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In my last post, Herbal Essence and I were talking about reasons why guys our age get married.  The reasons are really about oops pregnancies, desperation and loneliness, and pressure from their girlfriends and families.  I realized there’s another reason to add to the list, freaking out from minor health issues.  Imagine someone my age or a bit younger.  He’s been healthy all his life so he hasn’t had much in the way of health problems.  Then the first health problem happens.  It’s not worse than say appendicitis.  However, this is this man’s first experience with surgery.  While it’s not a big deal as health problems go, but it’s the first health problem for this man.  It’s a shock.  It makes him feel his age and his eventual mortality.  He might start thinking about what happens to him when he’s older and the thought of having dementia in a nursing home with no one to check up on him scares him.  Out of fear he rushes to find a wife so he can have some kids who will look after him when he’s older.

Of course this can and does happen a lot to older men as well, but Herbal Essence were talking about guys our age.  Whether we’re talking about guys my age or older guys, the problem is the same.  A man feels his age for whatever reason and starts getting worried what will happen when he gets old.  Invariably the answer involves kids to take care of you or keeps tabs on you.  Because he wants to raise the kids right he has to get married (places like the Rotunda clinic in India notwithstanding).  Will this work?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Nursing homes are filled with people who were dumped there by their kids who never check up on them.  If you get divorced you will be right back where you started if you don’t have kids.  If you do good luck since your now ex-wife is guaranteed to get full custody of them.  If you try marrying a single mother later in life do you really think her kids are going to care about you when you get older?  They will be gone. (Scott Adams is going to learn this the hard way.)

Knowing this it becomes clear that kids are no guarantee of help when you get old.  Since most actions of “I’m getting old so I need to get married and have kids” are based on fear, a logical argument like the one I wrote in the paragraph above will do little good for most men.  This is why anti-aging technology is important.  When I talk about anti-aging technology, I’m talking about real technology, not snake oil nor stuff that makes you look younger but doesn’t stop aging (like plastic surgery).  I’m talking about technology that could potentially let you live for centuries or even indefinitely with the body of a 30 year old (although I’m sure there are limits to what it can do).  (Some good websites for learning for about anti-aging technology research are the Methuselah Foundation and the SENS Foundation.)

How many men are getting married now because they’re worried what will happen to them when they’re old? Quite a few I bet and that includes men who know marriage is a bad idea. Anti-aging technology removes this problem because when you get old, you’re body won’t be old. Even if it does nothing but keep you in the body of a 30 year old until you drop dead at 120, it removes the problem since you no longer have to worry about being old, frail, and having dementia.

When anti-aging technology arrives, it’s going to kill one of the last remaining reasons men have for getting married.

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  1. Such anti-aging technologies would extend the period of optimum beauty for women, too, allowing them to slut it up / hold out for alphas even longer, before deciding to settle for betas.

    If it comes to pass, it will be an interesting “arms race”…

    • Yes but that would flood the market with hot chicks. Female beauty would be effectively reduced in value just as the price of something decreases with an increase in supply.

      Women would be able to slut it up longer but it’s not like having had hundreds or thousands more dicks inside of her is going to make her more desirable.

      It’s not a matter of men being able wait longer to get married. It kills a reason men have for getting married. It’s going to push men who were on the fence about getting married to not getting married ever.

    • Women can get all the “beauty makeovers” they want, they still won’t be able to compete with VR and robogirls. Sure this will let women get pumped and dumped longer by alphas while betas flock to the substitutes and avoid human women. We already know human women are to be avoided at all costs.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but currently the only known and scientifically proven anti-aging tech known is reducing daily calorie intake. That is eating less then what is recommended.

    • It’s not even certain that calorie restriction will extend your life. And even if it does you might live to 92 instead of 91. Anything that would do some serious life extension is 15-20 years away.

      • What we see most of the time is that the therapies that work so impressively on lab rats don’t work nearly as well with humans. Rats are short-lived animals who are very poorly endowed with the protections people have against aging and age-related diseases such as cancer.

        Having said that, I’m still pretty optimistic that we’ll have made significant progress in life extension by the time I’m old enough to have to worry about it. It’s not a problem that has to be solved all at once. I expect we’ll first see a “squaring of the curve” first (people living a vigorous life up to about a century or so, followed by a relatively sudden death). After that we’ll need a combination of nanotech and biotech to proceed further.

