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We hear a lot about how certain types of women such as traditionalist women or libertarian women are supposed to be different from the standard feminist (or feminism influenced) women.  That is not the case.  Women are the same everywhere.  Libertarian women say that women have been “tricked” into support [anti-male] big government and need libertarian “women’s groups” to “feel safe” (as if libertarian men were going to attack them).

Those examples don’t compare to what I found from Haley at Haley’s Halo.  She is a religious woman and either a socon or a tradcon, but that did not stop her from writing this anti-white male garbage:

The reason that women resist and reject advice to flatter men is basically an issue of power.  You wouldn’t know it from reading manosphere sites, but men, especially if white and educated, get the majority of perks in the world.  They get the best jobs.  They occupy the top of pretty much every occupational field, fields of women’s interests included (fashion, beauty, cooking, media).  They make the most money.  They’re more implicitly trusted in matters of business.  They get to have sex with tons of people and receive very little judgment for it.  They get to marry women young enough to be their daughters and have kids at age 70.  They get to be funny, outrageous, outspoken, and wild, and people just chuckle affectionately.  (Women who are funny, outrageous, outspoken, and wild, on the other hand,  just get called bitches, sluts, and bulldykes.)  They get to do most of the exciting and interesting things in this world, and they tend to think they know everything about everything.  And generally they don’t pay much of a social price for getting fat and dressing dumpy.

Meanwhile, women are expected to be quiet and have babies, always be up for sex, never gain any weight, and never have an opinion that contradicts a man’s.

Given these circumstances, it’s pretty easy to see why a modern woman balks at making a man feel good about himself.  In her mind, he already has the world’s oyster in his palm.  Giving him MORE sex, MORE compliments, and MORE deference is only going to inflate his ego even more than it already is and make him feel even more entitled to the things society has already given him.  And what, exactly, has this man done to earn any of these things other than be born with a penis?  Furthermore, if a woman flatters a man’s ego, he will just take her for granted and feel he has the ability to make unqualified demands as well as the right not to be of any help to the woman.  Women can’t see how treating a man well (i.e., like a ’50s homemaker) for no reason other than that he is a man can result in anything good for themselves.

Additionally, every woman either has a friend or knows somebody who got a boyfriend and then turned into a Stepford wife who has to get permission just to go to the mall, and while she’s there, her boyfriend will be constantly checking in on her and demanding to know all the details of what she’s doing.  And the friend will insist that he’s just doing this because he loves her.  No sane woman wants this to happen to her or be seen as weak and controllable, so that’s another reason that women tend to be resistant to giving men what they want.

Some of this attitude stems from hypergamy.  Women all want the best men for themselves, but women know that those men have options and in many cases have no compunction about straying.  A woman could treat such a man as a king, and she still runs the risk of his cheating.  So in a defensive measure, the woman will do what she thinks will earn her greater respect and shore up her power, which is to deny the man what he wants or thinks he is entitled to.  Then the man won’t feel quite so secure about walking all over her, because now he knows there is a price to pay.

The comments at Haley’s Halo already cover most of the things wrong with this such as the use of the apex fallacy.  Take a look at what this is in general.  Any feminist or even any type of leftist could have written this.  If I showed this to you (perhaps minus the hypergamy bit) without telling you who wrote it, you would think some feminist or leftist wrote it.  This means that even socon and tradcon women are so influenced by feminism and leftism that their thought processes are indistinguishable from actual feminists.

  30 Responses to “Women Are The Same Everywhere”

  1. “thought processes” steady on!

    I think that you’re getting carried away there.

    Mind you, she herself uses ‘sane woman’, so perhaps you should be forgiven?

    The hypergamy thing is great, so even if she gets the alpha, she still treats him like shit and wonders why he wanders? mistreat your man lest he enjoy himself, the penis wielding bastard. How dare he be better than her, but unless he is she isn’t interested…hmmmm

  2. What we see is that a whole lot of Western women feel entitled to getting everything they want from men, without being expected to give men anything in return. Tell these women that they should appreciate their men and treat them well, and they’ll react as if you told them to go take a bath in elephant shit.

    And yet they wonder why men aren’t lining up around the block begging for a chance to date or marry them.

  3. NOOOOOOO, its not true, IT’S NOT TRUE, not all wormen are like that, not all women are like that, I keep telling myself that maybe I will believe it, not all women are like that…

    • I’ll vouch for a few.

