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Those of you familiar with transhumanism have most likely noticed how many of my ideas are transhumanist.  I have said at least a couple of times that despite this, I do not call myself or consider myself a transhumanist.  The reason for this is that the extra baggage that comes along with it, namely the leftist ideology that lots of transhumanists believe in.  The Antifeminist had a Dialog With A Transhumanist that demonstrates this problem. Too many transhumanists are enamored with leftist ideology, feminism in particular.  The good news is that most of these transhumanists are idle prognosticators so they will not be actually developing any technology and can’t develop towards feminist ends.  Despite that, I can’t call myself a transhumanist because while they may not influence technology, they have influenced what is called “transhumanism”.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. I remember one futurist pontificating (can’t remember the URL of his blog) about how women would lead the way to transhumanism because they were less tied down by strong biological urges than men are. Of course he’s absolutely sure he’s right, despite the weight of thousands of years of evidence showing men to be the explorers and innovators in every field.

    Kurzweil himself has some pretty nutty ideas. He once admitted he wanted to be reincarnated as a female pop singer. I found Moravec’s vision of converting himself into a bush robot more compelling than that. They probably both need to get laid, maybe by a stable of sexbots.

    • There have always been nutty transhumanist ideas out there. Back in the 60s and 70s there was this one well known transhumanist, FM-2030, who said something like that tattoos and piercings meant that a person was more transhumanist than the average person. That was silly but harmless. The leftism and feminism that is too pervasive in transhumanism has the potential to be really dangerous.

      Kurzweil’s desire to be reincarnated as a female pop singer is nuts and straight from feminist ideas. It really doesn’t make any sense. I would imagine a straight transfer of consciousness from a male brain to a female brain would lead to major problems as the consciousness is used to male brain hardware. The problems could be anywhere from being unable to think properly to schizophrenia. In principle the female brain hardware could be altered to handle the male consciousness that would be put into it but then that person even despite having breasts and a vagina really wouldn’t be a woman. It’s like how a certain commenter has said that he doesn’t know how an AI will think but he knows it won’t think like a woman.

      Feminism plus transhumanism leads to these ideas that nuts and just not thought through.

  2. The leftism and feminism that is too pervasive in transhumanism has the potential to be really dangerous.

    I’d be curious to see your views as to where it could cause problems. As you pointed out, most of the lefty/feministic types are lazy twits who won’t contribute much and don’t even understand much about technology. They breathlessly speculate about rebooting themselves into immortal superhumans beyond sex even though they probably can’t even configure their home network.

    would imagine a straight transfer of consciousness from a male brain to a female brain would lead to major problems as the consciousness is used to male brain hardware. The problems could be anywhere from being unable to think properly to schizophrenia.

    We already have case studies of this in the form of children who were given involuntary sexual reassignment either due to an intersex condition or injury. One of the most famous cases was of David Reimer, who lost his penis as an infant due to a botched circumcision. He was nearly driven insane by his sexual reassignment and switched back to his original gender in his teens.
    Sadly, he ended up killing himself at the age of 38. It’s not exactly the same thing as what you’re talking about, but close enough.

    A transfer of consciousness to a vastly different substrate would almost certainly drive the individual experiencing it insane. So I’m very skeptical of Moravec and Kurzweil’s notion of downloading. A slow accretion or metamorphosis where brain cells are replaced by more efficient nanotech equivalents when they die might be doable though.

    • I’m glad you asked about that because I didn’t write the part of my comment where I say leftism and feminism in transhumanism is dangerous very well. I was thinking more on a personal level when I said that. If someone read FM-2030’s bit about piercings and tattoos the worst thing that someone might do is get a tattoo or get something pierced. This is mostly harmless. On the other hand when it comes to feminism a transhumanist might do something more dangerous. A while back there was this guy on a lot of transhumanist forums who was talking about how he was going to get castrated. I think his reasoning had to do with living longer and not feminism but even that’s pretty disturbing. In transhumanism there is more of an acceptance for the idea of modifying your body even radically. When it comes to some things such as replacement organs it’s a good thing but I can see some transhumanists trying to “feminize” themselves through castration and other means. Since it’s guaranteed they don’t know what they’re doing, they will permanently damage themselves if not accidentally kill themselves.

