Mar 102011

Herbal Essence described in a few lines how a feminist thinks about men and marriage:

The American Man, according to Feminism:
“He’s a rapist. He’s a pervert. He’s a dominating patriarch. He’s intolerant. He’s a caveman. He’s superfluous as a father. He’s only good for his money. He’s….OMG why won’t he marry us?”

Feminists refuse to or are incapable of connecting the dots between their behavior and the result of men increasingly avoiding marriage.  This is one reason why MRAs get blamed for “destroying marriage”.  Rather than analyze their own behavior, feminists (and in this case this includes the conservative female supremacist version of feminism) would rather believe that MRAs successfully ran a conspiracy to trick men into not marrying.

  8 Responses to “One Reason Why MRAs Get Blamed For Destroying Marriage”

  1. Men being turned off about marriage is basically a society-wide phenomenon now. I would be delighted if MGTOW influence was so widespread we could take credit for it. Alas…

    What is so pathetic about women today is that they literally think they can badger & harass men into marrying them. I would not buy a vacuum cleaner from a saleslady who badgered me, what makes them think I’m going to marry?

    I’m in my early thirties. And while most of my male peers are married, they only did so for a few reasons:
    1. After years of cohabitation, they finally buckle under pressure from woman and family.
    2. They have no Game and get married out of loneliness and desperation for vagina access. No doubt that access is rescinded quickly.
    3. They have an Oops! pregnancy.

    I can only think of one male friend under 40 who is happy in his marriage. He married a farmer’s daughter who was about 12 years younger than him. She is plain & stocky but she looks decent enough and loves him deeply. I’m happy for him, and I have a feeling the relationship will last.

    • Wherever I go, I can easily find men who are turned off about marriage but they’ve never heard of the MRM, MGTOW, or ghosting. Men came to their conclusions about marriage on their own. Women, white knights, and manginas can’t accept that it’s female behavior (and the legal system) that’s driving men away from marriage. Thus the only options left are some sort of shadowy MRM/MGTOW conspiracy to convince men to avoid marriage. Any other explanation has to deal with the fact that men are coming to the same conclusion independently. Thus the only true common factors are female behavior and the legal system.

      On my male friends and acquaintances it’s almost evenly split between married and not married. All the guys I know under 40 got married for the same reasons you listed. Even game doesn’t guarantee that a guy will not get married out of loneliness/desperation. I have seen a couple of guys with game not want to be forced into chasing single moms when they’re older so they get married anyway, and game isn’t an ironclad guarantee a man won’t pedestalize women. (Obsidian is an example of that.)

      One reason I add to your list is “a minor health issue happens, scaring the guy about his mortality and what will happen when he’s older and his parents are dead. leading him to find a wife out of fear so that he’s not familyless after his parents are dead”. I have seen this happen.

      I can’t think of anyone I know who’s under 40 and happy in his marriage. I’m certain that if it wasn’t for their kids, they would consider getting married the greatest mistake they ever made.

      • “Wherever I go, I can easily find men who are turned off about marriage but they’ve never heard of the MRM, MGTOW, or ghosting.”

        Yes and this is why our ideas are so dangerous to their racket. If men are already coming to a few of these conclusions on their own and then they happen upon our stuff, there will be some big Aha moments happening all over the place.

        • i had a big aha moment and then found these sites. I finally get whats going on!!! :)

  2. The old radical slogan was, “Marriage is the central institution of oppression in bourgeois society.” The feminist version is “…patriarchal society.” But in these decadent and feminized days, marriage has become the central institution for the oppression of men, for reasons which I need not repeat here. So now men are on strike against it. And the strike seems to be going well, judged by the tantrum throwing of the likes of Kay Hymowitz.

    Wherever I go, I can easily find men who are turned off about marriage but they’ve never heard of the MRM, MGTOW, or ghosting.

    More men are finding their way to the MRA, MGTOW, etc., positions via the Internet. Look at it as another form of netrocentric warfare (as the Pentagon terms it). Men are participating in an insurgency against what marriage has become in this wasteland.

    Classic insurgent doctrine calls for three stages:

    The first is getting organized.

    The second is guerrilla warfare.

    The third is the final offensive.

    I’d say that the MRA/MGTOW netro-centric insurgency is in late stage one and starting to move into stage two. Time for us all to keep up the pressure.

  3. It’s the feminists who destroyed marriage, but they are too dumb to see this. By 2030, marriage will go the way of the dinosaur.

  4. […] my last post, Herbal Essence and I were talking about reasons why guys our age get married.  The reasons are really about oops pregnancies, desperation and loneliness, and pressure from […]

  5. I agree with the article above. I have noticed the downfall of relations between men and women in the last 20 years. The overly inflated ego of many women especially educated women I believe ruins manys relationships. Men in their minds can be play toys to their disposal. A lot of women cannot figure if they want to be hetrosexual or bi sexual. Feminism downfall of marriage and family.

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