Feb 192011

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Universities like everyone else are feeling the pinch in the current economy.  This has led to them to look for places where they can cut expenditures.  It would make the most sense to cut the useless parts of a university such as womens studies majors, various ethnic studies majors, “diversity” programs, programs for women, affirmative action, etc. and all of the associated expensive deans and bureaucracy that come along with such uselessness.  The University of Cincinnati has not done this.  Instead the University of Cincinnati has decided to cut its computer science major.

While the university claims that the computer science major is really being folded into other majors so nothing will be “lost”, this is not true.  Computer Science is an independent discipline.  Folding computer science into other majors is like a university trying to eliminate its chemical engineering major into its chemistry major.  Despite the overlap, it makes no sense.

A university has many purposes ranging from preparation for jobs and careers to loftier goals such as expanding the sum total of human knowledge.  The University of Cincinnati by cutting its computer science major instead of its womens studies major and all other useless majors has failed all of these purposes.  What they decide to eliminate and keep sends a strong message about what they think is important.  The University of Cincinnati has sent a clear message that what they think is important is feminist and leftist indoctrination.

Even knowing that the University of Cincinnati has decided to place more importance in feminist and leftist indoctrination than employment and the body of human knowledge, why was computer science chosen as the first major to be eliminated?  Most likely there were several factors in the university’s decision but one of them had to be the pervasive anti-male bias that exists at most universities.  Computer science is a major that is taken by mostly men, and those men are mostly “politically incorrect” men such as white men and asian men.  If the University of Cincinnati cuts more majors they will most likely be other engineering and science majors that are made up of mostly “politically incorrect” men.

In the end this decision really only hurts the University of Cincinnati.  Anyone who wants to major in computer science will go elsewhere along with their tuition and fees.  Many men who weren’t going to major in computer science will still avoid the University of Cincinnati because its anti-male bias is clearer than the average university.  In a few years alumni donations will start to collapse as men who are employed in computer science jobs will be donating to the universities they went to and not the University of Cincinnati.  All the womens studies and ethnic studies alumni will not be able to make up for the lost alumni donations.  The womens and ethnic studies alumni are going to government, quasi-government, and other government mandated jobs that are going to collapse in the near future.  A alumni with no job or a job where they have to say, “Would you like fries with that?” will not be able to donate to their alma mater.  Research grants will fall apart for the University of Cincinnati as they will not be able to make use of them.

In a way it’s good that the University of Cincinnati made this decision.  Instead of hiding what they’re really about, now everyone knows.

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