May 252011

Last week at The Spearhead I talked about why Dominique Strauss-Kahn shouldn’t be assumed to be guilty of rape just because of his politics or his career (banking) or his (now former) job (IMF director). Over the last week I have found even worse reasons that people are assuming DSK is guilty of rape.  At this link they’re positively giddy about declaring DSK guilty without knowing any of the facts simply because of his job, career, and politics, and I suspect because DSK is Jewish.

If you thought that was bad, Henry Makow’s reason for declaring DSK guilty is the worst yet.  According to Makow, DSK is guilty because he’s a member of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati sexual deviants. No thinking person should assume DSK is guilty because of claims that DSK is part of an organization that does not exist.  I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising since Henry Makow has before turned into a total white knight when a woman made (what was most likely false) abuse allegations against her father because she accused her father of being an Illuminati.  Usually I find Makow’s written diarrhea to be a joke.  This time I’m disgusted by it because this is even worse than guilty until proven innocent that is typically seen in rape accusations.  It’s guilty based on conspiracy theory.

What’s bothered me about the whole DSK rape case is that people who are other anti-feminist (or supposedly anti-feminist) throw their anti-feminism out the window to declare DSK guilty because of some meaningless reason.  Most of these people aren’t truly anti-feminist at all, or their anti-feminism is only skin deep.  This is one reason why there has been little progress in combating feminism.

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  1. Excellent post.

    What are some of the other reasons there has been little progress in combating feminism?

    I am wondering – it seems like everybody I meet – including women – hate feminism – yet it seems to be everywhere.

    I am wondering why something so unpopular and distasteful remains in place.

    • In a word compartmentalization. To most women “feminism” is something alien that hairy lesbians do perhaps involving abortion. Things like false rape charges, affirmative action, anti-family courts, etc. aren’t in the feminism box as far as they’re concerned. Conveniently for them everything they benefit from due to feminism is not “feminism” to them.

  2. Anyone who is that connected/affiliated with the world elite like DSK can pretty much do anything they want, including rape and get away with it. When a person like DSK gets embroiled in a rape accusation like this, false or not, you can determine that it is an inside work of the the powerful elite cleaning their own house. Should we sympathize with him – no. Should we defend him – no. Up until last week he was busy carrying out the whims of the globalists – now he is eating creamed corn at Riker’s island. I say we laugh.

    • It doesn’t matter what he did before the rape accusation, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing now, it doesn’t even matter if the motherfucker is guilty as sin. What matters is that EVERY SINGLE MAN in this nation gets the right to due process in a court of law.In order for YOU to get it, you have to support HIS right to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

      IF he’s proven guilty, THEN string his ass up by his balls, metaphorically. NOT before, or nobody gets their rights.

      The SCOTUS judges we have today consider the constitution a “living document”. That means that what we allow to happen today becomes law tomorrow.

      Today it’s this french dude that almost everybody hates, tomorrow it’s you.

      Do the right thing, support his rights. If not for him, then for yourself,your father, or your brother.

      • You make a good point about due process for everyone, especially for men – but you overlooked my point about this being an inside job committed by the elite against one of their own. DSK could rape a woman and get away with it, but it is only when the elite choose to doom one of their own that you finally see a man like him brought before the court of the land. Did he rape the woman or not, in the grand scheme it doesn’t matter – the damage is done and he has resigned his post – probably the goal of this entire slanderous situation.

        DSK was set up, honey-trap-style, pure and simple. If you live by the sword than you die by the sword – and that is what you he gets for joining the globalist club and then pissing off the wrong people. DSK wakes up one morning to a rape allegation, and is forced to resign his post like a good little boy so he can better deal with the mess they placed him in. More heads roll in the King’s court than anywhere else, more mafia hits are carried out against family members than against other families or outsiders. Globalists are a criminal syndicate that choose to hit below the belt when they liquidate one of their membership. Too bad for DSK.

  3. From what I read of the Kennedy’s they often coerced women into sex. That sounds about DSK is accused of doing. The women never fought back and as such in a different age it would not be called rape. There needed to be physical evidence such as scratches and bruises from hits to prove that it was rape in a she said, he said case. Sadly rape seems to mean bad sex these days or the women simply regretting the sex after the fact.

    So by the modern definition of rape DSK is most certainty guilty. By the old definition he’s a jackass but not a rapist as the girl did not physically fight him.

  4. That he actively schemes to steal money from “little people”, including me, is hardly a “meaningless reason”. Are you claiming the head of the IMF isn’t a crook?

    Oh, I’m sure it’s an internal power struggle in the Banker World, but I don’t know why some group of bankers decided to knife this banker. And I certainly have nothing against banker-thieves being destroyed in general.

  5. Clown Man in a Bright Red Suit said:

    It doesn’t matter what he did before the rape accusation, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing now, it doesn’t even matter if the motherfucker is guilty as sin. What matters is that EVERY SINGLE MAN in this nation gets the right to due process in a court of law.In order for YOU to get it, you have to support HIS right to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Oh, I have the right to “due process” now, do I? I was unaware of that.

    That’s something you Conservative bring up when you expect someone to be a hundred times more “impartial” than you ever are?