      Not sure about the other 3.6 billion women, perhaps if they prove themselves trustworthy…come to think of it, most of the other 3.4 billion men look somewhat shifty. It’s just they haven’t got the law on tap

  4. Personally I think a marriage should be about a lot more than ‘shoring up her power’. Only a feminist mistakes a relationship for a skirmish. I have to agree no (Western) woman has been spared this madness, even society’s most conservative members.

    On the one hand, you have the schools inculcating feminist propaganda almost from birth. Then you have the media, even the most conservative of which is decidedly pro-women’s movement. Together with economic factors, that are deliberately rigged in women’s favor, it’s a wonder even we here are not feminist drones!

    I’m not sure the system can be fixed. When even tradcons argue for such a radical and destructive ideology, it may be time to throw in the towel and abandon the wider political system. My money’s on seasteading and ‘inpating’.

  5. I am reminded of Chiang Kai Shek’s:

    ‘The Japanese are a disease of the skin, the communists are a disease of the heart’

  6. What a load of horseshit. I’m white, last time I took a piss I had a dick, I grew up wearing hand me down clothes and being laughed at by the black kids I went to school with because their clothes were more expensive and fashionable than mine.

    I learned quickly that not only was I not ENTITLED to anything, I’d have to work my ass off to keep people from just kicking my ass and taking what I had.

    Yeah, white men get to do all the exciting and interesting things in life, like working at Burger King. That’s what the white men do where I’m from. Oh, and scrubbing those toilets is one of the best jobs in the world,too. Let me tell you.

    This fucking cunt should try that shit out and see how she likes it, if she makes it one week without attempting to kill herself,I’ll admit I’m more “privileged” than her (probably upper middle class,college-educated) ass.

    • The more I read this,the more pissed off I get.This bitch talks about “perks” like she’s never had anyone buy her lodging,food,or drinks because she has tits. Like she’s never seen a man drop 100 grand on some WOMAN’S fantasy wedding. His money, her fantasy realized, sounds pretty fucking perky to me.

      Wish people would oppress me by spending ridiculous fucktons of money on me over the course of my life because of the reproductive organs I was born with.

      I guess these stupid bitches think EVERYBODY gets weekends at the Hamptons on somebody else’s dime. The blatant,unabashed hypocrisy makes me want to bludgeon my own head in with a rusty shovel. How fucking stupid can you be,bitch? Glass house=no stones.

  7. This means that even socon and tradcon women are so influenced by feminism and leftism that their thought processes are indistinguishable from actual feminists.


    feminism cross ALL political and “religious” boundaries, and it is ALREADY the de facto global religion — in actual daily practice, the vast majority of men worship women, and obey their demands, and the vast majority of women worship themselves

    perhaps one “christian” woman in a hundred thousand actually worships God, and puts him before herself


  8. When females speak of male priviledge they are only thinking of the men on top.
    That balding janitor or that chubby garbage man doesn’t exist.

  9. Compare:


    Ironically, Black MEN suffer more from White racism then Black WOMEN…

    • “Ironically, Black MEN suffer more from White racism then Black WOMEN…”

      That’s probably true. Most violence and bigotry is male on male. I would say that MEN suffer more from racism,period. White men from black men’s racism, black men from white men’s, hispanic men from white’s, white men from hispanic racism,etc,etc.

      Men are about 100% more likely to be killed as a result of racism, no matter who the racist is.

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  11. “The reason that women resist and reject advice to flatter men is basically an issue of power. ”

    Relationships are about power. Sounds like another one of those popular lines. sigh.

  12. Good god, the first paragraph of her screed is just raging jealousy against the top 1% of men, then damning the rest of white mankind for it. And notice her idiotic use of language “they get..” as if men don’t earn a damn thing, things just fall onto their plate, you see the man with decades of experience and learning just gets positions because society gives it to them!

    I don’t know what to term it but there seems to be a segment of the population who have to get social and legal handouts to “get” a position and therefore conclude that throughout history the most intelligent best looking and most qualified men must have just got things…why because that’s how “I” got my job(in an almost duplicate fashion of reasoning that women use in mate selection “I want a strong independent man, therefore men want a strong independent woman!”). It’s like they’ve never looked at a gaussian distribution of IQ and saw who comprises the most dense segement of it. I’m sure all of those Asians just “got” their college positions as well, or all of those black olympic runners just “got” their extreme speed because some socially constructed beaucracy just gave it to them. Embarassing.

  13. The most telling of her blatant ignorance, “what have they deserved for this?” uhm how about every thing in the world? Ugh ya, men created everything she loves. How bout that. Feminism boils down to put up or shut up.
    Cognitive dissonance. Don’t take girls seriously.

