Jun 262011

(I have started a new category for these posts called Amanda Marcotte’s Misandry.)

It’s time for the daily Amanda Marcotte insanity update.  But before we get to that, I would like the thank those of you over the weekend who made a donation to help cover blog expenses.  It’s much appreciated.  For those of you wishing to donate the link is in the top right corner of the blog or below:

You will want to read the updates from American Power, Robert Stacy McCain, Snark and Snark again.  Chuck has found a picture of Maureen Lafontane, the social worker involved with Mr. Ball’s case.

Since yesterday’s post, Amanda Marcotte is digging a deeper hole trying to claim that men committing suicide are abusing women.  Yesterday, she tried to claim that a man who attempted suicide to avoid being arrested by the police actually shot himself to abuse a woman.  Here is what we have today:

Re: Stories of men abusing wives by killing themselves. Scroll down to the “threats” section. http://bit.ly/h8on5v It’s a common tactic.


@LosTheSkald Oh, for sure. But experts agree that abusers—both male and female, of course—use suicide and threats to hurt their victims.

The link from the first tweet doesn’t even say that men committing suicide is abuse.  It says “threats of suicide“.  That’s a massive difference.  On top of that the link is from an (obviously feminist) organization called Women’s Aid so it’s not like it’s that trustworthy in the first place.  Despite her claim in the second tweet, Amanda Marcotte has not shown that “experts” (whoever said experts are supposed to be) have shown that men commit suicide as a way to abuse women.

Even the “threats of suicide” as a form of abuse of women doesn’t really hold water.  Men actually commit suicide at a rate of around four times of that of women.  Women talk more about committing suicide than actually doing it.  With men it’s the reverse.  If men are actually using threats of suicide as abuse, then those men are actually more “feminine” than the general population of men.  What is most likely the case is that no one in that “Women’s Aid” feminist organization has ever actually talked to a man or has any clue about how men think or the male experience.

Our own Chuck had a couple of good responses:

@AmandaMarcotte what nuance was there in saying that men often kill selves for revenge? do you nuance all suicides?


@amandamarcotte and how about your duke lacrosse nuance? what about nuance in cases of alleged rapes? you aren’t consistent in your nuance.

The more Amanda Marcotte talks about this subject, the more it’s clear that I was right to call her writings, “pure feminist evil”.  I predict in the not too distant future that Amanda Marcotte will claim that dead men are abusing women and that men who go ghost, men who have minimal contact (or no contact if possible) with women, are actually abusing women.

  12 Responses to “Daily Amanda Marcotte Update”

  1. PMAFT:

    you’re doing great work on this. she’s in an untenable position here. my hope is that if we pull the thread a lot of other stuff will unravel.

    • Thanks.

      I’m sure other things will unravel with Amanda Marcotte. If she was smart she would quit her line of argument that male suicide is abusing women because all it does is make her look bad the more she pursues it. She will continue so other things are bound the come out.

  2. Oddly, Marcotte may rekindle mainstream interest in Thomas Ball. Seems like a few days ago he was pretty much erased from the collective consciousness. I wonder if she will get called on it by Feminist Central Command?

    “While we admire your continued extremist hatred of men, you really should have directed it at a usual target like Nice Guys or people who want to have a rational conversation about rape. The Matriarch is displeased in you Marcotte. Do not fail her again.”

    • Not only could Amanda Marcotte rekindle mainstream interest in Thomas Ball, but she’s done so in a way that changes the conversation about him. Before the feminists could always pull the “Mr. Ball hit is kid”, and many people would have bought that as the complete story. Now, Marcotte is running around saying that male suicide is abuse against women. Now, the argument that Mr. Ball simply hit his kid is connected to Marcotte’s insane ideas. This will cause people to start asking questions like, “Did Mr. Ball actually abuse his kid? Look at Marcotte’s absurd definition of abuse that includes suicide”. There’s also a lot of people who want to stick it to Marcotte who wouldn’t have cared about Mr. Ball’s real story, but they do now because it gives them a platform to attack Marcotte.

  3. Mandy should kill herself in order to abuse some MRA’s.

  4. “I predict in the not too distant future that Amanda Marcotte will claim that dead men are abusing women ”

    huh, I thought that’s what the whole feminist movement was about

  5. Got this piece of subhuman filth is the embodiment of narcissistic evil.

    On an unrelated note, it seems the media has been strangely warming up to Michelle Bachman. After what I’ve learned on this site about the heavy female representation in the Tea Party, I’ve been speculating that maybe the femiNazis have come around to some unholy collusion with Tea Party and now see Bachman as potentially serving there ends as a high ranking female. Any thoughts?

    • I think it’s more of the build up a Republican to tear them down later that the media does to sabotage Republicans. John McCain in 2008 is one such example. I don’t think that we’re at the point where feminists will back Michelle Bachman yet. That won’t happen until one major Republican candidate expresses support for mens rights views, and we’re going to be waiting a long time for that.

  6. “The more Amanda Marcotte talks about this subject, the more it’s clear that I was right to call her writings, “pure feminist evil”.”

    Fair enough, PMAFT. At least you’re not defending the position based on straw man arguments like some guy at my blog.

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