Jun 302011

(I have started a new category for these posts called Amanda Marcotte’s Misandry.)

Amanda Marcotte and other feminists are continuing to dig a hole all the way to the core of the Earth when it comes to Thomas Ball.  She wrote a piece on Thomas Ball for Pandagon saying the following:

Ball luckily didn’t hurt anyone but himself, but his is just another story in what is a growing list of acts of violence and domestic terrorism from the unhinged element on the right.

Since when did suicide become an act of violence against other people?  Since when did suicide become an act of TERRORISM?  Mr. Ball went out of his way to make sure no one else got hurt in his suicide.  He can not be compared to a suicide bomber.  There is no way a rational person can consider this man a terrorist.  Mr. Ball didn’t terrorize anyone which is a fundamental part of the definition of terrorism.  On the other hand, an anti-family court terrorized Mr. Ball so that court could be considered “terrorist”.

The feminists commenting at Pandagon are just as insane as Amanda Marcotte.  Here is an example:

I was caught off guard by Ball’s statement that the Klan is a hate group in his rambling manifesto. I wasn’t expecting that because of the intersections between MRA’s, tea baggers and hate groups.

What intersection between MRAs, the Tea Party, and hate groups?  The Tea Party hasn’t done anything for mens rights issues and there’s no link between the MRM and hate groups.  White Supremacists are really feminists.  The ideology of the WKKK (Women’s KKK, the female section of the KKK) was almost the same as modern feminism. It’s not surprising that Mr. Ball would want nothing to do with hate groups that are filled with white knights for women.  Maybe Mr. Ball also remembered that the false rape industry started with white women in the South falsely accusing black men of rape and realized the connection between that and the modern false rape industry.

If you thought that last comment was insane, take a look at this:

Suicide threats are an extremely typical Nice Guy tactic.  I have had so many guys say something like “Oh, I guess I should just kill myself then” if I turned them down for a date or broke up with them.

I have always been of the opinion that the “nice guy” doesn’t really exist except as a caricature and a straw man.  This confirms it for me.  The idea that there’s a group of men seriously threatening women with suicide if they don’t date them is so far from reality that I can’t believe that it’s taken seriously by other commentors at Pandagon.

Another commentor go farther into the realm of absurdity:

Guys like him are narcissistic assholes. He doesn’t “like” anyone; they only exist for him. For guys like him, kids aren’t there for him to love and care for, they’re there as a display of the might power of his penis and the fact that he’s had sex with a woman.

This is just proof that feminists don’t consider men to be human beings.  What other possible reason is there for writing something so absurd?

Dr. Helen has written about this subject again, this time at Pajamas Media. A lot of the comments were from white knights who kept accusing Mr. Ball of taking away his kids’ father.  They didn’t realize that the anti-family courts had already done this.  Regardless Dr. Helen made an interesting point:

As one of my commenters pointed out in a post I put up on the case, when a woman burns her husband to death in his sleep, it’s seen as a major wake-up call regarding violence against women, and is immortalized in an award-winning movie starring Farah Fawcett titled The Burning Bed.

But somehow, when a man like Thomas Ball burns himself up, it is not seen as a wake-up call for how men are treated unjustly by the court system. Instead, some “compassionate souls” see his death as  yet another wake-up call regarding the needs of women. Do men ever matter to these “feminists,” or do they get pleasure out of men’s pain? I am thinking the latter.

  13 Responses to “Amanda Marcotte Calls Thomas Ball A Terrorist”

  1. “I have had so many guys say something like “Oh, I guess I should just kill myself then” if I turned them down for a date or broke up with them.”

    Pure self-aggrandisement.

    Look at how hawt I am gurls, guys actually say they’re gonna kill themselves if I won’t date them! It happens to me AAAALLLLLL the time, it’s SOOOO annoying!

    • You wrote a good comment. Of course that thread is filled with rationalization hamsters. In fact it’s filled with more rationalization hamsters than I have ever seen in one place. It’s really striking to see the comments from you and other men pointing out the truth and seeing all the women and their rationalization hamsters on the other side. I noticed that a couple of comments turned to me and laughed at how Susan Walsh said that I’m “rude beyond redemption”. Roissy is probably the other guy she thinks is “rude beyond redemption”. At least Susan Walsh realizes that she will never be able to convince me to pander to women.

  2. At least if he shot dead some judges he’d be on death row with a bevy of sweet putang and conjugal sex.

  3. “they’re there as a display of the might power of his penis and the fact that he’s had sex with a woman.”

    Or as a display of the mighty elasticity of vaginal walls…and something that is always brought up as the last trump card.

    “when a woman burns her husband to death in his sleep, it’s seen as a major wake-up call regarding violence against women”

    and it’s comedy central too when she hacks his penis off.

  4. Marcotte is a “bomb thrower” who attention whores for political notice. She is a useful idiot for the Far Left. She left Liberal Austin Texas as she was seeking a media career. So she went to NY with her Boyfriend to Brooklyn, no doubt hoping to ignite a new career opportunity. Amanda is a vicious man hater. She is a moral coward, which she admitted to me in an email a few years ago. She is in it for the $$$s. She is a self professed “Cum guzzling boozehound”. Not exactly serious Wife or Long Term Relationship material. Marcotte was a blogger for John Edwards Presidential campaign, who got fired for her bigotry. She called Christians “Godbags and Christofascists”.

  5. In my honest opinion, this goes beyond even feminism and into the realms of sickening evil.
    These women have no morals. Feminists are bad, but this is taking things a step further and evolving it into pure, unadulterated evil.
    To be this void of compassion and this blinded by their own pitiful beliefs then I’d say their lives are pretty dang pathetic.
    If this is the representation of women these days then I think I’m just about ready for my sex change. Good lord.
    My lack of respect for these women has just sunk lower than none at all.

    It’s…eurgh, that’s all, just…eurgh :(


  6. Hollenhund, have you noticed how Susan Walsh perfectly fulfils Steve Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism? It’s where the writer takes scientific evidence and spins it so that her own lifestyle appears desirable or even perfect. Oh, so college-educated sluts who marry after a life of promiscuous sex are actually the apex of conjugal bliss? You don’t say, Susan!

  7. It’s Marcunt guys. Remember Mar-CUNT.
    Be cool if it stuck no?

    • You’re right. Let’s get some Google hits on this. I’ll remain anonymous.

      Marcotte = Marcunt.
      Amanda Marcotte = Amanda Marcunt.

      Marcotte = Marcunt.
      Amanda Marcotte = Marcunt.

      That should come up in a few searches.

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  9. Ya know, there is one thing to remember. You might not be right, even if Amanda Marcotte thinks you are wrong.

    I read the manifesto. In it, he issues a call to action and gives instructions for the making of Molotov cocktails. So, well, I don’t think Amanda is actually being all that shrill. But I think Terrorism is overstatement, though I’m sure he wanted to be as impressive as all get out.

    Nah, I class it as a temper tantrum, and I think a lot of cops are real glad that it didn’t work out in the more usual way – suicide by cop.

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