Apr 132011

I got this email from “Nora”:

I found your blog, and I must declare as God as my witness I have never heard of a more sexually immoral man than you.  You are in the express lane of the highway to Hell travelling at 500 miles per hour.

I can’t stop thinking about those poor women you brainwashed into your cult of immoral sexual filth.  I know that both of them just want to get married and raise some Godly children.  You have defrauded these women by pretending to want marriage.  You have used their desire for a family against them to force them to agree to servicing your filthy sexual desires.

One hundred years ago, cads like you were run out of town.  You never would have gotten a threesome since women had Godly men as options.  Women didn’t have to go into the sewer where you live to find a man.

You’re only hope is to repent because you are travelling at 500 miles per hour on the highway to Hell.  There are no threesomes in Hell.  I do not know if any sexual immorality goes on in Hell, but if it does, you will be on the receiving end.

First, here’s the video for AC/DC’s Highway To Hell because that should be the background music for this post.

This hate email is pure Code Scarlet shaming language.  We see the standard conservative female supremacist canard of blame men for everything and absolve women for everything.  “Nora” can’t handle the fact that Sabrina and Kate made the decision to participate in a threesome with me (and continue to have sex with me separately afterwards) of their own free will.  I didn’t use Jedi mind tricks or “brainwashing” as Nora says on them.  Nora’s claim about “brainwashing” is no different from when Denise Romano claimed gamers were hypnotizing women.

The idea that women just want to get married and raise “Godly children” but can’t because of sexually immoral men is just laughable.  Sure women in their late 20s like Sabrina and Kate want to get married but that’s because they know their looks are going to go downhill (even though they’re both 8s right now) and they have a fixed number of eggs.  It’s not about wanting to fulfill “Godly desires”.  After getting to the precipice of spinsterhood (H/T: artofclueless) women start looking for a beta chump.  This is what women’s desire for marriage is about, not a desire to serve God.

I really don’t know what to say about the idea that I’m “defrauding” Sabrina and Kate out of marriage.  The idea that being a woman’s boyfriend means that you have promised her marriage is absurd beyond belief.  Despite its high level of absurdity, it’s just what we would expect coming out of the mouth of a conservative female supremacist.

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  1. The post you linked to on datemedc should be forwarded everywhere for the Rationalization Hamster of the Year Award. It’s a textbook example.

  2. Yeah, shame on you. You’re worse than Hitler! Because you…uh…er…well, whatever you did to upset her, it must have been really, really bad. Like worse than Hitler and stuff.

    • Yep. I’m worse than Hitler because I refused to marry a fat cougar with kids. I refuse to participate in the retirement plan for sluts. That’s what this is all about.

      • Wow. You’re like Hitler’s eviler, smaller-dicked brother or something. You’re a cad who uses women for his own selfish sexual pleasure AND you’re a virgin who can’t get laid. You’re so evil you violate the law of non-contradiction and get away with it.

        • ROTFLMAO

          In all seriousness I have had such an argument used against me. It wasn’t done explicitly but they did claim I’m both a virgin that can’t get laid and a player that forces good virgin women into becoming slits.

  3. This kind of shaming language is only going to get louder and more shrill from conservative female supremacists. My churchgoing friend tells me the pews at her church are now filled with legions of single “Godly” women who are at their expiration date. Unfortunately for them, there are no single men in the church. D’oh!

    Yet, as we’ve discussed, conservatives will not observe this and go “Well, shit! Why should men get married? It’s a bad deal! Let’s work to change that.” Nope. They will just bang their Bibles louder and louder and shriek about men needing to do their Godly duties. And frankly, even the Phyllis Schlaflys of the world, who should know better, are part of the problem. But at least she’s willing to criticize women. Most of the conservative female supremacists don’t.

    I know Godly men who did everything they were told to do to find a good woman. She still did a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on them in a few years.

    Men don’t let men marry in 2011.

    • What those socons and tradcons refuse to admit is that those “Godly” women are either former sluts or current sluts. Try pointing out that those women sitting in Church are anything other than pure virgins and watch the firestorm unleashed against you. Socons and tradcons believe women do nothing between puberty and their late 20s except read the Bible unless they were tricked by one of those demonic penis owners.

      Men are right to stay away from churches. The women there are the same as any place else and church is all about misandry in most cases now.

  4. Note the Freudian slip too, in Hell our host will be on ‘receiving end’ of sexual immorality.

    Hey, here’s hoping….. unless, by ‘sexual immorality’ she means a penis. Think about what that says about the absolutely in no way feminist Trad-Cons: they view the male sex organ as sexual immorality made flesh, preying upon upon defenceless maidens whom would otherwise be home reading their Bibles.

    • Remember only men are guilty of sexual immorality. Women who engage in sexual immorality are tricked into by men. Since only men are evil according to conservative female supremacists, I think she was saying the devil is going to ass rape me for eternity. That’s what I’m guessing.

  5. Words such as those is what kept me hating Christians for so many years. The sanctimonious, finger wagging tone still makes me sick Of course women have to be “brainwashed” to do anything immoral. They are exempt from committing their own sin. And as you correctly point out, this is the socon mantra, which makes them feminist.

    She admits that women are going into the sewer (or entering into sin), but that is not their fault—the evil men force them to sin or into the sewer!

    “Try pointing out that those women sitting in Church are anything other than pure virgins and watch the firestorm unleashed against you.”

    You would think the regular display of bra straps and mini skirts I witness in church would speak to that. I have yet to be in a church where women dress like at least they are pretending to be virgins. You have to be in an Amish sort of community to find even the slightest glimpse of one of these mythical “godly women”.

  6. “They view the male sex organ as sexual immorality made flesh, preying upon upon defenceless maidens whom would otherwise be home reading their Bibles.”

    I think what we have here is the original old time religion, country bumkin, social purity paradigm that the urban feminists later changed into the secular raping patriarchy paradigm of today.
    We are looking at the political ancestor.

  7. I’ll say it again.

    I am jealous. I never get hate mail so elaborate.


  8. PMAFT,

    Please help me get the Hank Pellissier issue to the attention of Ann Althouse, by commenting here :

  9. There probably are some small number of “poor women” who “just want to get married and raise some Godly children” out there. Maybe some of them have been cruelly used by players, and tempted into sin (taking the tradcon view here for a moment — hey, even if we are ultimately all responsible for our own choices, temptation is a real thing).

    But, you know what? None of those women engaged in threesomes. That’s such an obvious, waving, bright red flag that if a woman ignores it, we can definitely rule her out as some innocent lured into immorality against her will. Chica likes the cock, and definitely wants more than just marriage and kids.

    And just to re-iterate what others have said: Marriage 2.0 is a terrible deal for men. How about fixing that, tradcons? Or at least trying? Or at least acknowledging that there’s a problem?

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  11. Nora: “Dear diary: A night of sin taught me a lesson. Beware the evil, evil penis….”

    Jethro: “Dear Penthouse Letters: I’m just a humble youth pastor at a church in suburban _____, and I never thought this would happen to me….”

  12. Remember that wasn’t a comment to the blog. Nora went as far as using the contact form to send me an email. She was determined to make sure I read what she wrote.

    One thing I have noticed is that no one (as far as I know) has accused me of being a liar when it comes to this. It’s always that I’m an immoral sexual degenerate that preys on women or a misogynist that preys on women.

  13. Nora: It is all the fault of the evil Penis and its owner. I am free from sin.

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