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In my last post I predicted that the University of Cincinnati would collapse due to its embrace of feminism and leftism at the expense of real scientific disciplines like computer science. Several comments brought up the example of Antioch College which had collapsed due to its embrace of feminism and leftism.

Antioch College was originally founded in 1853 in Ohio by the Christian Connection movement and the Unitarian Church.  Beginning in the 1940s it became a hotbed of progressivism and one of the first colleges to experience leftist student activism.  This continued to the 1960s when Antioch College became one of the primary locations of student radicalism, the New Left, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the Black Power movement in that part of the US.  The 1970s were more of the same for Antioch College, but it expanded to include several satellite campuses under the name of Antioch University.  In the late 1970s Antioch College started having problems with its finances and experienced a decline in enrollment from around 2000 students to around 1000 students.  While Antioch College’s financial situation stabilized in the 1980s it never was able to increase student enrollment beyond 1000 students.

Antioch College started having problems again in the early to mid 1990s when its “Sexual Offense Prevention Policy” received national publicity.  According to the policy, consent for sexual behavior must be mutual, verbal, and reiterated for each new step of sexual behavior.  The original version policy was created at Antioch College’s “Womyn’s Center” due to the agitation of a group of students called “Womyn of Antioch” and called for immediate expulsion of any man accused of a sexual offense with no rights given to the accused.  A revised version of what the “Womyn’s Center” wrote became policy for Antioch College.  Even the revised version was so absurd that it became the basis of a Saturday Night Live sketch called “Is It Date Rape?”

Things continued to deteriorate at Antioch College so that by 2000 Mumia Abu Jamal and transgendered rights activist, Leslie Feinberg, were invited to be speakers at that year’s commencement.  This also recieved national publicity, and in the few years after enrollment declined to 600 students.  By 2003 the situation at Antioch College deteriorated to the point where a renewal plan was started.  This was done alongside deep cuts in staff which included eliminating Antioch College’s Office for Multicultural Affairs.  The led to a student protest called the “People of Color Takeover”.  Antioch College created the “Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom” in response to that protest but Antioch College still deteriorated.  By 2007 enrollment had declined to 370 students.  Also during 2007 the faculty of Antioch College filed a lawsuit against its Board of Trustees.  Soon after operations were suspended at Antioch College, and it was closed in 2008.

Currently there are plans to reopen Antioch College in the fall of this year.  Even if Antioch College reopens it is unlikely that it will ever regain the status it had.

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