May 242011

The University Of Cincinnati is likely to not be the only university getting rid of its computer science major. Western Washington University is considering getting rid of its computer science department too. Of course, departments that are actually useless like womens studies are not on the chopping block.  Add Western Washington University to the list of universities that will be as dead as Antioch College soon for embracing leftism and feminism over real knowledge and learning.

  6 Responses to “Western Washington University Is Considering Dropping Its Computer Science Major”

  1. Best of luck to them with this ‘master plan’.

    Thing is, I bet it’s easy to recruit a wimminz’ studies department. After all their degrees are worth less than fuck-all for anything else.

    I was amazed when my (female) sociology student friends (I was science / engineering natch) were surprised that when they started looking for jobs, nobody was hiring them.

    It was always clear to me that it was a subject to study because you were interested in it. The idea of using it as a career path – well, duh!

    But they were surprised – wimminz eh?

    At least they had females in the sociology department though.

  2. Sad and despicable, but the usefulness of majors has been completely separated from the free market forces that would stratify them. The current system of student loans assumes all majors as equally valuable, leaving student interest as the only factor having an economic impact.

    This results in the obviously absurd situation of axe’ing CompSci because distorted economic indicators point to useless (but easy and popular) majors as being most valuable to the university’s finances.

    This country’s education systems are immensely costly and inefficient, as is being, and will be further, demonstrated now that they can’t count on infinite money being pumped in.

  3. To be fair, Computer Science degrees aren’t worth much from an educational perspective. Almost everything you need to know about computers can be learned on Google, or from a few $50 study guides.

    Most degrees are equally worthless and useless.

  4. Just like the misandry bubble, the college bubble too shall collapse. The Internet and virtual reality will be the future of education.

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