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I’m constantly amazed how there are so many people out there who think that anti-feminism involves everything and anything under the sun except actually being against feminism.  I found this definition of anti-feminism from the same website that brought us the batshit crazy definition of MGTOW:

An anti-feminist has a sincere belief in God

An anti-feminist is anti-Zionist

An anti-feminist is anti-violence

An anti-feminist does not gather or befriend others to commit crimes towards his/her enemies

An anti-feminist never knowingly makes false claims or reports about his/her enemies

An anti-feminist is honest in business

An anti-feminist is never treacherous

An anti-feminist is never two-faced

An anti-feminist is not a vulgar person

An anti-feminist is trustworthy

An anti-feminist is fair

An anti-feminist is not a misogynist or misandrist

An anti-feminist does not commit or attempt to commit blackmail or extortion

An anti-feminist rebukes not scolds feminists/Zionists in the real world

An anti-feminist is a patriot who will never condone, support or participate in false flag operations

An anti-feminist has an even temperament

An anti-feminist is not manipulative

An anti-feminist does not knowingly associate with criminals, Zionists, SADs, psychopaths or sociopaths

An anti-feminist believes the real war against terror is social

An anti-feminist is a valuable and constructive person

An anti-feminist does not pretend that hollyweird movies are real life and does not reference them as fact

An anti-feminist never believes homosexuals and bi-sexuals are enlightened

An anti-feminist is never an atheist, sadist or agnostic

An anti-feminist is anti-homosexuality

An anti-feminist believes all rectal sodomites are homosexuals

An anti-feminist is never a member of the sadistic and feminist mgtow movement

An anti-feminist does not smoke pot or use psychotropic drugs of any kind

Ant anti-feminist does not smoke cigarettes

There’s only one thing listed here that could even come close to having to do with anti-feminism.  The rest is pointless gibberish.  So what if someone smokes?  And what’s his obsession with things like “false flag operations”?  Is everyone else who is against feminism getting invited to go on “false flag operations” but me?  (Ha ha)  And then he keeps talking about Zionism over and over again.  I know that “Zionism” has a definition, and I know what that definition says, but in common usage “Zionist” seems to mean “something I don’t like but refuse to define”.  It would make more sense to replace Zionism with a gibberish word like bleepzorb.  I could go on and on about everything that is wrong with this definition of anti-feminism.

This is an extreme example of how too many people fail to realize that feminism is the primary problem.  Feminism gets treated as a secondary problem or a derivative problem at best of some “real problem”.  As soon as someone starts talking about the “real problem” of which feminism is a derivative, real anti-feminism disappears.  Whether its communism, nonexistent depopulation agendas, meaningless blather about “Zionism” or anything else, as soon as someone goes there they will not bother actually trying to combat feminism in any way.  Guaranteed.  Feminism causes real problems in the lives of men.  Treating feminism as a derivative problem ignores the real life experiences of men who have been hurt by feminism and makes feminism out to be something that exists not on Earth but on Pluto.

People who worry about the “real problem” instead of feminism directly are in many cases not real anti-feminists.  What many of them are trying to do is attach their own cause to anti-feminism (and in many cases their cause is stupid or unnecessary).  This will not help get rid of feminism.  It hasn’t worked so far.

If someone is not serious about being directly against feminism, then they are not an anti-feminist.  And the batshit crazy guy I quoted is no anti-feminist.

  16 Responses to “Shouldn’t Anti-Feminism Involve Being Against Feminism?”

  1. Ya,

    I think that’s the same nutter who has a site that you can only access if you complete a quiz. I answered fairly and honestly, and only scored 72% ( in terms of his subjective worldview ), but the system grudgingly let me in. I have no problem with Zionism or homosexuals, hence the lowish score.

    I didn’t bother to bookmark the site, tho ….

  2. That guy’s site (I only looked at the page you linked) actually seems more of a “White Pride” site as much as it is anything of an actual anti-feminist site – the whole “ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT WHITE PRIDE:” section points that out quite well.

    Actually, I’d like to go off on a tangent here, and register my strong protestations of the in which these sorts of people have usurped the notion of “White Pride”.

    I’m white (male, straight, and of Christian upbringing, as well), and I’m damned proud of the accomplishments of my white heritage. But, I can simply look to the vast amount of good that white people have done as my source of pride. I don’t need to hate nor denigrate any other group of peoples to feel a sense of pride and self-worth in who I am. Likewise I don’t need to hate gays or Non-Christians; Hell, I don’t even need to hate feminists.

    But, enough of that.

    When I first read your headline, I thought you might be challenging the lack of true anti-feminism we see in some people who make a big deal of labeling themselves “anti-feminists”, yet never really wish to actually undermine feminist principles (i.e. Laura Wood). This guy you linked to is like Laura Wood on steroids – even more radical, more racists, and even less “anti-feminist” than Laura.

    Given that I haven’t read anything beyond that “welcome page”, I don’t know the Nuts-n-bolts of that guy’s “anti-feminist” philosophy, but I do know Laura Wood’s (I suspect his would largely line up with hers). Laura Wood’s “anti-feminism” largely boils down to opposition against abortion, affirmative action, gay marriage, and miscegenation. While most avowed feminists do support all of these, they are but examples of what you call “secondary problems” or “derivative problems” of feminism.

    To her (partial) credit, Laura has addressed some of the real issues of feminism (I’ve been one of those who spent some time “poking the bear” before she finally relented and admitted that there are feminist “problems” beyond her “big 4”, and that feminism has largely invade the modern American church (I like Keoni Galt’s term “Churchianity”).