  14. Remind women that men built and invented 98% of everything. More and more men are going their way and refusing to work hard, just let it all collapse then rebuild, but excluding women this time.

    • You do know that “rebuilding” is easier said than done, right? As I believe our host once said, The guys who want civilization to collapse are playing with fire since there is a good chance we may never get civilization back at all after such a collapse. Betting on men “rebuilding” after a collapse may be a somewhat risky proposition, at least in the long run.

      • That is true. We may never get civilization back, and even if we do we will be working our way back to the problem of feminism since it will have been forgotten.

        • It may be robots that will rebuild and those robots are far more sentient and logical than humans.

        • Lol. You need an advanced civilization before you can get robots/have a “singularity”/whatever, my friend. If civilization falls, the knowledge that would be required for robots/transhumanism/etc. will be lost, and perhaps permanently as well. Placing your bets on robots for “salvation” is still a risky proposition, at least in the long run.

      • “Betting on men “rebuilding” after a collapse may be a somewhat risky proposition, at least in the long run.”

        “We may never get civilization back…”

        You guys will have to define the terms “rebuilding”,and “civilization”.

        We could have a civilization akin to the “civilization” of Native Americans up and running overnight. The basic stipulations are there, “This is my territory, that is yours.”,”If you take from me, I take from you.”,”If you kill one of our people,we kill one of yours.”. That’s all you really need for a “civilization” and that shit is instinctual, these situations arise organically in cultures. Now if you’re talking bullet trains and McDonald’s on the corner, probably not.

        We don’t really need that shit,though. We can make do with steam engines and telegraphs, pony or (maybe) motorcycle express.

        It’s workable.

        However, when people get to the point where you’re drafting up complex property rights and court systems, PMAFT is right in that such a government would have to be by and for men, with the pro-male shit coded directly into the law,as its backbone,in order for it not to be forgotten over time. That IS doable,though. Difficult, perhaps, thorny, sure, but not impossible.

        • We can make do with steam engines and telegraphs, pony or (maybe) motorcycle express.

          Not if you want artificial wombs, androids, and all that other stuff to replace women. That takes high technology, and as PMAFT said, there’s no guarantee that society will ever get back to that point after a collapse. Even if it is “doable,” as you said (and it may not be, again, there’s no guarantee civilization–high civilization, in your words–will rise again after a collapse), the key word is “difficult.” It took millennia for people to get from hunter-gatherers to where we are now.

          One thing is for sure, then: If civilization does collapse, you, savethemales, PMAFT, and I almost certainly won’t be there to watch it rise again. If you ever want to live to see a world where you can live forever, your brain uploaded to a glorious male robot body in a society where women don’t exist, the only way to do that is to ensure this society we live in now doesn’t collapse. If it does, the only people who’ll be living in a Brave New (woman-free) World will be your distant descendants…*if* they get lucky.

        • “Not if you want artificial wombs, androids, and all that other stuff to replace women.”


          I think we may have arrived at the crux,my friend.

          While I would certainly love to see all the technological marvels you mentioned, and it would pain me greatly to watch humanity take a giant step backward, in the ensuing aftermath of large scale global catastrophe, the women of the world would be shitting their pants.

          They would prostrate themselves before Bozo the Clown in fear that they might be raped by someone worse. I believe their tough girl acts would instantly vanish, along with the tough GUY acts of many men.

          Of those left who continued to demonstrate resolve and “courage under fire” (and it would probably be literally in this case) 99.999% would be men.

          Artificial wombs would most likely no longer be necessary as all women would willingly pair off with men to better their chances of survival and while they may still secretly fantasize about putting a knife in their “loved one’s” back, on the outside it would be all sweetness and smiles and candy sprinkles.

          Would I like to see a permanent end to women’s monopoly on reproduction? Of course. Would it be necessary in a time when a woman has no one to rely on for survival but a man who is stronger and smarter, in other words, a man who has her over a barrel on the most basic and animal terms? No, probably not.

          The reason why men are contemplating replacements for women is because women are showing their asses because they believe they have us over a barrel. I, and many other men, think we can do better. If we had them over a barrel in a way that was necessary to their survival or happiness, a man could be as cruel to a woman as he wanted and she wouldn’t say a word about it (in fact,she would act grateful for it), not that any heterosexual,well-balanced man would ever deliberately do so without direct antagonism or provocation from the woman.

          Of course, all of this is an exercise in speculation. IF the world collapsed.

