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We constantly hear from the socons and tradcons that men should get married and ignore all of the issues out there like anti-family courts.  There’s an assumption that there’s enough marriage quality women out there.  This is not the case.  Slwerner had this to say about that:

While this is certainly true, there is yet another aspect to this left unaddressed.  Elusive Wapiti hints at it:

EW – ”Seems to me that the issue isn’t so much that older guys are snatching up the good girls after playing the bad girls, but that the supply of good girls doesn’t match demand.”

It’s a issue that the “shut up and marry” crowd (Laura Wood, and to a lesser extent, Mark Richardson, for examples) try, rather unconvincingly, to dance around – there is an over-all shortage of marriageable women (young and old alike) relative to the number of men who’d otherwise like to get married.

The pathologies that reduce the pool of women who are worthy of marriage aren’t limited to those involving promiscuity. They can also include over-blown entitlement attitudes, general contempt for men (as taught to them via the feminist-influenced/dominated educational system), seriously poor choices while younger (choosing poorly to bear children by/marry “bad boys”), the tendency towards “career-first” attitudes, and the increasing problems of obesity in girls at younger ages.

This is not to try to diminish the pathologies of young men, but merely to point out that there just aren’t that many young women entering their early 20’s who will be likely to be good marital prospects. Thus, even for those “good guys” who patiently wait for the right time, right situation, and right girl; they may ultimately find that while the first two have come about, the last, “the right girl”, may never happen for them. The pool is just too small for all interested men to hope to find a young women worthy of the considerable risk and investment required for them to marry her.

If you ask the socons and tradcons like The (Not) Thinking Housewife and Mark Richardson if men should marry women that are not marriage quality women, they will say no.  However, they will still tell men to get married.  They will dance around the issue of who men are supposed to get married to.  There simply are not enough marriage quality women to go around.  Significant numbers of men will have to remain unmarried, and if you want to save marriage that’s the way it should be because men marrying below marriage quality women does not save marriage.  It destroys it.  The socons and tradcons would have men do what destroys marriage despite their support for marriage.

There’s a lot more problems than just female sexual behavior.  There’s a long list of issues that make women below marriage quality.  Some of these issues are as basic as lacking cooking knowledge.  A better way of putting that would be a lack of basic life skills knowledge.  Lots of women are varying degrees of being entitlement princesses.  Many women have assimilated feminist contempt and hate for men, and that includes conservative, and tradition church going women who insist they are “not feminists”.  Most women are completely unsuitable for motherhood.  An even larger group of women is unsuitable for being the mothers of boys.  The list of issues is very long.

Sexual behavior is a huge problem too.  Even among traditional church going women you’re still not going to find any virgin women (if we’re talking about a traditional Christian perspective of marriage quality women) outside of isolated and obscure communities and churches which you will never be able to access since you weren’t born into them.  Even traditional churches won’t take the problem seriously.  When it comes to sexual sin (like so many others) the churches, including the traditional ones, will simply blame men in each in every case even if this requires them to effectively claim that men are using Jedi mind tricks on women.  Remember the truth of hypergamy and the 80/20 rule.  Twenty percent of the men are having sex with 80% of the women so the churches including the traditional ones are going after the wrong group when it comes to sexual sin.

Except for men willing to go expat (and there’s a shrinking number of destinations available for this), very few men should get married.  (And if you’re going to go expat to get married, you must never bring your wife back to anywhere in the feminized world.)  The problems are larger than just anti-family courts and fathers rights issues even though those are massive.  Very few women out there are marriage quality.  They don’t meet the standard for women you should be marrying.  Think of the four women I have been with.  All of them are of higher marriage quality than at least 90% of women out there, yet none of them meet the minimum standard for getting married.  You may be lucky enough to be one of the one in a thousand men who finds a woman of marriage quality but chances are you won’t be.

Many of you men out there might be thinking about getting married because you want kids.  Wanting kids is all well and good but ask yourself, can you find a woman that meets the minimum standard for being a good mother?  The answer in most cases is going to be no, PARTICULARLY IF YOU WANT TO HAVE SONS.  If you’re looking a for a marriage quality woman, that is something to think about.  How will this woman raise your sons?  Most likely she will fail that standard.  If you want to have kids, then you’re better off going to a place like the Rotunda Clinic in India and using one of their surrogate mothers.  Given how few women out there are marriage quality, we’re getting to the point where single fatherhood is a superior option for raising kids.

