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For a while now I have been meaning to talk about the “beta orbiters” in the manosphere who should know better, but Ferdinand sort of beat me to it:

Actually scratch that – ALL of the women in the alt-right/manosphere (except for Bhetti and Aoefe) get way too much attention. If you have a pair of breasts and say all the right things, you’ll have a coterie of sackless beta orbiters hanging on your every word.

I would add Laura Grace Robbins (and Hestia if she was still blogging) to the list of women in the manosphere along with Bhetti and Aoefe who don’t get as much attention as they should, but otherwise I agree with this.  It’s pathetic the way men who should know better end up being beta orbiters to women.  These men believe that they aren’t beta orbiters because of game or some other reason, but all that means is that they haven’t really internalized game.

Consider David Alexander.  He’s a beta orbiter at Traditional Catholicism Christianity, but he knows he is one.  Think of how pathetic he acts.  If a man is a beta orbiter to a woman in the manosphere, then he is just like David Alexander.  For example, Obsidian is a beta orbiter of Susan Walsh (which is why Susan Walsh’s blog is the only blog in the manosphere that Obsidian hasn’t been banned from or otherwise forced out of) so this means that Obsidian is Susan Walsh’s David Alexander.

Beyond that I’m not going to name any names since the purpose of this post isn’t to humiliate anyone but to get men who are beta orbiting without knowing they are thinking about what they’re doing.  Are you a beta orbiter to a woman in the manosphere?  Just like beta orbiters in real life, beta orbiters in the manosphere don’t get anything out of being a beta orbiter.  If you’re a beta orbiter of some woman in the manosphere, then why are you doing that?  Now is a good time to stop.

  9 Responses to “Beta Orbiters Of The Manosphere”

  1. I don’t think Ferd was saying either Bhetti or Aoefi don’t get enough male attention when they’ve appeared at manosphere blogs (both have largely retired from that for awhile now). I think he was saying the attention they got was largely deserved because of interesting insights and contributions. I’d say the same is true of Sofia.

    David Alexander is not a beta orbiter. He’s an omega LJBF orbiter of women. He’ll admit it himself.

    • This post should have been called orbiters of the manosphere. DA isn’t an omega as much as he is in category.

      Sofia’s attention is all well deserved. But beyond Sofia, Bhetti, Aoefe, LGR, Hestia, and a few others I’m forgetting, the women of the manosphere are nothing but distractions at best, problems at worst. Orbiters, all of whom don’t realize they are, just make things worse.

  2. I sometimes make a conscious effort to attack women in the manosphere. Then I lol when the beta defenders come out in force.

    I guess this makes me a Rapist of the Manosphere.

  3. @Snark – that made me laugh out loud – genuine lol.

    I’ve made comments regarding the attention women get at places like Roissy, specifically the ones who are trying to stir the pot and are often trashy to boot. Men come out of the woodwork to engage with them and then follow them to their own websites by the droves. Thinking of one person who shall remain nameless because I’ve been the object of scorn with other women and it’s been nasty. I have a small audience but don’t have the energy to seek more attention, like comment and visit other sites on a frequent basis. I know that’s what it takes. It also takes controversy and I’m boring in that regard. Plus I don’t help reinforce the worldview that women are all crazy, dirty, sluts and have no reason in their vapid lil ole brains. So best to ignore me. The people who do visit have been like friends to me (Doug) even off the grid. Bhetti, Sophia, Lil Girl, LSB and Hope (who took a hard rap), are fantastic women who are confident enough to voice their opinions and aren’t afraid to say they can change their mind given some good evidence. I’m proud to have gotten to know them.

    I am in agreement with the post’s point about many men being orbiters of the ‘wrong’ sorts of women. In real life and on the web. Just my two cents.

    Thanks too for including me in the category of women worth paying attention to, I’m flattered and appreciative. :)

  4. I don’t notice the Manoshere’s beta orbiters s much because I’m numb to it: There’s A LOT of beta orbiters where I study (hello STEM college).

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