    But, where rubber-hits-road, Wood’s predictably backs off of actually joining MRA-types in seeking legislative redress. I suspect her real motivations go back to your philosophy that the only difference between Traditionalist Conservative women, like her, and full-on gender-feminists is their disagreement about the best way to milk men for money. Woods is simply in the camp of expecting (white) men to “man up” and brave the slings and arrows of the Anti-family Courts so as to make themselves (direct) providers for women (aka husbands).

    Anyway, that’s my $0.02 on the “anti-feminist” in name only (AFINO’s?)

    • That guy is basically a white knight nationalist.

      This criticism applies to Laura Wood but I have talked about her so much already and I will do so more in the future that I thought I would leave her out of this one. She is similar to this guy. For instance, someone suggested marrying (traditional) foreign women on her blog a while back as a partial solution to marriage 2.0, and she was against men marrying foreign women too. I can’t remember the exact reason she gave but it’s the usual borderline WN garbage.

      I might start using AFINO.

  3. If these white knight a-h’s actually knew what they were talking about, they’d be calling on white women to breed to the max to keep the white race from going extinct.

    • White birthrates were higher in traditional society; they have rapidly declined post-feminism. Thus, logic would dictate that removing feminism is imperative for the survival of the white race. As such, a white nationalist philosophy is perfectly compatible with anti-feminism. Seems fairly straightforward to me. What part of this don’t you understand?

      • Birthrates started dropping long before feminism. As soon as child labor was made illegal and industrialization made inroads birth rates started dropping. This is no surprise and has nothing to do with feminism. Also in places like Iran where there is no feminism the average birth rate dropped from 9 to 1.7 in a generation.

        • Child labour made illegal, then birth rates dropped?

          Does this men, women stopped having children, because women couldn’t exploit them any more.

          Also none feminist countries that industrialize, birth rates drop too.

        • Does this men, women stopped having children, because women couldn’t exploit them any more.

          That’s a very good way of putting it. Plus, women had to take care of those children longer so it goes beyond just not being able to exploit them anymore.

  4. Speaking of Laura Wood (even if I’m the only one), get a load of this “gem” from her today:

    ”Men have nothing to fear in marriage other than the loss of their own honor. That is the only thing that counts and it is something each man controls and no wife can destroy.”

    This one is even better than her previous low-point of trying to tell men who’ve been “screwed-over” by women that they should just take solace in the knowledge that they remained moral and upright (while women walked all over them, cheat on them, cuckolded them, dumped/divorced them, accuse them of DV, accuse them of molestation of their own children, deprive them of access to the lives of those children, and ass-rape them via the courts).

    Absolutely amazing!

    So, men have nothing to fear but the loss of honor (meaning, of course, that they themselves, act “badly” as women screw them over)? Just more of the “stand their and take it like a man” BS. If you just let yourself get screwed-over and don’t complain about it, then you have your honor?

    Well, what man could possibly turn down such wonderful advice/consolation?

    • You know what to expect given that it starts out talking about a woman going EPL but then goes into the “real problem” of the commenters on The Spearhead. I think it was updated with new comments because now Laura is saying is the woman going EPL that really gets hurt. As is typical with her she ignores facts like how the government will take half or more of the soon to be ex-husbands assets to give to the EPL chick. To admit that would show what she’s really about, right wing female supremacy.

      On top of that she’s jumped on to the hate video games bandwagon (no surprise there) and saying that we should all be in a crazed frenzy over Lara Logan. It’s not like women have lied about being raped by men of a different race causing extra-judicial murders of innocent men. Oh wait. That has happened. The KKK murdered innocent black men on the say so of a white woman, and Laura wants us to replicate that behavior (even if it’s true). I’m not interested in being part of a pseudo-KKK.

  5. “As soon as someone starts talking about the “real problem” of which feminism is a derivative, real anti-feminism disappears. Whether its communism, nonexistent depopulation agendas, meaningless blather about “Zionism” or anything else, as soon as someone goes there they will not bother actually trying to combat feminism in any way. Guaranteed.”

    Best explanation I’ve found for this is

    “female hammer hitting male knee. Contemporary relativism blames kicking foot for breaking vase but doesn’t trace causation back to hammer. Why? Simple: female value deserves payment; for humans this payment is obsequious, hipocritical (down right delusional) connotation of female character and male self effacing and abasing chilvalrous self-imolation (e.g. man throwing himself into the water around the sinking Titanic etc.). ”

    from E=boybad girlgood squared

  6. Im a true antifeminist. Our kind wish feminism never existed. Oh well, we are all looking forward to the misandry bubble popping. Women will be left out in the cold and be lonely as men avoid women. We will have technology to be with, women will be obsolete.

  7. […] Tech – “Men are Doing Something Without Women? STOP THEM“, “Shouldn’t Anti-Feminism Involve Being Against Feminism?”Roosh – “It’s Your Fault That American Women are Winning“, […]

  8. “This is an extreme example of how too many people fail to realize that feminism is the primary problem. Feminism gets treated as a secondary problem or a derivative problem at best of some “real problem”. As soon as someone starts talking about the “real problem” of which feminism is a derivative, real anti-feminism disappears.”


    • I disagree wholeheartedly. Free on Happier Abroad does an excellent job of making the connection between feminism and other destructive elements of our society:

      “Three destructive elements mentioned in this thread:

      1) Feminism
      2) Hollywood
      3) Wars against Arab countries (and while we’re at it, less apparent, wars against Christian societies).

      Does anyone see a common denominator?

      All of these people involved have yielded near incalculable negative damages on the masses and it is for this reason they are to be paid mind to and as well made note of the common denominator they share so we can thus be more aware, to be on the lookout for the signals, to stop, clean up and further prevent these messes.

      Investigate for yourselves who where the strong pushers of feminism and a common denominator they share. As well as the very large number in the “mental help” arena re-shaping people’s minds – for the negative ultimately.”

      Read the rest here:

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