  42 Responses to “Where Are The Marriage Quality Women? Nowhere”

  1. Scene from Marriage Mission Control:

    “Emergency! We’ve been shaming and nagging men for years now, and they’re still not getting married!”

    “Dammit! Don’t they know that marrying some random woman is their DUTY?!?! Nag and shame them MORE! That will work!”

  2. “then you’re better off going to a place like the Rotunda Clinic in India and using one of their surrogate mothers.”

    This is the way to go fellas…and if you should unfortunately end up with a daughter instead of a son, just make lemonade out of the lemons. Raise her up to be a proper wife and sell her off as a bride to the highest bidder; recoup your investment and then some!

    • Be sure to request only sons. Women are becoming obsolete in many ways. VR and robogirls plus artificial wombs will eliminate women’s sexual and reproductive value.

      • “Be sure to request only sons.” I don’t think it works that way!
        No doubt you would have to pay a large fine/fee if you decide to renege on the deal because the ultrasound reveals a female fetus. If you really want a son, move to states that are friendly to single parent adoption.

        Artificial wombs? You may be waiting until you’re 90! Medicine develops innovations that will sell; artificial wombs are not a high priority for the general population.

        I suppose you miggytows (mgtow) could donate heavily to research on the artificial womb? Or you could just admit you don’t really want to marry anyway. Nothing wrong with being single; don’t let anyone tell you different.

  3. conservatives are nothing and nobodies who work off of liberals. In twenty years time theyll be conserving gay marriage in the face of demands for inter species marriage. Their ideology is a farce.

    They’re losers who have not ever won a single inch of ground in the face of anything liberalising. In fact, the only thing conservatives have historically been good at is sticking it to the working man. and nothing else.

    • But they seem remarkably sure that “God is on their side” whilst sitting in deckchairs on the Titanic.

      I have never understood the attraction of religion’s blind faith in a non-corporeal being living in the sky being interested in the mess that is humanity.

      It looks like being just the most socially acceptable form of delusion, just above “Marriage is a good idea for men”

  4. ”The list of issues is very long.”

    After arguing with one Elizabeth Smith on Mark Richards blog, I’d like to add to the list of “unmarriageable” qualities in women to include the expressed desire for “designer babies” (Elizabeth, would like to marry a guy of one race, but still be able to have children by another man of a different race.)

    If a guy meets a woman who would otherwise seem like a good bet to be a wife and mother; yet expresses some desire to have some sort of racially blended mix of children – especially by birth, rather than adoption – the guy needs to drop her from any further consideration.

    Forget whatever high-sounding* or altruistic motives she may give, in the end, her plan is little more than high-tech cuckoldry (assuming she’s intending to use IVF, as opposed to the old fashion way of cuckolding a husband).

    * If for no other reason than the sheer humor of it, I wanted to include good-girl traditionalist Christian Elizabeth’s rationalization for her intended cuckoldry:

    ”Nevertheless slwerner don’t go around with baseless accusations where I will take advantage of a “beta” husband and seeking to “maximize” my ‘autonomy’. I am doing this for my family and for God. Not for myself.”
    “slwerner don’t ever speak to me again you rat.”

    • I checked out the latest post on Mark Richardson’s blog after reading your comment. You were right about her. How does a traditionalist come up with that and still consider herself a traditionalist?

      This just proves that the socons and tradcons are more concerned with producing babies more than anything else. Knowing that, their attitudes that men are nothing but beasts of burden are not surprising.

  5. […] Articles like this strike me as just a bit melodramatic.  Just because the modern woman doesn’t graduate puberty with domestic skills that rival Martha Stewart’s it  doesn’t mean she is a complete lost cause. […]

  6. “Just because the modern woman doesn’t graduate puberty with domestic skills that rival Martha Stewart’s it doesn’t mean she is a complete lost cause.”


    I’ll post here the same remarks that I did on your blog:

    Although it isn’t specifically stated, I took this not so much as they “can’t cook” but that they “expect not to have to cook” (or do other “domestic chores”).