    I’m well aware of my right to have charges stacked up till even a single conviction on a single count will send me away for twenty years… so I better take the five years, right? I HAVE TO plea-bargain.

    Now, Conservative, I’m quite aware you “don’t see it that way”. Well, SKIP, I DO SEE IT THAT WAY. And I SAY I DO NOT HAVE DO PROCESS AND I DO NOT CARE IF SKIPPY, OR YOU, DO NOT EITHER.


    • You fucking FOOL.

      First of all, I’m not conservative. If I was, other conservatives would be trying to distance themselves from me because I worship an 8,000 year old Pagan death and war god.

      Second,I didn’t say that every man HAS the right to due process in practice,I said it’s important that they GET that right in practice, and in order for that to happen, EVERYONE has to get that right, even if you feel like someone deserves to be railroaded because of their past, their associations,or because they once said or did something you didn’t like.

      Are we clear now,little Timmy,or do I have to draw you a diagram in crayon?

      It’s like this: If you want freedom of speech, you have to protect speech that pisses you off as well as speech you agree with. If ANYONE’S speech can be curtailed, then why not yours? You have no reasonable argument to defend your speech and condemn another’s. It’s the same with due process rights.

      By the way, I’m about as impartial as they fucking come. I’ve defended the rights of Christians to practice their religion and they have threatened to fucking KILL ME for practicing mine, so shove that impartiality spiel back up your fucking ass where it came from,mmmk?

      • Let me be clear, skippy.

        IN PRACTICE, I do not have Due Process.

        IN PRACTICE, supporting banker boys right to Due Process will NEVER get me Due Process.

        • Well, let me be clear, TImmy.

          In practice, NOT supporting the right of everyone to get a fair trial leads to people being summarily executed willy-nilly by agents of the government such as is currently seen in most African countries, Communist China, and North Korea.

          IN PRACTICE, nobody will EVER have these rights unless EVERYONE supports the right of EVERYONE to have these rights, so that the government is AFRAID to roll up in tanks and start shooting people for fear of a populist uprising,or coup d’etat,if you will.

          OR you can be a total fucking MORON and say, “Fuck it, I don’t have it as good as international bankers, go ahead and gangrape my mother,Uncle Sam, and shoot me in the head for being there.”

          BECAUSE THE ONLY THING standing between THAT SCENARIO and all of us,is ALL OF US.

          If you’re determined to punish all of the people in your exact same situation as well as a few scumbags, who make up 1% (maybe?) of the population, I feel sorry for you, because somebody must have fucked you over real bad.

          Might as well use a bazooka to kill an ant.

        • @Nergal

          I suspect PT doesn’t want DSK to have a fair trial so he continues on with his “he has no due process” garbage to deny DSK due process.

        • This motherfucker thinks that if every time it even smelled like someone’s rights were being violated 80% or even 15% of the nation stood up and said “FUCK THAT, we want due process here or they’re gonna be tracing your outline in chalk by the morning.” that he’ll NEVER get due process.

          For fuck’s sake, the goddamn president of Egypt, one of the most corrupt governments on earth FLED HIS FUCKING COUNTRY and the military sided with the people when they stood up.

          Are you fucking retarded? Everyone supporting everyone’s rights will never get you any?

          Goddamn,boy,watch the fucking news.

        • The crazed reaction of the moochers when the free food bowl is taken away is….. satisfying.

          A retarded kid was tazered to death in my state for going down the street shouting “I love Jesus!”…. no cops were punished.

          In Las Vegas, Erik Scott was executed for having a concealed weapon… for which he had a permit for… on his leg. It was not in his hand. He had done absolutely nothing else but go to a store with a concealed weapon. A cop… who has killed a whole bunch of people… killed him. The video tapes of the incident were destroyed. The police confiscated all phones on site… for obvious reasons. No cop will be punished for this.

          So yeah, I’m so glad, like, we don’t have public executions in America. I mean like so glad.

          People need to take away your free food bowl. It will perhaps modify your behavior.

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  7. God, when i read “antifeministtech” i am almost relieved the illuminati want to cull the majority of the population. you guys really must hate women. it bothers you that you entered this world through a vagina , and thanks to the patience and strength of a woman. the past thousands of years , men have benefited from privilege and patriarchy, and they still do. why is it so hard for you to respect women and treat them and view them in a manner that dignifies them. you know , it makes you look childish and primitive , when you bash women. not like a real and noble man that every woman longs for. does it make you better , happier , healthier or more successful if you thrash women?

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  9. Obsidian’s negatives are legion, but I agree with you 100%.

  10. I’m continually pleased by the pro-male stances of libertarian thinkers. Though I do agree they are not nearly as hard on women-only spending in government as they should be.

    Another example: Reason Magazine has had excellent articles criticizing false rape accusers and campus political correctness.

    I heard that something like 90% of libertarians are male, so they’re doing a service to their audience.

  11. Last year, ReasonTV did a video about female libertarians and though there were the usual delusional excuses for female disinterest, most of the comments pointed out how beneficial big government has been to women.

    I think libertarians somewhat realize the fact that women’s status and government spending/power are inextricably linked, but they haven’t yet discovered just how massively feminism contributes to ALL the phenomena they have identified as problems.

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