the architects that infected these people with such stupidity and malice in the first place – if only to create a context of feminism’s origins.

The NWO, the “Jewish Hierarchy”, and “Satanist bloodlines” don’t exist so feminist can’t have anything to do with them.  How am I setting them anyone up to take a fall?  If someone doesn’t believe in the NWO, nothing happens to them.

Norge also forgot one important group in feminism, the mass of women who gave their implicit and explicit support for feminist policies and benefited from them.  You either hold them responsible or you don’t.  There is no in between where they can weasel out of it by claiming they were “duped”.

I’m not telling you to make this website another anti-NWO website – because I think that would defeat its purpose and there are already enough websites like that out there right now. However, I think you should acknowledge and rebuke the evils of NWO instead of telling people that they do no exist, and only that crazy people believe in such things. Whether you choose to do this again is subjective, because at the least you are clumsily unaware of the world you live, and at most a complicit pawn of the NWO / member of their techie disinformation branch. I think you qualify for the latter..

Why does Norge need me to rebuke a fictitious entity like the Illuminati?  And what good would that do if I did if the Illuminati did exist?  Norge, what are you doing to fight your nonexistent NWO besides waste a lot of time ranting on MRM blogs?  Many of us in the MRM are getting the word out about feminism with the URL @ Urinals campaign.  Paul Elam recently set up Register Her to expose criminal women.  Actual work is better than meaningless rebukes against nonexistent entities.  What have you done for your cause, Norge?  Obviously nothing so this is just an excuse for you to rant on the internet.  Unlike you, many of us in the MRM are getting real work done.

The lowest of the low is promoting the idea that acknowledging the NWO as an evil force in the world makes the person who does so a feminist – or supporter of feminist ideals. That is a ridiculous extrapolation to make about one person or a group or person, expecially when many like myself will point out that feminism was created, driven, and funded by the NWO. The fact that some conspiracy theorists support feminism is because they realize to a certain extent that you shouldn’t attack the finger, but the heart. They also don’t want to cut off and alienate themselves from a wide viewing public by attacking feminism outright before claiming a victory against the NWO – isn’t it better to fight one opponent at a moment instead of two?

Since you will never claim a victory against the NWO (because they don’t exist), you just admitted that conspiracy theorists will not fight feminism.  If  feminism is a tool of the NWO there is no fighting the NWO separate from fighting feminism.  By your own definition conspiracy theorists are feminists because they’re sacrificing men in an attempt to gain popularity.

I will summarize that the entire DSK affair has less to do with false-rape allegations and more to do with him being replaced in a grand media flourish. There is now heavy talk that he should run for Prime Minister of France – which would be a remarkable rebound for someone who was under the suspicion of a felony. And while the world is watching that happen, the IMF loans another 3 Billion to Greece, to further corrupt the birthplace of democracy into another banana republic.

Good to know that you can’t be counted on when false rape allegations rear their ugly head.

Traitor. I’ve said it, and I think it should stand up as a clear namesake for you until you choose to rebuke the forces of evil and ease off your assault against those working to expose and indict them. I welcome a response from you, because unlike White & Nerdy you will actually be able to hold your own in defending your undefendable position as a turncoat. You will still lose to me, but the volleys will make interesting reading for visitors to this website who may take the same issue that I have with you hating Conspiracy Theorists.

You are still not as bad as White & Nerdy though, who wants to see jailed conspiracy theorists put to death before they even have a chance to appeal for their life.

I checked his blog, and I could not find that anywhere.  Given all of the other things you made up, Norge, this is probably made up too.  Really, this doesn’t matter.  If you have a problem with another blogger, take it up with them.

So, why do you hate conspiracy theorists? Or should we just accept the evidence at hand that you are running misinformation for the NWO?

I await a response from you Pro Male Anti Feminist TRAITOR.

I don’t think you understand what the word, traitor, means.  I can’t be a traitor to a cause I don’t believe in against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Norge, what was the point of all this?  If you think I and other MRAs are working for the Illuminati then you have effectively come to the conclusion that the MRM works for the NWO.  However, you’re too much of a wimp to say that.  We don’t take kindly to such behavior.  With all of the time you spent on these rants, here and on other blogs, you could have done something useful like learning some game.  Or posting some fliers.  Your rants do nothing for your goals much less ours.  You are nothing but a troll that is too stupid and insane to realize he is one.