    I actually know of a few guy’s who’s wives are “stay-at-homes” who do very little at all in the way of housework. It seems that these wives spend most of their day’s enjoying some form of entertainment. It’s not surprising that each of these men is rather unhappy, feeling that he is being taken advantage of in the arrangement.

    Frankly, I have to agree with their perspective.

    I think the better way to judge the potential of a young women would be to find out why she is lacking in domestic skills – did no one teach them to her, or does she feel she’ll never need them?

    • It’s a bit of both. I’m surprised at the low level of basic life skills that women my age and younger have. They “expect not to have to cook” so they don’t learn or learn very little. It feeds into each other.

      I’m not asking for much here. More and more women are failing an already low standard.

  7. I have known several young men who want to get married. They report a major problem among AW is flakiness: an AW might make a date, but her chances of showing up are problematic at best. While AW may talk about “commitment,” many can not even keep a date.

    Another major complaint about AW is nuttiness: womyn who go on endlessly about the latest New Age fad, or their therapists, or their recovery program, or the usual feminazi propaganda.

    And look at the bigger picture. We have had Hollywood promoting the Sexual Revolution for half a century. And feminazis telling us that “marriage is a form of patriarchal oppression.” Is it any wonder that men think that marriage is on the way out?

    Even among traditional church going women you’re still not going to find any virgin women …

    One reason, I suspect, the for Second Virginity movement. Try to repackage the goods, to put it crudely.

    Remember the truth of hypergamy and the 80/20 rule. Twenty percent of the men are having sex with 80% of the women so the churches including the traditional ones are going after the wrong group when it comes to sexual sin.

    Indeed. Women are the control gate for sex, not men. One man can (theoretically) impregnate any number of women. This has been known for millennia and it is only in these decadent days that the truth gets swept under the rug.

  8. The worst part is that, in the event you do find and gain the interest of this marriage-worthy woman, your alpha ability to simply walk away will very likely be diminished, which will inevitably result in less affection than there otherwise would’ve been. Both of you will probably know that she’s an exceedingly rare commodity, so her pull in the relationship will always need to be handled with the most finely tuned LTR Game.

    Once a guy is involved with a truly feminine woman whom he could proudly wed, he just can’t go back to the everyday shit. You’ll both know that if the relationship ends, she’s getting eager suitors and he’s gonna have to search for another needle in a haystack. Hard for a guy to play the “I could just pick up another chick” card when everyone knows those bitches could only be good for sex at best. At this point, he has to be able to legitimately convince her that he’d be willing to MGTOW if she ever started slackin’.

  9. The socons think that marriage by name alone is going to save the world. A piece of paper will solve everything. Yes, just like how that degree increased our incomes and saved our quality of life. In fact, getting married to modern women is like getting a degree. You think you are being sold an asset, but what you are getting is a liability. There should not be a push to get people to marry, but rather to focus on strengthening the marriages that already exist. If they care about marriage so much, efforts would be better spent helping the countless struggling Christian marriages. I mean most Christians can’t even get it right (as evidenced by the Christian divorce rate), so why should men think that marriage is such a great thing. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones; so, next time the socons toss the stone of “your not a real man unless you marry”, one could toss a stone back, “your not a real Christian unless you stay married”.

    In short, socons/Christians, etc, need to put up or shut up. They need to show the world that marriage is a benefit and/or needs to start producing women that are wife material, because right now the world looks at Christians and their divorce rate and thinks, “forget that!”. “If they can’t even manage it, how can I?” Walk the talk.

    As for the quality of women, another aspect is that girls aren’t raised to be wives. They are raised to be careerists or “whatever makes you happy” (which is never being a wife). There was a time when mothers would prepare daughters for marriage and they would be domesticated, but now they are mostly “feral females” (thanks to Dalrock for the cool phrase). No one will take in a feral cat, so why would a man take in a feral female.

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  14. What exactly is a marriage-worthy woman supposed to do nowadays though? I’m a virgin (waiting for the chance to let my slut out… with 1 one man), I’m reasonably attractive (maybe a 7/10). I’m a 23 y/o with a business but would trade that in a moment for a good marriage and a soccer Mom kind of life. Out of all the men I’ve dated, only 2-3 have appreciated the fact that I’m holding out for 1 man. (Not waiting till marriage, though.)