        • Still, what we see in the mouse/rat model will translate to humans living longer and longer and longer. Stem cells and genes will double your remaining life and could mean 150 year lifepans for today’s youth. From there, it’s a smooth ride to AEV of 2040.

  3. Lets assume this comes about. (I really doubt it, just as I doubt the singularity and every other bit of wishfulfillment sci fi)

    If people leve centuries instead of decades, it will seperate the alphas from the betas even more.

    Betas will cling to their longer lives and become even bigger wimps and will be more afraid of risk.

    Alphas still won’t care.

  4. I do not know how old you or Herbal Essence are, but – you hit the nail on the head.

    I have seen many guys in their 20’s or 30’s or whenever, experience strokes, heart attacks, kidney stones or whatever – and they get married soon afterwards.

    It always turns out to be a BIG mistake too.

    • We’re both in our early 30s.

      For guys my age or younger it’s stupid, but that’s the fear caused by that first health problem. I haven’t seen anything worse happen to a guy my age than appendix or gall bladder surgery, but it’s the sudden fear it generates. Then these guys rush to get married which is bad enough, but their rush leads them to an even worse situation.

    • I’m in my early 30’s and tend to associate with a small but pretty diverse group of men, through work and social groups. I’ve lived in different regions around the country too.

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  6. We are already ascending that hill. Accelerating up that hill.

    The technologies are improving rapidly , as understanding provides the basis.
    Nutrients to not just prevent cellular decay, but grow new mitochondria.
    Incredible anti-oxidants unavailable even just a few years ago.

    Human growth hormone activators. Strong healthy youthful bodies.

    Knowledge of customizing diet to body type. Of what to consume and what not too.

    Again and again I say , it’s out there, just requires the will and effort to search.

    It’s really up to you.

  7. I’m supposed to go on testosterone replacement therapy this coming Friday, can’t F’ing wait. I’m working my a$$ off already in the gym and gained more strength than I’ve ever had and this with low T (had it tested). If I made this much progress before starting with a good age mgmt physician, it’s gonna be great once I get all the tricks out of the bag.

    Anyway, it’s a good point about the tendency to panic when you get your first health problem, I didn’t know to watch out for that. Thanks! -J

  8. Obviously there’s no reason to believe in the efficacy of anti-aging technology until we see results but since there is no real anti-aging technology yet we don’t know what the real hard limits are.

    And for what I’m talking about it doesn’t matter if anti-aging tech lets you live to 110 or 710 without problems. Even just living until 110 (or so) without major problems and without the need for a nursing home at end of life will mean that a lot of men who are getting married now won’t get married because they’re not worried about what happens when they get old. That’s the big difference in the context I’m mainly speaking about.

  9. And you will be healthy for those 110 years. That’s the biggest thing IMO.

  10. Obviously there’s no reason to believe in the efficacy of anti-aging technology until we see results but since there is no real anti-aging technology yet we don’t know what the real hard limits are.

    The scientific research suggests that whatever “hard limits” humans have now can be extended far beyond what they are now. Most long-lived species such as parrots, elephants, and tortoises are distinguished by a lack of significant predators. That factor allows natural selection to take its course and favor individuals with long lifespans (the longer your life, the more offspring you can leave behind, at least in principle)

  11. Stem cells and genes will double your remaining life and could mean 150 year lifespans for today’s youth. Those who are 80+ will most likely not live to 110, however. They can still sign up for cryogenics. Those under 60 have the best chance of living long enough to be alive for the actuarial escape velocity, which I predict will happen by 2040. The hard limits will of course be increased from the current 110 years by the 2020s and by the 2030s, we will be on our way to AEV of 2040. Just as technology is growing exponentially, so will lifespans.

  12. We will start heading into a moneyless society by the 2030s thanks to technology making everything so cheap as to be essentially free. Robots will take more and more of our jobs, but they will then produce everything we could ever need. We will become posthumanists by the technological singularity of 2050 and set off to explore the universe.

  13. Actually, once the misandry bubble bursts by 2020, alimony will be done away with. Poverty will also be done away with by 2040 since technology will make everything super cheap and robots will work for us and provide us with all we need.

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