  25 Responses to “Haters: I’m Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Traitor”

  1. What’s missing here, I think, is the reptile angle. Can’t see where that fits in. Hmmm.

  2. Norge says he’s on page 250…

    I’m done with the book.

    The twist ending is that Norge was also done with the book, he IS the umbranati.

    You see, they have this machine at the center of the Earth that runs off of believe in conspiracies, 81 times (remember that number!!!) if the conspiracy has anything to do with the “illuminati” which doesn’t exist. By getting as many people as possible to believe in conspiracies (by going to blogs and ranting about it) the machine gets powered up, gradually over time, but each additional believer adds more than the last, it’s exponential.

    What does this machine do? It will bring together the entire universe once more into a singularity, but they will turn it off slightly before then. It’s purpose, then, is to bring a system known only as Sigma 81 closer to Earth, so the Umbranati (headed by Norge!) can pretty much just jump there and be there. What’s at Sigma 81? Trans-dimensional hyper-cube, 81 of them (SEE?!?!) which have the power to create anti-matter with ease, travel through time, and many other things thought to be impossible. They plan to travel back in time and stop the assassination of… not Kennedy but ARCHDUKE FERDINAND…

    This is why FERDINAND Bardamu is also in on this, he is his son, however, he was actually on our side, sorta like Dracula being killed by his own son, Alucard. Archduke Ferdinand was THREE SECONDS from completing his umbranati circle in the ground, which would complete the ultimate goal of the entire umbranati…

    Ultimately, the Umbranati have guided man’s history to one single point, all the while profitting and setting up puppets to do their bidding. You see, a long time ago FERDINAND “81” ARCHDUKE (his closest friends and followers called him 81 for short) short-selled all the beverages in the land to make a 5% profit!

    But then he discovered how to make this occur faster, by carbonating the oceans! And this is what his circle was to do, mainly, along with killing off anyone with a “P” in their name, which is why we had to stop it.

  3. I’m not sure what that thing about not directly replying to posts is about. It may have something to do with a limit for how far comments will nest in wordpress. If that’s the case, Norge is trying to manufacture fake claims of nefarious behavior.

    That’s exactly what happened. I have not stopped Norge from commenting on my blog. The more he writes, the more he demonstrates his insanity. I think my blog is set to limit nesting of comments is set to four levels, but Norge decided to LIE again by saying that I was trying to prevent him from comenting. If I wanted him blocked, he would be blocked.

    I checked his blog, and I could not find that anywhere. Given all of the other things you made up, Norge, this is probably made up too.

    I never said conspiracy theorists should get the death penalty. That’s another one of Norge’s LIES. I was talking about a man who murdered three cops who got the death penalty. I agreed with this decision because it was clear this man could not be rehabilitated. This man also happened to be a conspiracy theorist. It’s all on my blog if anyone cares about this.

  4. More importantly, I checked Norge’s IP address. He has posted comments here under the name Norge and paullamont. He has used multiple user names despite his claim to the contrary.

    Or, perhaps, he knows how to use a proxy that shares his IP with other users.

    I typically post from several IPs, all of which are shared with other persons of diverse views.

    Your website gets linked at certain sites hosted by hippies who distrust everything you stand for. Don’t be surprised if “Norge” is just using a different BBS to encourage his stinky-hippie friends to come here and hate on you.

    Hippies are just as stinky as they always have been, but nowadays they use remailers and darknets. I doubt very much that you could unravel Norge’s BBS.

    And no, I’m neither Norge nor one of his hippie buddies. I just read their links.

    • Norge’s IP address is a cable modem. I doubt he’s running a proxy through a cable modem. And it’s not a TOR exit node or a anonymizer either.

      Your website gets linked at certain sites hosted by hippies who distrust everything you stand for.

      Care to give me some examples? If you don’t want to post it publicly, send me an email.

      • I doubt he’s running a proxy through a cable modem.

      • Hey PMAFT, I would appreciate it if you did not share details about my internet connection with the psycho-faggot techno-stalkers out there. That is really information important only to you, as you are site admin. Thanks in advance.

        I’m also curious to know where other people are bad-mouthing you, as I thought I was the only gadfly disputing the origins and purpose of this website. Just curious, because I wonder how it would affect a rebuttal to my original accusation – when you have other people instead of me also having these feelings.

        A fascinating development.

        • I would appreciate it if you did not share details about my internet connection with the psycho-faggot techno-stalkers out there.