    It seems to me that all the men I meet just want to get it in. How do I tell the difference between someone just looking to be with a virgin and someone who is looking for a marriage-worthy woman?

    Back in our parent’s day, men would sleep with a girl, and then marry her. Now, both men and women, are just sleeping around until they hit their 30’s.

    • You’re not attracted to beta’s thats you’re problem

      You’re going after hot guys, instead of guys who want a relationship & a wife

      Its your fault, you’re choosing the wrong guys

      Theres plenty of beta’s who’ll wait for a chick on sex at marriage, you’re just not attracted to them …

      • But I’m not going after alpha’s. What I find attractive in a lifelong partner is financial stability (like me), a stable career (no matter what it is), and my only shallow requirements are height and broad shoulders. And most of the men I’ve dated in the past have actually had plain faces. Only 1 had abs. I’m not seeking hot-alphas. I’m seeking a man who has his life together.

        I’m definitely not a beta, but I’m way too shy and not hot enough to be an alpha either. Maybe I’m just a really good beta… Idk. I’m just reading up beta/alpha now…

      • I should also mention that I’m NOT waiting till marriage. At all. I’ve been taught what sex feels like by my gfs so if I had to wait until marriage… I would die.

        I’m just looking for a marriage-worthy man. And I guess, my dilemma is, where do I find someone who appreciates knowing his manhood is the only one that’s ever been in his wife’s mouth, versus 10 other dicks?

        • Erm you’re a lesbian?

        • Lol, no I’m not. I was just curious about sex when I was in my teens and all my gfs were sleeping with their bfs, so we had a sleep over and they… showed me how to take care of myself ^_^

          I think that’s how I’ve survived all this time. (No I’m not attracted to women. Men are irresistible.)

          But more to my point. I work 90 hours a week at my job and my business. I prep all my parents meals and mine on Sunday night and stock up the fridge for the coming week. I spent 4 hours scrubbing my kitchen floor the other weekend. I’m funny, charming, sweet. I’m kind, I don’t gossip about other women.

          Where are the marriage-worthy men! I’m sure they’re around. I just don’t know where to look :)

        • Like I said, you’re looking for hot guys, has cash, is tall & wide shoulders …

          Theres plenty of guys who’ll marry you & let you leech off them, while you stayathome popping out kids … lol

          If you’re a real virgin, theres plenty of clueless virgin men in church

          Most of these guys arent hot …

          You’re surrounded by guys who’ll marry you in a second, you’re just not attracted to them … which is why you cant find them … they’re invisible to you

        • I’m not a leech. I make 60k a year at the age of 23, without loans, co-signers, or investors. I started out with $500 at 18. Like I said, I work 90 hours per week most weeks… like actual work on my feet, not Internet browsing.

          Wanting a man to be financially stable doesn’t mean I want his money. It means I don’t want HIM to leech of ME. I want a financial equal. And I’d adore a soccer-mom life, but if it made more financial sense to have a job… then I would. Some men would LOVE a stay-at-home wife to raise their family properly.

          Asking for a man to have a stable job, with a good head on his shoulders, and 1 or 2 nice physical attributes is VERY different from a rich hot guy who will take care of me. Very different.

          A clueless virgin who is not financially stable is NOT a marriage-worthy man. (Yet. But he can work on it.)

          And you’re kinda missing my point. I know there are marriage-worthy men out there. I just don’t trust myself to differentiate them from the ones who are also marriage-worthy, but just want sex.

          I’m not slamming men. I love men. I was raised by a single-Dad! My comments are more in the… “Times have changed” direction. That’s all hun : )

        • Theres no need to make peace, I dont take anything seriously

          Please speak your mind

          I didnt say you’re a leech lol

          I said that in a future tense, once you have kids, you wont want to work, basically leeching off your husband

          Most women who have kids dont go back to work, basically leeching like parasites off their husband

          All women looking for a man with cash want to become parasitic stayathome moms

          As I said before theres plenty of rich financially successful, clueless virgin men in churches, who’ll marry you in a second

          As I said before you wont be attracted to them as they’re rich beta’s, theyre not hot

          Most of the guys you’ve dated werent beta’s …

          I know you wont realise this basic fact until you hit your 30’s, as you dont have the benefit of years of hindsight

          Also if you were attracted to beta’s you’d be married by now, as you’re literally surrounded by rich beta’s who’ll marry you in a second

          You cant see them, as you’re not attracted to them, this is why you’re still not married …

        • I don’t understand, if she’s a career woman, her ambition is a byproduct of the “feminist movement” and is one of the main causes of the destruction of the nuclear family… but if she’s a stay at home Mom, she’s a leech.