      It’s not going to be a problem beyond a personal level because like you said they can’t even configure their home network. Since feminist transhumanists can’t do that then they aren’t going to be radically altering the human race. Even things like castration still either require a willing doctor or they would bleed to death if they tried to castrate themselves. Several years ago there was a guy on a transhumanist forum who wanted to perform brain surgery on himself and wanted to know how to buy (local) anesthesia. Even other transhumanists thought this was nuts. If that guy went through with it, I’m certain he’s dead now.

      My understand of how mind uploading/downloading would have to work is by replacing/adding nanotech or biotech brain cells. No other way could work because any other type of “upload” would really be a copy. And if you’re uploading yourself (and not making a copy) for the purposes of transferring yourself into a female body, then the end result won’t truly be a woman since the brain will be too different. In the copy case, all that means if the copy is put into a (true) female brain and body is that a being has been intentionally created that will be tortured for its entire life (like David Reimer). That’s an atrocity.

      • A while back there was this guy on a lot of transhumanist forums who was talking about how he was going to get castrated.

        If he’s the same guy as the one I’m thinking of, he already had it done. In his posts on the Betterhumans forum, he used to mention his mutilation in almost every message.

  3. I have to wonder why some Transhumanists are pro woman. The manginas of them will remain idle as you say. The other type may be forced to pander to feminists so they can get their funding to develop their technology. They know that feminism is BS anyway and won’t last. Refer to the “Misandry bubble” written by the Futurist. My own blog explains why technology such as virtual and robogirls will end feminism. Also see my comment on your MGTOW article.

    • They’re pro-woman for the same reason a lot of non-transhumanist guys are pro-woman. They think it will get them laid. Of course they’re wrong and wrong massively.

      • If those manginas did a tenth the research on the future as I did, they would realise that technology will give them realistic women substitutes by 2020. Youve probably heard of sexbots, that’s one example. Feminism and the misandry bubble will unwind by 2020, the futurist has a long article on this which im sure youve read. In your opinion, when do you believe feminism will peak and decline? Be completely gone?

        • Conservatively, I would think it would be gone as a political force before 2040. Feminism has been able to make it’s inroads almost completely because of women’s sexual market value. Once they lose that trump card, what else do they have? Women won’t be able to trade in on it, and powerful men won’t be able to use women as a Trojan horse to gain leverage over other men.

        • I agree with Ray that feminism will be “gone” by 2040 if not sooner. That’s gone in any sense that feminism will have power. Feminism will always be “around” like Nazism will always be “around”. I’m sure there will be “neo-feminists” as there are neo-Nazis now but mostly isolated with little if any power as neo-Nazis are now.

          Depending on how you define “feminism” it has already peaked. The definition matters because many feminists have and will go socon (social conservative) in a last ditch effort to maintain female supremacy. Feminism minus the socon converts has already peaked. Feminism plus the socon converts has not yet but it soon will. There’s virtual sex and sexbots coming down the line which will negatively impact female sexual power hurting feminism. Eventually there will even be artificial wombs which will negatively impact female control of reproduction giving the other knockout blow to feminism. As feminism’s power (and female power in general) is based on sex and babies (and that’s true now more than ever since women are losing useful skills for the most part) anything that negatively impacts those two things will pull the rug out from under feminism. Even now feminists and socon “feminists” are worried about video games and masturbation. Why? Because those are things that men do without women. Video games don’t even replace a woman in any sense like masturbation (or virtual sex or sexbots) so a full replacement for sex or babies isn’t even needed to cause feminism major problems. That’s how the foundation of feminist power is weakening.

  4. OT but are you still reading any of Alte’s rubbish? She’s still continuing with her hypocrisy like the energizer bunny. She got super scared when Bardamu posted the names of Assange’s false rape accusers because of possible “vigilantism” but she’s fine with the same “vigilantism” being done by women against cheating husbands vowing to always acquit if she’s on a jury for that. She still claims to believe in male leadership but but says women have almost all the real power.