          I don’t think that *he’s* going to share details, I think it’s more like you left yourself open and you’re hosting uninvited guests.

          Are you *entirely* sure that no one has root-kitted your machine?

        • Are you admitting to being Paul Lamont?

  5. Like I said in my last post, either you are clumsily unaware of the world you live, or you are complicit with the NWO. I’ve known alot of people who see the truth in the existence of the NWO when they have the facts staring them in the face. White & Nerdy went so far as to name them perfectly, and from reading your past blogposts you name them as well, although you linger on the most fantastical of theories, the ones about shapeshifting lizards. I cannot call you ignorant or stupid, so I will say again that I feel you act as a traitor by not recognizing the truth. There is both strong and subtle evidence that websites like this are psychological operations – look at the things you guys are saying. Deflecting any of the blame towards the NWO for creating Feminism is evident in your words.

    Once again, you guys go quarterbacking for DSK every chance you get, treating his extraordinary case as just another run of the mill – woman fingers rich man of rape trying to get rich herself – event. I see you lionizing this douchebag as a hero for the MRM, even though he would not hesitate to destroy the lives of men or destabilize the economy of a country where men live. You seem to forget that it is political and economic policy manufactured by people like Strauss Kahn that are removing job from the hands of men and placing them in the hands of women to a disproportionate level. By backing a traitor to humanity like DSK, you reveal your own stripe for all to see.

    I have NO idea who Paul Lamont is, but I am nonetheless amazed that you would continue to accuse me of breaking forum rules – anything to undermine the blistering truth of my argument. In a previous post, I was also accused of accusing someone named 5th Horsemen of something – like being part of PMAFT and White & Nerdy’s DSK adoration club. Never really heard of 5th Horsemen or read his site so I cannot comment on what its lean is, from his post above he seems to be the only person not resorting to stupidly placed attacks against me – so I’ve got no beef with 5th Horsemen.

    Failing to rebuke the NWO has made your position clear to me, and to all of us. You say they are non-existent – the same way people think that cell phones don’t give off harmful radiation – and you cite the Mainstream Media as your source because journalists have never reached a consensus or stated that an New World Order exists. Really, in this day in age you are going to use the MSM as your trump card in an argument? The MSM also said that cell phones were completely safe until very recently, I wonder what they will be saying about the NWO’s existence 10-20 years from now.The NWO owns the media, and when you look at the brass of ANY media organization you will see people with ties to Globalist firms, Heirarchal Jews, and Freemason stooges. That is easily verifiable and something that many have reached a consensus on, but it seems like you are still stuck in a 1996 frame of mind where a false rape allegation is the worst thing out there. Were you in a coma on Sept 11? Did you somehow miss the events of the last decade that have turned North America from a prosperous 1st world beacon of freedom into an ever-increasing prison state being overrun with the worst criminal elements from the 3rd world? Can you not see that the primary target of the NWO, the one demographical group of people they want to destabilize the most, is educated law-abiding men. Men of good upbringing, men of moral standards, men of education and those with an independent spirit – are also men who wouldn’t hitch their star to the NWO wagon. To the globalists forces of evil these men must be eliminated: sent to the poor house or the prison house, killed on home soil or foreign soil, or simply bred out of existence by falling victim to the tides of feminism. These men are the enemy of the NWO, because good men have traditionally rejected tyranny and upholded personal freedoms, and the NWO truly hate them for being an impediment and slowing the progress of their global takeover.

    I challenge MRMs and say that the whole idea pushed by MRM that men should not have children with women anymore is PURE NWO POLICY OF DEPOPULATION. Why shouldn’t the best and the brightest have children? Why shouldn’t intelligent men be allowed to breed and have a family to love? Why should an intelligent man choose to live some ridiculous lifelong bachelorship – even going so far as some men to getting vasectomies. When the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor the only ones having babies – can you not see that it is setting up this world for an Orwellian underclass and overclass??? When men are advised in the rapidly dwindling middle class to not have children you thus doom the middle class to not exist for further generations – because they wont have any children to make up those generations!

