Mar 082011

Picard Double FacepalmI haven’t given out a Captain Picard Double Facepalm Award in a long time.  (I need to start doing it on a regular basis.)  This award goes to Scott Adams who I just talked about in my last post.  It’s not for simply agreeing with feminism or being a mangina.  It takes a lot more than that to get a Capt. Picard Double Facepalm Award.  Read what Peter told us about Scott Adams:

Adams went through two jobs at two different corporations, and got put on the management “fast track” at both because he was pretty smart. Both times, he got told he’s not getting promoted because there are already too many men in management at these companies and that they’re saving space for women.

He left the second company after starting Dilbert, and eventually grew that into the modest empire that it is. At the end of it all, the best woman this accomplished man could get, after 40+ years of getting screwed by feminism and getting no help towards his accomplishments, the best he could get is a single mom with three kids. That’s the real joke.

Likely, he’s accepted his lot in life and is pretty satisfied with getting the calved-out bajingo of his wife and building her a new house. If he’s really lucky, then the kids will be grown up by the time Shelley (I think her name is) divorces him. If not, he’ll lose half of Dilbert, half his restaurants, his house, and pay her support for his troubles. We’ll see then what his thoughts about men’s rights are.

I bolded a part of Peter’s comment because it deserves special attention.  I would say that “the best he BELIEVED he could get is a single mom with three kids.”  Scott Adams probably could have done better.  If nothing else he could have stayed single rather than get together with a single mother with kids.  Scott Adams has been negatively impacted by feminism yet he still supports it, not just with words but by playing Captain Save A Ho to a single mother.  It’s almost like he’s suffering from a feminist Stockholm Syndrome.

Scott Adams didn’t just shoot himself in the foot.  He shot himself in the foot over and over again and for good measure dropped a nuclear bomb on his leg.  Scott Adams is acting against his own best interests at an extreme level, and that level of stupidity and insanity is what earns him a Captain Picard Double Facepalm Award.

  11 Responses to “Scott Adams Gets A Capt. Picard Double Facepalm Award”

  1. I have read that, in selecting a mate, both sexes settle for the best partner they think they can get.

    Choice mommy with three kids? While we don’t know her at all, the odds favor that she is not as good a catch as he could have had, had he thought better of himself.

    • And in Scott Adams case it’s all in his head. Given who he is, he could have done better, period. It’s also not like you have to choose a woman either. No woman is a valid choice but Scott Adams is so indoctrinated with feminism that he thought he had to have a woman, some woman, any woman.

  2. Um, uh … man up, pussy.

  3. Picture of his wife:,,1218618,00.html

  4. I normally don’t wish someone ill, but it would be karmic justice if his wife left him taking half his shit in the process. Bonus points would be if she falsely accused him of abuse and got him locked up in the process.

    Then again, I do have to wonder if someone with his blinders so firmly in place would finally take the red pill or continue living on in blissful ignorance even with the truth staring him in the face.

  5. Oh he has gotten way wierder than that.

    In a desperate attempt to avoid interacting with his wife, his subconscious has shut-down his voice.

    Either that or anxiety has caused this. But whatever the reason, marriage to that harridan has done him good.

    Really, just how much of a BLANK does she have to be to drive the poor guy insane?

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