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If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s probably a duck.  If a person talks a feminist then they probably are a feminist even if they claim to be anti-feminist.  Whether its thinking that feminism has saved them from men dumping their wives en masse when they hit middle age and marrying a younger woman, describing marriage in feminist terms, worrying that sluts are being denied their humanity, or just general paranoia about men, it is not difficult to find example after example of socon (social conservative) and tradcon (traditionalist conservatives) AFINOs (anti-feminist in name only) saying things that are dripping in misandry and/or indistinguishable from things that feminists say.  Knowing that there’s little difference between feminists and the socon and tradcon AFINOs.

The only time that these AFINOs will sound different from a feminist is when talking about abortion but even the AFINO anti-abortion position is misandrist.  Here is a good example (H/T: MarkyMark):

And when we do decide to look, it will finally be time to realize that ABORTION IS A MEN’S ISSUE. That’s right, for too long we have assumed abortion is a women’s issue. It’s not. Men make women pregnant. Women don’t make women pregnant. Can we open our eyes and see that reality, too?

It is the sexual incontinence of men that drives the vast majority of abortions in our nation. Men want to have sexual relations with no responsibility concerning what happens to their female lover–even if what happens is pregnancy. It’s time for pastors and bishops and rabbis and imams to starting telling it like it is over the pulpit: “Men, if you made a woman pregnant, you are morally responsible for the abortion. God will hold you accountable that you sired a child in a context where you had no intention of taking care of the child and its mother.” Isn’t it time that we engaged the moral choices men are making that create the abortion problem in the first place? But most of these pastors and bishops and rabbis and imams are men, and so abortion wrongly remains a “women’s issue.”

If we are going to open our eyes to the reality of fetal life, then it’s also time to open our eyes to the reality that it is men that are causing abortions.

This is the same misandrist argument we have seen from socons and tradcons many times before.  To them only men are guilty of fornication.  Women who fornicate are “victims” of men because penises magically appear inside women.  Socons and tradcons extend this blame of men and absolution of women to abortion.  If something bad happens, it’s automatically a man’s fault according to them.

In all Western countries no man can force a woman to have an abortion or prevent a woman from having an abortion.  The law has made it so that men (except perhaps male abortion doctors) have no say in abortion.  (And attempts by men to stop a woman from having an abortion using illegal methods are a one way ticket to jail, and the woman will still have the abortion regardless.)  Yet socons and tradcons want to blame men for abortion because men “force” women to have abortions.  This is nothing more than socons and tradcons transferring the sins of women on to men in a pathetic attempt to claim that women aren’t violating their professed morality.

This position is misandrist and feminist.  It deviates slightly from the feminist position in that feminists are pro-abortion and socons and tradcons are anti-abortion but each position can be summed up thus:

Feminist: Men are forcing women to have babies that women don’t want.

Socon/Tradcon: Men are forcing women to have abortions that women don’t want.

Even in the case of abortion there’s no real difference between the feminist and socon/tradcon positions.  If it sounds like a feminist, then it’s a feminist and the socons and tradcons sound feminist almost all the time.

  20 Responses to “If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck”

  1. Why did you use my comment as an example of “describing marriage in a feminist way”?

    If a woman marries a traditionalist man shouldn’t she be expected to work very hard to please him? And given that women are normal people with normal emotions isn’t it expected that she might feel over-worked and under-appreciated at times?

    What is objectionable about my comment?

    • And what is wrong with acknowledging the humanity of unwed teen mothers?

      I am also in favor of acknowledge the humanity of male juvenile delinquents….but that wasn’t what that particular post was about.

      • Since no one is attacking the humanity of sluts, “defending” sluts against such attacks is creating a strawman. There are no attacks against sluts in socon and tradcon churches where they blame men for the sins women commit. We know from the 80/20 rule that many men are living in forced celibacy but in socon and tradcon churches these men are accused of all sorts of sexual sin.

        Socon and tradcon churches (just like the feminists) fail to hold women accountable for anything. Here is an example of a pastor from a church in Idaho:

        When a couple comes for marriage counseling, my operating assumption is always that the man is completely responsible for the all the problems. Some may be inclined to react to this, but it is important to note that responsibility is not the same thing as guilt. If a woman has been unfaithful to her husband, of course she bears the guilt of her adultery. But at the same time, he is responsible for it.

        … Husbands are responsible for their wives. They are the head of their wives as Christ is the head of the church. Taking a covenant oath to become a husband involves assuming responsibility for that home. This means that men, whether through tyranny or abdication, are responsible for any problems in the home.

        Socons and tradcons fail to hold women accountable for anything so they aren’t denying the humanity of sluts. They’re too busy denying the humanity of the average man.

        • The above quote is not representative of all trads… in fact I don’t know any personally who subscribe to such a theory.

          Amongst trad women there is intense pressure on women to make a marriage work. Perhaps it is different with protestants vs catholics. I once had a Catholic priest blatantly tell me that marriage was suppose to be hard and I needed to just suck it up.

          And yes, unwed teen mothers experience a lot of scorn from trad families and friends. I know of many instances personally, including the teens being kicked out of their home.

