Mar 062011

My recent post at The Spearhead about the collapse of Antioch College generated some commentary elsewhere such as this post at Captain Capitalism’s blog.  Some woman posts a comment about how her daughter was in the last graduating class at Antioch College, received a “great education”, and immediately got a job in her field after graduation. The Captain guessed that the daughter’s job was working for government or a non-profit that is getting a taxpayer subsidy. It turns out he was right:

Mom of Antioch College graduate comes in and goes to bat for “Antioch College” after I link to the Spearhead’s article citing its closure, claiming her daughter got a “great” education and “immediately” found employment in her field.

I make “cynical” “evil” “republican” “nazi” predictions that her daughter majored in a worthless subject and the only reason she found “employment in her field” was because her “field” was essentially subsidized by either charity or the taxpayers. In other words, she doesn’t produce anything of economic value to society and is literally a parasite.

Readers of Cappy Cap come to bat IN STYLE and prove;

1. Her daughter works at a community theater
2. That receives money from charity
3. Most of which is from the Ohioan taxpayer

The overall lesson to learn here is that Antioch College, as well as many others, simply just produce what could be considered “economic parasites” who instead of “lowering themselves” to collecting a welfare check, engage in faux, fake “professions” or “careers” all of which are economically no different than collecting a welfare check in that it is still paid for by others. They just go through the facade of having a “job” presumably to make themselves feel better.

Just another reason to say good riddance to Antioch College.  It’s motto should have been, “We produce rent seeking parasites.”  Also, take notice that it was her daughter that the mom talked about.  The daughter has a job while men who were doing productive work lost their jobs in the mancession.  Just as Antioch College died because it refused to deal with reality so will the daughter’s “job”.

  3 Responses to “From Antioch College To A Rent Seeking Job”

  1. At the beginning of the recession we had an interview on tv with a moron-on-the-UK-street who said something along the lines of

    “thank goodness for the public sector, it’s the only thing keeping the economy going”

    You can’t even talk to somebody that entrenched in their alternate reality.

    Beyond the leeching of resources, the other thing these parasites do is make up unworkable regulation (problems giving more ‘work’ for them to do) and stick their noses in to everybody’s business.

    We need to set up a colony planet and either we escape, or we export them – they are of no use whatsoever and refuse to recognise it – worthless

  2. Another classic interview was with an unemployed young land whale woman who lived off benefits, but it _was_ an okay lifestyle ‘cos she like took benefits but she payed tax on her cigarettes. So she was contributiong to society…facepalm

    There are a lot of stupid people out there, really, a lot. And some of them have degrees from the Antioch Centre of Muppetry Excellence

  3. The irony is that the job market is about to crash all over again, this time taking public workers with it. Expect to see a LOT of govt subsidized jobs like what the daughter holds get put on the chopping block. State workers are already feeling the squeeze with the crackdown on unions for govt employees and furloughs, and the federal govt just froze wage increases for all of their workers. The point a lot of people tend to miss when the govt cracks down on jobs like this is that women make up a lopsided amount of positions that will be cut, often because those jobs are not producers of any capital. Like you said, they just leech off the govt, so they’re the first ones to get cut.

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