          In the interim, working on those artificial wombs immediately cuts the barrel that women think they have us over in half,upon its completion the attitude we’re getting from them will fade completely after desperate squirming to ban the device on the claim that it endangers children. If you want to see some really Orwellian shit, watch the argument they use to stop men from using sex robots or vr devices, a situation in which a female “victim” must be conjured from thin air. Conjure,they will,my friends.

          “One thing is for sure, then: If civilization does collapse, you, savethemales, PMAFT, and I almost certainly won’t be there to watch it rise again.”

          “If it does, the only people who’ll be living in a Brave New (woman-free) World will be your distant descendants…*if* they get lucky.”

          No doubt. But I could live with that.I’m contemplating having kids,man. How am I gonna explain “Boys are stupid,throw rocks at them” to my sons?

          How could I explain to my baby boy that if a girl holds him down and cuts his penis off,she will receive no punishment,but HE WILL BE PUNISHED if he tries to defend himself or struggle in any way? That not only could he be incarcerated, he could go on being punished by society,his employers, whoever has access to google, possibly for the rest of his life?

          Something has to change, one way or the other. I can’t bring up any kids in a world like that.

        • *shrugs* At least you can acknowledge that, good Nergal, for which I applaud you. Just keep in mind, though, that absent civilization men may still have more than their fair share of problems–and that women might not necessarily have it as hard as you’d like. In the society we live in today, a boy can get his penis chopped off and be punished for it. On the other hand, at least he’d have medical technology to save his life. In a low-tech Native American society, however, even if you punish the woman who committed the crime, the child may still die of an infection. This isn’t even mentioning disease (remember, the Native American population was *decimated* by smallpox and other epidemics), famine, and all the other stuff you don’t have to worry about in modern society.

          Still, so long as you accept that, I suppose I can’t fault you for your desire to see it all collapse, though I don’t agree with it. Just keep in mind that even in the “male-dominated” societies of yesteryear, men still had their fair share of problems to deal with. The misandry of society or the misandry of nature, take your pick, but you still have to pick one.

          (BTW, no offense/don’t mean to be intrusive, but how are you planning on having kids? The Rotunda Clinic? If you’re planning on doing it the ‘natural’ what, what are you gonna do if you have a girl?)

  15. It’s true: every anglosphere woman is exactly like that. Feminist, traditionalist; it doesn’t matter. However, women from other countries are not like that, at all. Such thoughts never enter their heads.

    • Lupo, you believe in the NAWALT when it comes to foreign women and women in male friendly countries? What about all those men who got screwed over when they brought a FW to their feminist country? What makes FW so “different” except they haven’t yet been brainwashed/poisoned with misandry? I really don’t trust any human woman, especially western women. Come 2020, virtual reality girls will replace nearly all WW and some FW and be the best choice for most men, including me. I am a MGTOW and I am happier than nearly all men stuck with a western woman and even some men with a FW. It goes like this: WW<FW<MGTOW<VRgirls<robogirls

    • When it comes to SOME foreign women, there is a lack of opportunity but I would seriously doubt that such thoughts never enter their heads. That’s why getting involved with a foreign woman only really works if you don’t come back to the West.

  16. The evolution of feminism is nothing but a deliberate action towards moral and spiritual collapse. This alone results in the collapse of everything else.
    Including the will to survive and live.
    American women are the most toxic assets in America today. And it gets reflected in our leaders of today.
    I wont be surprised if we soon start seeing bitch fighting, fist fighting and other uncivil and immoral behavior among the female population at all levels all the way to the top leaders.
    This is the final devolution of society…you cant go any further than that.

  17. “(BTW, no offense/don’t mean to be intrusive, but how are you planning on having kids? The Rotunda Clinic? If you’re planning on doing it the ‘natural’ what, what are you gonna do if you have a girl?)”

    I haven’t quite decided. In any case, it’s not an immediate plan, as I intimated. It wouldn’t be a good idea right now. In a couple years,5 years,maybe, who knows?

    It would be a simple procedure to make sure you got a boy, no genetic tampering necessary. The strongest “swimmers” are always male. The lesbian separatists, who want girls, let the stronger sperm swim around until they get tired and fall to the bottom and displace the female sperm. If you wanted a boy, you just take the sperm off the top.

    Assuming I had a girl,though, I would instill a sense of justice in her by punishing her whenever she attempted to harm the disadvantaged, and keep her busy doing work that benefits others,just as you would a boy who you wanted to teach honor to. Something similar to the apprenticeship program boys went through to learn to be knights,but tailored to address the character flaws of girls.

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