Mar 152011

It looks like there’s a game of whack a mole being played with manosphere forums. First it was the MGTOW Forums that got deleted (due to the complaint of a woman who can only be described as mentally ill) but that was rebuilt quickly.  Now, the Don’t Marry Fourm is gone. The exact reason why it was deleted is unknown although it looks like several other unrelated boards at proboards were deleted.  Regardless I’m sure some crazy woman making a complaint was responsible for its deletion.  It does not matter.  The Don’t Marry Forum will be rebuilt someplace else like the MGTOW Forums were.  Manosphere boards will never really be shutdown barring the apocalypse.

It’s really a game of whack a mole for the women and maginas that want to shut us down except they never really hit the mole.  None of these things will ever be permanently shutdown.  Even if the MGTOW Forums, for example, could be permanently destroyed, soon afterwards something similar would show up because other men have come to the same conclusion independent of anything that has been said in the manosphere.  That’s the reality they don’t want to deal with.

UPDATE: The new Don’t Marry Forums are here.

  8 Responses to “UPDATED: Whack A Mole”

  1. We’ve learnt our lesson when certain bloggers got picked off.
    When Roissy was threated by She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, his entire archive was backed up and zipped, then distributed.
    So even after he deleted certain posts to cover his ass, we still have the kernels of truthspeak.
    We get threatened, we defend, we fight, and if we are forced to retreat, we’ll reappear.

  2. I see a two-pronged solution:

    1. Organize attacks on feminist forums by complaining to their powers that be and have them EQUALLY yanked offline.

    2. Run private websites funded by donations so that they can’t be taken offline by some turn bitching and moaning about terms of service for free/publicly hosted boards/blogs/etc.

  3. It’s more of a defensive battle. Trying to get the feminist sites taken down is more or less a lost cause as they are considered “mainstream” where we are not.

  4. I don’t recall going to MGTOW or “don’t marry” but I may have.I normally just post on Spearhead. Maybe I should start a blog of my own, I would need a Hal-9000 level spellcheck though. Anyway WTF did you notice ALL the fem commenter’s had blogs geeez. I do wonder though, how could they get shut down if they couldn’t provide some sort of proof, via screen shots or links to the posts they claim were “offensive”. I would like to think that:
    1.) their claims are false
    2.) the Blog Host checked and verified

    Anybody mind taking a minute to educate me ?

    • Both the MGTOW and Don’t Marry Forums were on Proboards. That’s a free hosting service for forums and as a result they can pull any board they wish. Anything that looks even slightly controversial with a single complaint against it could be pulled. All you need is a anti-male admin.

      The MGTOW Forums are now paying for hosting so it’s much harder for it to be deleted since hosting companies don’t want to piss off paying customers. In this case they’re more likely to demand real evidence of a problem or at least the threshold of deletion will be higher.

  5. Discussing and sharing ideas is what the manosphere is all about. And while some boards and blogs may vanish for whatever reason, you are right about another one popping up. It shows how strong and appealing are the ideas discussed.

  6. Free speech always finds it’s way through and the more the feminazis censor, the more men fight against the evil and wake up even more. Feminists are fighting a losing battle and men are seeing through the lies of the feminists. The futurist believes the misandry bubble will burst by 2020 and has a long blog post explaining why. Already we are seeing cracks in the fempire.

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