Mar 222011

Laura Grace Robbins had something to say about my last post that should get more visiblity:

The socons think that marriage by name alone is going to save the world. A piece of paper will solve everything. Yes, just like how that degree increased our incomes and saved our quality of life. In fact, getting married to modern women is like getting a degree. You think you are being sold an asset, but what you are getting is a liability. There should not be a push to get people to marry, but rather to focus on strengthening the marriages that already exist. If they care about marriage so much, efforts would be better spent helping the countless struggling Christian marriages. I mean most Christians can’t even get it right (as evidenced by the Christian divorce rate), so why should men think that marriage is such a great thing. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones; so, next time the socons toss the stone of “your not a real man unless you marry”, one could toss a stone back, “your not a real Christian unless you stay married”.

In short, socons/Christians, etc, need to put up or shut up. They need to show the world that marriage is a benefit and/or needs to start producing women that are wife material, because right now the world looks at Christians and their divorce rate and thinks, “forget that!”. “If they can’t even manage it, how can I?” Walk the talk.

As for the quality of women, another aspect is that girls aren’t raised to be wives. They are raised to be careerists or “whatever makes you happy” (which is never being a wife). There was a time when mothers would prepare daughters for marriage and they would be domesticated, but now they are mostly “feral females” (thanks to Dalrock for the cool phrase). No one will take in a feral cat, so why would a man take in a feral female.

I was really struck by the idea that getting married to most women nowadays is getting a liability and not an asset similar to getting a degree.  It’s also similar to buying a house during the housing bubble.  You think the house is an asset when you buy but in a year or two it becomes clear that it’s a liability when you discover you’re underwater on your mortgage.

Rather than trying to shame men into getting married (a strategy similar to what was tried increase housing sales during the bubble that failed), socons and tradcons should focus on making women into assets and not liabilities.  The socons and the tradcons will not do this so expect marriage to continue to disappear.

  8 Responses to “A Liability Not An Asset”

  1. “socons and tradcons should focus on making women into assets and not liabilities. ”

    Well, the pussy bubble will have to burst sooner or later; in the meanwhile, we can sit silently and observe the continuing inflation, sometimes literally, with a disapproving eye.

    • Most MRAs believe the misandry/feminist bubble has peaked or is about to peak. Things will start getting better for men and worse for women in the next several years.

  2. This does bring up a good point. When we are told of the importance of marriage, it always seems to be in its idealized form — “happy ever after” and “until death do us part.” But the reality is that marriage ought to be defined as a brief period preparatory to the divorce court hearing.

    Then again, the marriage strike indicates that more men are waking up to the reality.

    Take that Red Pill!

    • I saw something was amiss to marriage, sex and children before I hit puberty. The high divorce rates and losing 50% of your money was known back then. As more and more men avoid marriage, the societal pressures to marry will decrease. Just a few decades ago, all men were told that marriage was “mandatory” and they were expected to go that path without a second thought. Now tens of millions of men are stopping to think what’s in it for them and realize marriage is optional and they can easily opt out.

      By the way, I have been posting hundreds of fliers warning men away from marriage. Read his blog and do the same, it’s working!

  3. Thanks for the post.

    I don’t know if you caught my Spearhead article on the matter.

    The housing analogy is a good one. Buying a house, college, marriage seems to be all about someone else’s benefit. People want you to do these things cause it helps their pockets or their cause. The great thing about the MRM is that it helps let men make an informed decision re marriage and they don’t have to go into it blind anymore as many do with college and buying a house. I suppose though the socons might think marriage isn’t something you make an “informed decision” about, but rather that it is commanded or a mandate “for what men do”.

    I think one reason it is hard to turn women into assets is the mothering generation is often no better equipped than their daughters. No matter how conservative or religious they think they are, they still grew up in a feminist culture and it trickles down subconsciously. You would need the grandmas or great-grandmas to lead the charge. The skills needed to become and asset are largely lost to time.

    “socons and tradcons should focus on making women into assets and not liabilities.”

    Focus on making a quality product and the customers (men) will come. Very simple. Often now women are of shoddy quality and workmanship, so of course no one wants to invest in them. They don’t even come with a 25 year or lifetime guarantee. [cue haters for my comparing women to a “product”].

  4. This author assumes that marriage is a must have for women. That ship sailed some time ago … marriage isn’t all the beneficial to women thus many women no longer care to marry either as men, per their view, have become a liability. We are in a time period where people actually must be “relational” to sustain a relationship versus just a pocket. Traditional gender roles for women and men are a thing of the past, and it seems men are having a hard time adapting. As for me, I love my freedom and enjoy providing for myself and my children!!! And, no I am not a lesbian but I truly will never settle again for a man with horrible relationship skills and bad attitude.

    • As a man, I congratulate you for looking for actual relationships instead of deep pockets. I wish all women were like you, especially in 2018 (almost 2019 now).

      However, most women know they can find some idiot to maintain them, and they will use that card sooner or later as an easy way to retire early.

      Many women who apparently “loved me” left overnight after being told that in an adult, mature relationship, both parts have to contribute, whether its financially or doing house chores. It’s a team, and gender roles make no sense anymore. In the past, it was the way it was for a reason (i.e. women didn’t work, so it made sense for men to be breadwinners and for women to do house chores).

      Of course, there are exceptions. If the woman is pregnant, I won’t tell her to work. But if we are both young, not married, no one is pregnant, both earning money… Don’t tell me you won’t pay your share of the rent just because you are a woman.


    See my replies to you there and why I believe in the AEV of 2040.

    Women have another 9 years to go then virtual girls will make all but the top 10% of women obsolete. Today’s women are of such low quality that they will easily be replaced by technology offering better women substitutes.

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