Jun 222011

I expected negative reactions to my Sunday Morning Nightclub from socons and tradcons such as this.  What I didn’t expect was criticism from feminists such as the man boob.  I certainly didn’t expect to be accused of trying to secretly manipulate gamers into seducing church girls.  (Maybe I should have been since I get accused of running the Illuminati attempt to manipulate men into becoming MRAs and accused of manipulating women.)  And what I really didn’t expect was this piece of hate email I got from “Maura”:

Your little attempt to seduce good women at church is not going to work.  We are not sluts for Jesus like you think.  Waving your penis around impresses sluts but not church women no matter how big your penis is.  If you try to seduce women at my church, we will throw you out like the trash you are.

The real question is why did “Maura” feel the need to make a reference to my penis.  I think we can all figure out the answer to that.

Such a broad based disgust to the “Sunday Morning Nightclub” idea means that is should be done and will probably work.

  7 Responses to “What I Didn’t Expect”

  1. Clearly, your post made Maura feel very passionate.

  2. These women clearly understand that all a PUA has to do is rock up to church to disengage the Jesus shield.

    Gadzooks, I can just picture it now, weak kneed little Christian girls striving not to take a peak at Pro-Male’s crotch.

    Oh ye women of little faith…..

    • You can tell Maura wants a look at PMAFT’s crotch and more I’m sure. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed a veiled, “I don’t care if PMAFT has a big penis”. The only reason Maura would say that would be if she wanted PMAFT.

  3. […] first is from Mara who commented here on the blog.  (There was some question whether Mara was Maura from this post who was obsessed with my genitalia.    I checked the IP addresses and they are clearly two different people.)  She tried to use the […]

  4. 1. So their advice is: Game doesn’t work, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t use it on church ladies.

    2. It’s a good thing they warned us waving our penises around in church wouldn’t work. Because I was going to do exactly that. Hmmmm!!! Back to drawing board….

  5. 1. It’s almost like they know it will work so they are trying to prevent us from doing it.

    2. I know. We were all set to expose ourselves at church until Maura warned us not to. Somehow I think Maura was fixated on my penis instead.

  6. On my list of referrers manboobz almost didn’t register. The number of hits I get from manboobz’s link is less than spam blogs. That’s how pathetic he is.

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