Mar 182011

I get a good number of hits from various searches that involve reptile aliens such as “Are Males Really Reptilians” or “Reptile Aliens Rape Women”.  I decided to run a few of these through google to see what else comes up, and I found a woman who is attracted to reptile aliens.  Read what she has to say.  This is good:

Heeeeeeello everyone!
I’m not sure where to post this so I posted it here, sorry if it’s in the wrong area.
Well, I have no one to talk about this, my friends tease me that the aliens will take me and eat me, my family -well mom and aunt- don’t want to listen to me and my crazy alien things, so I have no other choice. I feel a little uncomfortable talking about this, but well call me crazy, I’ll get used to it.

I, not too long ago, just like 2 months ago I began feeling like a small attraction towards Reptilians, those evil green huge muscular dudes, but I ignored it…now, I prefer a Reptilian male instead of a human, I just feel a strong attraction towards them, it doesn’t matter how hostile/bad/evil whatever they are, I don’t care, I like and LOVE them, I tried to stop feeling this and get this feeling out of my heart, block it some how but I just can’t…

Is it bad to feel attraction towards Reptilians?

Read the rest of the thread.  It’s great.  And if any women find this post and are wondering if there’s something wrong with them because they’re sexually attracted to reptile aliens, the answer is no as long as you’re hot.  If you’re hot, female, and attracted to reptile aliens, you should find the nearest reptile alien and get together with him right now.

  14 Responses to “In Love With Reptile Aliens”

  1. I wonder how many guys are sending her private messages, claiming to be Reptilian?

  2. Its not bad to you know there are plenty of other people out there who do feel the same way and they have even had children with reptilian too ( hybrids).

  3. i feel attracted to grey aliens its strange id dump my boy friend, when i got abducted i barely remeber but i remeber looking in its eyes a solid black , its like a light enterd my heart it came nearly close to my face, i cam closer almost kissing it then everything blanked out …

  4. I feel sexually attracted to reptilians too. Tell me how to contact a reptilian!!! *Rooaarr*

  5. I also know how you feel I love reptilians.
    And for some reason I don’t love humans so much.
    I also feel like I am reptilian in spirit born in a human body.
    Do you also feel like reptilian in spirit like I do?
    Plus not all reptilians are evil some are good.

  6. I think I have some Reptilian DNA in my DNA.
    Because I am very intelligent and muscular.
    And when I’m in some emotions my eyes changes color
    From blue to green.
    And I think my father is part of the illuminatti blood line.

    And If someone can help me understand some of these things
    You can find me at I would appreciate it

  7. wow! can’t believe how stupid i sounded, i mean “my father is part of the illuminatti blood line” that sounds sooo stupid, and childish ,
    anyways the reason i commented the other 2 comments in the first place was cause i didn’t have a life, and well now me’s gotz a life, and wanted to say that the Reptilians blah blah blah, story is actually childish and i don’t believe in it anymore, and i suggest that other people that want’s to get a life, to do the same and save your self the trouble ;),
    and if you still believe in the reptilians jockel cock story, you should get your self checked out, before you spread the “i-gotz-no-life” disease. since the reptilians story actually makes me laugh, XD

    aw well, guy-that-got-a-life, out, see ya! (and stop believing in the Reptilians, Cluster Molest nonsense!, and BTW could a mod, or something delete my other 2 comments, before my head tunnels into my skull in embarrassment, XD)

    • Are you sure you weren’t manipulated into changing your entire opinion & belief, in that very short amount of time?

  8. I would like to join, please give me details

  9. no everything i know i know now. the phoenix has risen from the mound and now i must be crystallized, beam me up scotty.

  10. Yes i am attractive to sexy ones

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