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A few days ago Peter asked me how I pulled off a threesome with Sabrina and Kate and continue to bang each of the separately with the other’s knowledge. As I explained to him, it’s a combination of factors.  Sabrina and Kate are in their late 20s and have moved into “must get married now with a beta chump to have kids” mode.  Do not forget that I am the bear (or bear alien for those of crazy enough to think I’m a reptile alien or a member of the Illuminati/NWO/elite) from Dalrock’s bear and salmon analogy. I look like a tasty target to women who suddenly find themselves marriage digging and kid digging.  I don’t display my real level of wealth, but I probably display enough to suck women in that way and my real level of wealth over time becomes somewhat clearer to them.  Add some game knowledge and lots and lots of luck, and women will “work” hard to lock you as a supposed beta chump in.  That means they will do threesomes, let you bang their best friend occasionally, etc.  I am sure that both Sabrina and Kate want to pull be away from the other and make me completely theirs since no woman wants to share a beta chump so they’re “working” hard at it for that reason too.

There’s also the possibility that there is some long term planning involved in this.  Eventually, beta chumps get divorced by their wives.  If these women can claim that I was committing adultery, it makes their claim for divorce much easier than a standard no fault divorce.  Imagine Sabrina or Kate in court crying about how I was cheating on her, how she tried to get me to stop, etc.  (possibly in reality actually encouraging it as a form of entrapment).  I have no idea if either of them are thinking this long term but it’s a strong possibility why they would agree to everything I suggested.

There have also been an “alternative” (and by alternative I mean batshit crazy conspiracy theorist) explanation proposed for what is happening between myself, Sabrina, and Kate.  Mika said:

He is not telling you the real reason he can manipulate women into threesomes. He’s with the NWO and knows elite mind control techniques. He uses the techniques to make Sabrina and Kate do whatever perverted sexual filth he wants. Knowledge of elite mind control is common in the upper echelons of the NWO. Their targets become robots without realizing it. What do you think he means when he talks about sexbots? It’s not androids. It’s mind controlled women.

Since there are two possible reasons given for what has happened with me and my women, I have created a poll for you to choose which option you think is really going on:

Which is the more likely explanation for what I have been able to do with Sabrina and Kate?

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  14 Responses to “Which Is More Likely?”

  1. Mika has obviously been NWO mind-controlled by you into spreading disinformation. Early this morning, I stepped into my orgone generator and performed Remote Viewing to discover your true nature. The DaVinci Code appeared before me to reveal you to be a Reptile Salmon shapeshifting as a Reptile Bear shapeshifting as a threesome-having NWO mind control blogger. You are having threesomes in order to spawn Reptile Salmons from both of your programmed sexbots. Your unholy Reptile Salmon spawn will then be served with bagels and cream cheese throughout New York City, mind controlling Wall Street traders to turn them gay.
    I thank my Lord and Master DaVinci Code for revealing your sinister plot. But I now must step away from the computer, as I can feel your Reptile Salmon powers infiltrating my Third Eye as we speak.

    No! I will not have a threesome with you! I am not gay!

  2. If people can’t see that it’s reptile alien mind control, its because they’re all zombies to alien overlords.

    We are so screwed.

  3. >Select this answer if you want to vote “elite NWO mind control techniques” as a joke but really think it’s about locking in a beta chump

    well played

  4. I have no opinion on this, I just know Tom Leykis has a similar opinion. He says “I let them smell the money”.

    They take a whiff of the money, bang me, and by them they ask to close the deal, I move on.

  5. Sounds like Sabrina and/or Kate could be trying to get an “oops” pregnancy from you too.

    “Ah, I forgot my pill. Well, since I’m going to have our baby, we really need to settle down and get married for the good of our child.”

  6. There’s always the chance they’re both bi-curious and got to explore it through the threesome.

  7. That’s what I think too. Reading this I get the dreadful feeling that one of them may be after an “oops” pregnancy, especially since you describe that you are using the “trick em by making them think you’ll be their beta chump” technique. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s that safe to use this technique.

    • I have been thinking about Sabrina and/or Kate having an oops pregnancy for a long time now. I can’t know for sure that’s what either of them are planning but I know it’s possible. I have spent my life being 10 or more steps ahead of everyone else and this is no different.

      An oops pregnancy is a problem no matter what given who I am. The only other option is celibacy. I probably will end being celibate eventually but I don’t think I need to do that immediately.

  8. I hope Sabrina and Kate both successfully trick you with multiple oops pregnancies, PMAFT, if you’re all white. You have lots of money and power. White men like you should have children and if you refuse with your MGTOW mental degeneracy your white goddesses should force it on you. It’s your duty to the white race. PMAFT, I know you don’t want glorious white children but you will understand why having white children is important after having them.

    You should be excited at the possibility of reproducing with multiple white goddesses. You have the opportunity to be more evolutionary successful than the losers of this so called manosphere with their lack of reproduction or minimal reproduction with one woman. That is being a white alpha.

  9. I have to vote other. Women don’t let beta boyfriends have sex with their best friend. Sabrina and Kate want to have your babies not to lock in you as a beta chump but to have babies with your alpha DNA. I would be very worried if I were you PMAFT. They want to have your babies not get boned by another man and pass a baby off as yours. A paternity test will not help you because Sabrina and Kate are on a mission to have your babies.

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  12. Hi I am Troy Ian Ramsay I can use Money like We all can I don’t think I am a reptile although I have been told I was a Shape Shifter. I don’t know My IQ but I could pass colladge classes in 3rd grade. Peopel are generally stupid but even so You can llern from them. I am a 32nd degree

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