        • @Paige

          As a Catholic who went to a Catholic elementary school I can vouch for PMAFT being right about conservatives in the Catholic Church. When I was in a Catholic elementary school girls got away with everything, and boys got punished for things they never did. Looking back it was clear that this wasn’t limited to just Catholic schools but the Catholic church in general.

          I’m sure all of the teachers I had in Catholic school would have said that they aren’t feminists but they acted like feminists and clearly had feminist beliefs. This includes the nuns. (Since I brought up nuns, this is an example of how feminist nuns are by PMAFT ironically enough.) They put down boys and promoted girls at every turn.

          With that being said, I went to a public high school and found it to have all of the same problems as my Catholic elementary school did. This just shows that feminist has taken over the Catholic church as much as it has taken over the larger culture.

          My experience isn’t unique. I have talked to plenty of men who went to Catholic schools all over North America and they report the exact same thing. Nothing PMAFT has said surprises me since I have direct experience of it.

    • Stuff like “when he wants sex you put out even if you are tired or angry” is an example of how a feminist would describe an abusive marriage. I have seen feminists use that exact wording.

      • But am I wrong? Is this not what a traditionalist man expects? Even The Bible says that it is a sin for a woman to ever deny her husband sex.

        The feminists are right that this is an expectation and that it sometimes sucks from the womans perspective. What the feminists are wrong about is whether or not this should change. I don’t think it should…I think it is Gods design that women be submissive in *everything* in marriage. If they don’t like it they shouldn’t get married, or at least be careful to marry a man whose expectations matches theirs.

        • I would assume that a traditionalist man is not a sex crazed brute with no self control like feminists claim. This would mean I would assume a different context to describe this than a feminist one. The problem is that feminism has invaded and conquered the right wing of politics from its leftist stronghold creating a feminist conservatism. Socons and tradcons also believe also believe that men are sex crazed brutes with no self control so even if socons and tradcons say things that are cosmetically different they came to their conclusions through feminist assumptions and feminist thinking. That’s why socons and tradcons sound incredibly similar if not exactly the same in most cases to feminists.

          Biblical ideas like female submission weren’t developed in a feminist context but socons and tradcons are interpreting it in a feminist context. That’s why you get nonsense like that quote about men being responsible for all the problems in marriage from socons and tradcons.

        • Some trad men are sex-crazed brutes. Some women like it, some women don’t.

  2. Thanks for covering this. I found it to be a great textbook example.

  3. I admit it. I am at fault for women getting pregnant and having abortions. It’s all about me.

    You see, one day the Illuminati called me up on my cellphone and told me to find a way to make women get pregnant and have abortions. After weeks of effort, I created an evil semen teleportation device. The e-S.T.D. , as I like to call it , harnesses the power of quantum physics and reptilian mind control to beam wicked semen into a woman’s uterus. Upon fertilizing her pure womanly nethers, it then uses reptilian mind control and Lady Gaga music to make her have an abortion.

    The woman is not at fault. The woman is NEVER, EVER at fault, for anything she does. It was me, the Illuminati, and the e-S.T.D.

  4. Sorry to get off topic but I think I finally struck a nerve with Futrelle.


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  6. Stuff like “when he wants sex you put out even if you are tired or angry” is an example of how a feminist would describe an abusive marriage. I have seen feminists use that exact wording.

    Hmmm…I wonder: if a man refused to pay spousal or child support because he was tired of working two jobs, he would have a right to say “no?”

    For all the agitprop about this being a patriarchy, the fact is that the so-called male power structure has consistently sided with women against men on issues such as this.

    • Logic is a tool of the patriarchy!

      Seriously. Feminists actually say that.

  7. “It is the sexual incontinence of men that drives the vast majority of abortions in our nation.”

    Simple solution to that,safe,reversible, reliable male contraception. Presto- no more fighting about “women’s reproductive rights”,no need for them. No more discussion about “when life begins” or any of that other bullshit. But we won’t hear a PEEP about getting men a form of contraception that doesn’t break or slip off from EITHER side of the debate, because they’re in the misandry business, not the solution business.

    Oh yeah, those evil men and their dirty,dirty, sexual appetites are the cause of abortions, there’s no way it cold have something to do with the fact that men have no rights whatsoever to their own sperm and women can inseminate themselves with it or allow themselves to become pregnant any time they choose regardless of whether HE wants a child or not. There’s no way it could have anything to do with the fact that the only reversible contraception men have is based on the idea that everybody’s dick is exactly the same size and shape. No, it’s those damned voracious sexual appetites.

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  9. […] at all.  The only reason he gets called anti-feminist is because he is against abortion.  The anti-abortion movement is just as feminist as the pro-abortion movement as PMAFT has demonstrate…  Plus, feminists like Naomi Wolf have spoken at Ron Paul rallies.  This is another example of how […]

  10. “Men want to have sexual relations with no responsibility concerning what happens to their female lover–even if what happens is pregnancy.”

    But those men are the same “romantic”, “exciting” ‘Bad Boys’ that women love and can NEVER get enough of…UNTIL the women hit their thirties, get pushed off The Carousel and slam into The Wall, and lose their looks and sex appeal.
    The problem now is that the ‘unwanted’ men that these same women ignored all during their youth, are refusing to ‘man up’ and be “Captain Save-a-‘Ho”.

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