    My final point is this – you said:

    “Since you will never claim a victory against the NWO (because they don’t exist), you just admitted that conspiracy theorists will not fight feminism. If feminism is a tool of the NWO there is no fighting the NWO separate from fighting feminism. By your own definition conspiracy theorists are feminists because they’re sacrificing men in an attempt to gain popularity”

    Once again, you fail. No one is sacrificing men – show me a conspiracy theorist who is sacrificing men. Furthermore – you give in to a very strange REVERSE FEMINISM – where by giving any equality to women makes the person giving the equality and “sacrificing men” automatically a feminist. Do you want women to walk two steps behind men? Do you want women to wear hijabs in public? You have me a little bit confused, because when you say “Sacrificing men” it sounds like giving equal rights to women and equal voice to women is – sacrificing men. Do you think that women are lesser human beings? Do you want to tell your mother, or the mother of your children, or your daughter that they are a lesser human being? This whole issue of sacrificing men – that you cannot prove – comes off sounding like any policy that isn’t ardently pro-male and leaning toward equality is invariably feminist in your eyes. In that aspect you may be alone in your reverse-feminist beliefs, and conspiracy theorists are more enlightened to choose a path of equality or meritocracy at this stage in the game. You are not going to get women to trade one control system – which is the NWO – for another control system – which is Reverse Feminism.

    For those of you who did not take a Psychology course in college or U – there really is such a thing as Reverse Feminism. Go look it up. I find the revelation that you PMAFT are a Reverse Feminist very fascinating. That you are a reverse feminist cements your status as a hypocrite. I see you would be up for subjecting women to the same status that men have under current feminism, and I simply cannot agree with that model of justice. Men shouldn’t be sacrificed, but neither should women. A road to meritocracy is better, making everyone play by the same rules in life to get ahead – but if you call down people who aim for such a goal of true equality as being ones who “sacrifice men” – then you are just another person duped into or wanting to push another control system on persons in this world.

    The goal of defeating the NWO is to eliminate control systems – this is where David Icke is right. Where he falls flat on his face with the reptilian mumbo jumbo – he suddenly soars when he points out the permeating stink of control systems in our society – whether they be debt-based, religious, military, unions, schools, or unjust legal systems. For you to give into Reverse Feminism as an ideal for men to follow, to prevent the so-called sacrificing of men, is just you supporting the control system on the whole – with your big element being a rehash of NWO dogma to support men instead of women.

    So, a question to your readers, and other Men’s Rights Movement people in general, do you agree with the goals of Reverse Feminism? Do you think that men’s rights should be built on a foundation of Reverse-Feminism instead of Anti-Femisism – the way that PMAFT wants to have it built? Do you think we can prevent men from being sacrificed by subjecting women to a form of reverse feminism, and put them down the same way that feminism has impacted men? Do you feel that men are “sacrificed” in a world of equality, and that the only option for men is to reverse-engineer NWO doctrine like feminism to better suit them? Do you feel like reading a website where NWO doctrine is being pushed in the form of Reverse Feminism is helping you, or helping the cause of Men’s Rights?

    By knowing your enemy, you know how to defeat them.

    By becoming your enemy, via reverse feminism, you make yourself no better.

    The owners of these websites do not want you to know your enemy, and they want you if anything to become your enemy and buy into reverse feminism as a viable means of fighting back against feminism. If you want to show your enemy that you are better than them – you cannot resort to the same measures that you demonize your enemy for using. If anything, Reverse Feminism stains the reputation of the Men’s Rights Movement, and there has got to be a better way than the one proposed being by PMAFTraitor.

    Feminism is NWO. Reverse Feminism is NWO. Know your enemy.

    • White Nationalism is NWO, Black Nationalism is NWO?

      • Absolutely correct. It has been well-discussed inside the conspiracy community that we are always offered the choice between extremes, with NWO agents infiltrating either side and working to control the actions of those extremes. By controlling the synthesis taking place between the opposing forces of Feminism and Reverse Feminism (closet misandry VS closet misogyny), Communism and Capitalism, and like what you said White Nationalism and Black Nationalism – they can control the outcome and basically pick the winner they want to support – on the way to accomplishing their own end goals. They have people everywhere, even inside the Men’s Rights Movement…hint hint.

        And on a unrelated matter to your comment – what is with people asking so much about proxies and other bullshit. I don’t need to do any kind of sock-puppeting because someone with my gravitas has no need for such trickery or nonsense. I think PMAFT – the guy who is site admin and actually handles these matters – already knows that.

    • I have NO idea who Paul Lamont is,

      Paul Lamont is the name used by the guy who hacked you and used your IP, obviously.

    • I have NO idea who Paul Lamont is,

      I was really hoping for that statement to turn out to be true. It would have made a better story.

      Unfortunately, it contradicts the later admission.

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