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For this quarter’s Dilbert Award Winner I only got one submission.  It came via email, but in the future I would like all Dilbert Award submissions to be done here.  The submission was this guy.  While that guy could win White Knight of the Year, that’s not what the Dilbert Award is primarily about so he doesn’t qualify for a Dilbert Award.  The Dilbert Award is about recognizing successful men who get together with single mothers (and other women) who are way beneath what they could really get.  If they have been a mangina and/or white knight, especially if they have gone after mens rights, so much the better.  Remember the Dilbert Awards can not work without all of you reading this (and there’s a lot more of you now after this blog was featured on Instapundit) submitting candidates.

Chainring in his original suggestion for the Dilbert Awards nominated Todd Harrison, the founder and CEO of Minyanville, a very successful financial media and publishing company.  Before founding Minyanville, Harrison was a successful trader, fund manager, and senior executive on Wall Street with firms like Morgan Stanley.  He has also appeared on Fox, CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg Television, and in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, Worth, Fortune, Barron’s, Dow Jones MarketWatch, New York Magazine, and Canada’s National Post.  In addition Harrison has lectured at Harvard University, Syracuse University, New York University, and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

All of Harrison’s good judgement that led to his success was not applied to women.  He got involved with a single mother of two kids.  The single mother Harrison was with got pregnant with his kid leading to Harrison moving in with her. While Harrison did get a child of his own unlike Scott Adams, he will still have to take care of two children that aren’t his and won’t get any more children (if he wants more children).

Normally there would be voting like with the Entitlement Princess of the Month, but due to the lack of submissions, Harrison wins the 2011 Second Quarter Dilbert Award by default.

  12 Responses to “2011 Second Quarter Dilbert Award Winner: Todd Harrison”

  1. YUS! White Knight of the Year 😀 I would like to thank all the people who made this award possible.

    • I dunno how I feel about this whole Being Nominated For Things thing though. Creepy, internet, verrrrry creepy. (<– please note that thankfulness and being frightened are not mutually exclusive, and are actually delicious together).

      • I must say the feeling is mutual. Anyone who pedestalizes women like you do creeps me out.

        • I can see how it looks like that from a cursory glance, but my intentions are all the other way. :-) Being treated like a sister is, I think, a subtle shade different from being worshiped as a goddess. Worshiping people is just mean.

        • Berzee wrote:
          I can see how it looks like that from a cursory glance, but my intentions are all the other way. :-) Being treated like a sister is, I think, a subtle shade different from being worshiped as a goddess. Worshiping people is just mean.

          Well, it’s certainly a relief to know that you don’t worship women as a goddess. Tell me, as a ninja gentlemen, how do you deal with “born-again-virgins”? Those are the women who had a good time with men and partied hardy all the time in their 20s but now that their reproductive clock is ticking, have found religion and are on the prowl for a husband. The blog at the url below has a few things to say about this phenomenon.


    • You can thank PMAFT and me – PMAFT for hosting this website and giving out awards such as this one, and me for putting in your name for nomination.

  2. Since I’m still in my 20s I don’t really run into many of these, at least not in any way that requires me Dealing With Them. =P However, as I attempt to be less antisocial I might encounter some, and I suppose I would do this:

    Try to treat them kindly as sisters, and if I do happen to become better friends with a person, I may be able to get some idea if they’re sincere about what they believe, or just, as you say, husband-prowling. This will help me better know how to treat them kindly. =P Since I am already a husband, the prowling does not concern me overmuch, except in the sense that professing Christianity because you want to have babies seems somehow troubling and I would be troubled about *that* for their sake.

    I’m still very much a newbie at applying all my previous ninja gentleman principles post-wedding.

  3. Or were you moreso just asking in general, “how do you deal with women who are more on the prowl for a husband, than they are interested in brotherly / sisterly relationships? how do you manage to have sibling-type relationships in that case?”

    Now at the end of my book I wrote an Appendix dealing with the notion of putting brotherly love first even if *you* have romancey interests. I called it an expert challenge, but I think it pales in comparison to the problem you have mentioned. =P

    I will…hm,
    I will get back to you…


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  5. It just occurred to me randomly while walking around today — *why* indeed was I nominated for this? =P

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