Mar 302011

I am starting a new award called the Dilbert Award, to recognize successful men who are stupid enough to marry (or get deeply involved with) single mothers.  This was originally proposed by Chainring at The Spearhead, but I will be taking it over.  I have added a page for submitting candidates for the Dilbert Awards that also goes into more detail about the nature of the Dilbert Awards. Normally, you will be able to vote for multiple candidates, but since this award was conceived because of Scott Adams, he is the winner for the first quarter of 2011.

The winner of the Dilbert Award for the first quarter of 2011 is Scott Adams (who is pictured to the right with his wife, Shelley Miles).  Without Adams, the Dilbert Awards would not exist.  He has a history of being negatively impacted by feminism where in at least two corporations he was denied advancement because women were promoted ahead of him for being women.  Adams learned nothing from those experiences believing that MRAs are pussies.  To top that off Adams married a divorced mother of two kids in 2006.  He describes himself as being “seventh in line of importance” behind his wife, her two kids, her two cats, and his cat. Adams has no children of his own and will not be getting any out of his marriage.

Because of what he’s done, Adams would lose at least half of his Dilbert mini-empire, his restaurants, his house, etc if his wife decides to divorce him.  Also, he would have to pay support for kids that are not his.  Adams decision to get married to a single mother is bad for him in every possible way.  With his success he could have easily gotten a woman without children who would have had his children if he wanted some.  Because of this and his anti mens rights stance, Adams is the first recipient of a Dilbert Award, an award he inspired.

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  1. Reminds me of the old saw: What do you get when you give a poor person a million dollars? Answer: A poor person with a million dollars.

    What do you get when you give a beta millions of dollars? A beta with millions of dollars.

    That picture is what a “successful” beta looks like in our culture.

    We are so screwed. I know you’re pro technology PMAFT, but there is no way we aren’t having a technological backslide with the direction the world is going.

    I serious doubt the father(s) of the previous children (or potentially her next child) are men capable of doing algebra, let alone calculas.

  2. Adams never really had that much in the brains department. Aside from his talent for cartooning and satirizing business culture, he’s unimpressive, to say the least. It’s embarrassing to read his thoughts on anything outside that very narrow range (see, for instance, his pitiful attempts to “debunk” evolution). He wasn’t even an engineer: he got his degree in economics and worked in management. At PacBell he was really more like the pointy-haired boss than Dilbert or Wally.

  3. Heh. He kinda looks like a middle-aged Dilbert, only without the funny tie.

  4. The thing is, there are too many guys out there who have limited options when it comes to getting married. They think the best that they can do is marry the first female who gives them the time of day. In this case (if that is his wife in the photo) he married someone who looks like a former high school prom queen or some other adolescent fantasy. Maybe he thinks he is in the promised land. But I see this with too many guys. They are so desperate for female attention that they will overlook any number of red flags from a female (single motherhood, whatever) rather than looking at their options.

    I know too many guys like this. When you tell them what the options are — such as FW, MGTOW, whatever — they dismiss you because they believe that they too can get that Great Blonde Prom Queen in the Sky. They beg for the Blue Pill, even after you have shown them the true horror of the femiMatrix.

    Still, it is not always too late. One friend, after two decades of being cut to pieces by AW, finally threw in the towel. He spent a couple years getting it on with sex workers (whom he found to be far more functional than most AW), then finally met and married and FW. He now spreads the “word” to other men about the horrors of the American dating scene, and about the advantages of the alternatives.

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  5. Actually, she inflicted such emotional trauma on him that his subconscious would shut down his voice so he wouldn’t have to interact with her. He literally would “lose the ability to speak” from time to time.

    It was in Wired. Search it on the internet. Funny.

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  7. Looks like he tripped over his own brain and fell into a pile of shit with that women

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