          So what’s a woman to do/be in the ideal world?

          Also, I would like to stress I’m not looking for a rich man. I’m also not a Christian nor a church-going girl. I’m a virgin because I chose to be different, and I thought I’d be unique when I’m older and command a higher price, but…. it seems I could have just been a slut and end up with a beta.

          All these years wasted, when I could have been enjoying sex…

        • What do mean by higher price, what are you trying to command a higher price for?

        • Apart from the fact, you sound like you’re trolling lol

          A few things you need to understand …

          Beta’s used to be alpha’s, the hot guys you’re attracted to were the beta’s back then, they’re cads, players, hot guys, they’ll never have as much cash as a regular beta

          Beta’s are amazing for raising families, since society has devalued families & hard work, beta’s are no longer seen as alpha’s or high value males

          Also REAL traditionalism women have always worked

          The traditionalist women telling you to stayathome arent real traditionalists, theyre a product of 1950’s feminism

          Prior to the 1950’s all women worked

          You should really be working from home, thats what ALL traditionalist women have always done

          If you’re not a troll, you’re welcome to ask away

          You should also post your above comment in the red pill reddit for women, they’ll help you out, theyve got great advice for women like yourself

        • I don’t understand what you mean, when you say that women should be working from home. Are you talking about cooking, cleaning, and raising a family, or do you mean running a business from home?

          What is your definition of an alpha? Because you keep saying “hot guy”. I’m not into super hot pretty boys no matter how successful they are. Im insecure and pretty shy, so pretty boys turn me off. Most of the men I’ve been with, my gfs didn’t find that attractive.

          To me:

          Alpha: great character, confident, stable career, stable finances (not necessarily rich), selective about the girls he sleeps with, has sexual experience.
          Beta: good character but immature, little direction in life (unstable career or truly unhappy with current career), chronically bad finances(not just lack of cash, but this can be severe debt, no regard for his credit score), unhealthy lifestyle, unreliable, and someone just looking to get his drink on.

          That’s what Alpha and Beta mean to me. Hotness has nothing to do with it.

          Also, Im not trolling, but I can understand why’d you think that. Virgin sluts are hard to come by ;). And I’m not sure what you mean by red pill board (beyond The Matrix reference)

  15. More and more men are just going to wait for artificial wombs, this will make women obsolete!

    See my comments to you there.

  16. Just for clarification, did you mean “No wonder* Hermes and Todd White vanished over a year ago”?

  17. Ban gay marriage. Only heterosexual couples should have a right to desecrate this sacred institution.

  18. > …why SoCons are THE most hypocritical and unintelligent group
    > around. They have a 100% failure rate in achieving their own social
    > goals.

    Uhm, but they *need* all those issues around election after election to keep the people voting for `em.

    There’s a whole host of issues like this on both sides which they use like the proverbial carrot on the end of the stick and will never do anything substantive about because they’re more valuable to The Committee Which Really Runs America as vote motivators (and perpetual diversions).

    If they actually did something to fix this or that, it would go away as a vote-getter, and then what would they do? It’s just another way the corrupt system penalizes competency. The politicians know this, which is why they always manage to get around to doing basically nothing once elected.

  19. What gets me about the socons and tradcons is how they’re not even trying. Outside of abortion and gay marriage they don’t do anything. If you ask them about their lack of action on divorce, for example, you will get nothing but excuses. Those excuses are hollow since the same reasons for not opposing divorce apply to abortion but that doesn’t stop them from trying when it comes to abortion.

    If socons and tradcons took seriously what was happening to men, they just might have some successes now. It’s because they pedestalize women that they don’t try except in limited cases like abortion. And it’s that lack of trying that had led to their complete failure in achieving their goals.

  20. Martian Bachelor, good to see you posting. Do you still have a website?

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