    The real reason she hates you is because you exposed her as being two faced. It is always a double standard with her that elevates women at the expense of men. She’s a feminist who lies about being a feminist.

  5. How interesting. i am a random passerby, accidentally browsing..and amused. I like lots of what you are thinking and am saying that without a slightest bit of sarcasm. I am a woman, a healthy and functional one solely by the blessings of Machine God to that (it’s a little innocent allusion, a metaphor not a cargo cult mind you :)) ), lesbian, anarchist, anti-capitalist, transhumanist and generally a person who has every check for you to want to kill me on sight.

    But the world is never simple. For one i’m not a feminist and although never publicly stated (in fear of repressions, naturally), am an anti-feminist. Feminists would be the first to bring me down, if they knew of my shiny little moddykins – and moreso would be the only force on Earth to explicitly make an effort, as they have done for 50 years already, as long as we possess non-experimental tech. Also, you think all lesbians are down with merging our interests into feminism. Like screw. There are those of us who like, well, kitty – and those who hate men. With remarkably little overlap. As far as i am concerned the latters can go and die horribly – quite cynically because they’re no fun where it matters and because if i wanted to hear politics i’d watch telly.

    Anyway, back to the point, feminists are bioconservative, bioessentialist luddites and no amount of mildly technoprogressive babble out of context will make them different, they have it in their core beliefs. The entire ideology hangs upon biological roles and definitions and as you correctly have said tech is the only thing that can bring them down. And it will. As far as i can predict they are right to be concerned about cloning and video games, very concerned :) Guess which side the geometrically increasing number of women gamers will take on this, lol.

    I could of course argue that the same tech that can bring down feminism would also bring down your rightwing greed utopia, which i am fairly certain is true – but again you are right, there is no point in unverifiable prognoses and only time will tell if we can break the spell so to say. Also being close to one of the AGI projects i can say only this – they do guesswork, they believe in it, they have no viable means to control it. No viable indoctrination, no safety measures. Only the enthusiasm…of parents wanting their child to live and be happy. They can’t make rightwing/feminist shit its foundation, and are surprised (and moved to tears) the already functional modules work at all. As far as i can see we’re in for sweet amusement in the format of a blind date with the future, dear.

    Btw, Kurzweil if he does whatever he intends to do will either glitch painfully with the girlie peripherals (my sincere kudos to your knowledge and mention of David Reimer precedent btw)… or not, but in the latter case he already possesses seriously nonstandard white matter brain structures – which is, as you might know, ouchy – and if so then taking a bet on a distant future tech involving an un-*******-believably infantile Britney Spears dream seems to be a recipe of living one’s life and dying miserable, of old age. Sadly i have to admit, most transhumanists are idle prognosticators and dreamers who would have to promptly change their undies when faced with live, tangible real world tech 😀

    Anyway, just saying i am also moderately troubled by the feminist war against the science and tech education. it’s not a threat, because pretty tech is always more awesome than empty words and when you’re going down with an illness you run to a technician not a counsellor. But it’s definitely an annoyance. But then maybe it’s a good thing as the tech-dependent youth will not connect to their cult…which is already happening. Ah yes and more respect for the feminist-socon alliance prediction, i very much have had that thought myself. Will left/right have a meaning at all in sight of technocracy/bioconservativism? And…how much of MRM would actually take the side of tech? I of course am not sure but then it is not exactly my personal worry – but are you?

    It’s my time to depart, onwards, upwards & cheers – and your enemies might well have more enemies than you thought :) contrary to the saying an enemy of your enemy does not make them friends but you got to admit it’s better than if there weren’t any at all 😉

    take care,

    • This is truthfully, honestly, and literally the most incoherent post I have ever read. Wow.

  6. I have to agree with everything you said. I don’t want to associate with most transhumanists either. I used to visit transhumanist sites regularly but outside of anti-aging tech I don’t anymore.

    There’s so much near term (not to mention long term) technology that transhumanists are either ignorant of or only dimly aware of. VR sex, sexbots, etc. is just one example. You’re right about when genuine transhumanism manifests, current transhumanists for the most part will be brushed aside.

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