May 152011

A clarification might be needed about my last post.  When that fruitcake Warren said that there were government (or NWO or Illuminati) agents in the MRM, it wasn’t about government agents that are here to destabilize the MRM and destroy it.  (While I sure that the idea that government agents would infiltrate the MRM to destroy it has been advanced in the past, that wasn’t what was Warren talking about.)  What he was talking about was closer to the idea that the NWO creates a “fake NWO” for people to attack.  The “real NWO” embeds itself in the “resistance” to the fake NWO so when the fake NWO is defeated, the “real NWO” is ruling everything by default.  Here is an example of a proponent of that theory talking about it.

Feminism fits into this theory as being part of the “fake NWO”.  That means that according to this theory the MRM has been infiltrated by the NWO, and the MRM defeating feminism is part of the “NWO plan”.  Effectively this becomes a defense of feminism, and there is a good example of this from the David Icke Forums: (There is a picture at this link that may be NSFW.)

That IS very disturbing indeed. Also ridiculous, because the elite actually want to destroy women, not men, so they can build the homosexual utopia where men can reproduce without the use of women. As the late Andrea Dworkin said: “As soon as men [this being the NWO] have figured out how to have babies without women, it will be the end of women kind, it will be the coming gynocide.”

This image is a distraction, the elite projecting unwarranted powers onto those they plan to destroy. It will be piles of dead women in the street, with “men” (the NWO) being the post-sexual cyborgs with artificial wombs.

As the MRM becomes more well known and starts having more successes against feminism, expect more misandrist conspiracy theories like this.

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  1. PMAFT-
    Please inform our reptilian supervisors I want my cyborg womb attached to my back after the coming gynocide.

  2. Remember: the insect drones are female; there is no reason human, worker drones will not be female: just enhanced per purpose.

  3. Here’s a good one:

    Notice that “NWO” is an anagram of “NOW”


    NO WAY – Clearly, that speaks volumes.

  4. Opposition to feminism may be opposition to the NWO. After all the reason our government and culture is so misandric is to confuse, intimidate, and destroy men.

    This fits with the theory that feminism is supported by alphas to suppress betas. So guess who those “alphas” are? :)

    There is plenty of CTer influence in the manosphere already. You can talk about illuminati reptile aliens all you want, but i see plenty of mention of “elites” “bankers” “globalists” and “ptb” in the manosphere,

    Fuck I wish David Icke wasn’t such a dipshit. That man and his fucking reptiles. At least Alex Jones and Alan Watt keep it real.

    • More conspiracy theorists think like the idiot I quoted than exist in the manosphere. If any of the major personalities in conspiracy theory are so opposed to feminism, then why aren’t they doing anything against feminist? They don’t fight against the false rape industry, the false sexual harassment industry, anti-family courts, etc. And it’s not just David Icke that’s the problem. Alex Jones and Henry Makow think there a bunch of pedophiles who worship the devil in power. Reptile aliens = pedophiles who worship the devil. Alex Jones has even said that he agrees with AT LEAST 99% of what David Icke says. Makow seems obsessed with male genitalia.

      With Dominique Strauss-Kahn do we hear anything about the false rape industry from Jones or Makow or those guys? No, we get the accuser must be telling the truth because DSK is an Illuminati. If they were serious about anti-feminism they wouldn’t jump on the “crucify him” bandwagon.

      • I totally agree. No doubt there’s enough dirt on this guy from shady banking processes to bury him for good. If he’s guilty,then let him hang for something he did, rather than something some woman imagined or made up.

        Besides, if you support the idea that it’s ok for people like him to be maliciously attacked with FRAs then somewhere down the line someone will support the idea that it’s ok to do it to YOU.

        If you personally don’t want to deal with this bullshit, why should he?

        Again, he probably IS a scumbag, and I hate France as much as anyone (why not? they hated us first.), but if he isn’t GUILTY of rape then he shouldn’t go down for it, no matter what kind of asshole he is.

  5. As soon as men have figured out how to have babies without women, it will be the end of women kind, it will be the coming gynocide.

    Is there any evidence that Dworkin said this? All I’m getting definite hits to are the David Icke forums. It would be interesting to know if feminists were genuinely worried about this issue back in the day.

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