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Recently, I came across this page which talked about how last year a group called Stanford Students for Queer Liberation posted a bunch of stupid flyers about “white privilege” and “heterosexual privilege”.  (Here are more examples of the incredibly brain dead flyers.)  To add to their stupidity and insanity, these flyers were posted in “White Plaza”.  Most of them were the usual stupidity that gets posted as “x privilege” like this flyer about how white students are suspected of only getting in because of their race.  Whose fault is that?  Certainly not white guys who didn’t benefit from affirmative action.  We’ve seen this before.  There’s nothing special about such a flyer.  That’s not why I wrote this post.  This next flyer is why I wrote this post.  Flesh colored band aids are “white privilege”?  A lot of band aids are translucent now so that doesn’t even make sense beyond the obvious insanity.  As bad as that is, it doesn’t compare to to the part about “flesh colored underwear”.  Who wears “flesh colored underwear”?  Really????  I have never even seen that but I don’t shop at gay clothing stores either.

This is the best example ever why talk about “white privilege” is crap.  “Flesh colored underwear”?  That’s just made up nonsense.  Only a homosexual would come up with that.  All that means is that these “queer liberators” have no clue how heterosexuals live.  It’s really no different than feminists talking about “male privilege”.  Every example is made up if not outright insane like “flesh colored underwear”.

  13 Responses to “Flesh Colored Underwear???? WTF??????”

  1. I thought the first one was anti-black sarcasm. As in it is a “privilege” to compete based on your merits (aka, like a white guy) instead of back door assistance.

  2. When wearing a white dress, or white women’s dress pants, flesh toned undergarments are essential. white shows through– you need something that matches your skin color.

  3. White-flesh colored underpants are merely the Invisible Hand in action. If blacks purchased underpants in any appreciable numbers–rather than spending their time bitching about whites bitching about AA–there wouldn’t be any problem at alll.

  4. Stanford has always had a crapton of wacko activists. My own time there molded me into the views I have today rather strongly, precisely because of these assholes (and yes they existed then, too).

  5. “I thought the first one was anti-black sarcasm.”

    That was how I read it, too: That whites actually have to actually earn their places at elite institutions instead of being given a pity boost.

    • You might think so but I have heard that argument used enough times to know it isn’t sarcasm.

      • Oh, I’m not doubting you. But it just goes to show how clueless and inept these people are that they come up with a slogan that seems to say the opposite of what they’re trying to say.

    • No, I believe they’re serious. But of course, the answer to having people suspect you got into college or jobs based on race quotas is to REMOVE the race quotas, not shame people who compete based on merit. They won’t even TOUCH that topic because it would piss off a lot of people who do,in fact, benefit from affirmative action rather than compete based on merit. So instead, they want white people to ignore the reality that because there are programs to specifically send people of a certain race to college, that sometimes people go to college because of their race and not their academic prowess.

      The way they phrase their statements is intended to create a sort of Orwellian doublethink. It’s like saying “Just because you’ve been burned doesn’t give you the right to act as though fire is hot.” It’s nonsense.

      I believe black people are intelligent enough that they don’t need quotas. Fresh out of slavery they started inventing stuff that nobody else had thought of or managed to actually make yet,outshining white inventors, even though many of them couldn’t read.

      All affirmative action does is make the accomplishments of these intelligent black men worth the same as the non-accomplishments of less intelligent black people. It would actually be rather insulting to me, were I in their position.

      • Also, if white flesh-colored bandaids are “white privilege” then webbed feet are “frog privilege”. It’s retarded. Who gives a fuck what color their bandaid is as long as it stops you from bleeding? I don’t even use bandaids most of the time, I just run my shit under cold water,press a paper towel against the wound until blood stops coming out of it and then go about my business.

        Oh wait,the paper towels I use are brown, damn hispanic privilege! If that isn’t proof that hispanics run our society,I don’t know what is!

        See,I can do it too.

  6. @novaseeker: when did you go to stanford? I am just curious. I am a current Stanford student and I’ve gotten the sense that Stanford has made the transition to ultra-liberal in the last 10 or so years but used to be more reasonable. What’s really sad is that the group that put up the posters is composed of mostly wealthy, white kids. Many of the black students I know are more sensitive about the shit that all individuals have to go through. There are also many gay students on campus who despise the group responsible, because they feel the group unfairly uses the voice of the gay community.

    The group behind the posters would best be described as wealthy, white radical feminists.

    The post also misses out on the fact that there were “heterosexual privilege” posters as well. Some students put up joke response fliers around campus mocking the format, but those were ripped down by the original group.

  7. Hmmmm…I wonder if somebody put up flyers which stated, “I got into Stanford because of diversity programs,” or “I have a ethnic studies program,” or “I can illegally enter this country and demand a DREAM Act,” how would the university establishment respond?

    Consider how the UCLA co-ed who posted a video online about Asians yakking on cell phones in the library had the hammer put down on her by the administration. Is that another example of “white privilege?” The thing is, white people (especially men) can be legally discriminated against, but on the Orwellian world of liberal universities, white men are considered to be a “privileged” class.

    Just like the khulaks.

  8. I love how gays complain about white privilege when whites are BY FAR the most tolerant race towards LGBT.

  9. @Herbal Essence: As a stanford student, I really want to point out that the group responsible for these posters in no way reflects the Gay community. Many gay people at Stanford loathe the group responsible as a caricature of the gay rights movement (the same cannot be said about organized minority groups on campus). There are a lot of gay people at Stanford. I’d guesstimate that about 1/4 of my friends are gay. Only 2 of those friends were not annoyed by the posters.

    The point I made to anyone who was supportive of the posters put up was: who isn’t privileged at Stanford? Anyone going to a top 5 University is privileged far above the rest of the country, refugees in the developing world, etc. The second least privileged person in the world is still privileged relative to the least privileged person in the world.

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