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Often we hear complaints about men playing video games, looking at porn, or masturbating or any number of other things.  The complaints will have the usual shaming language, that men are immature, claims that masturbation is a sin (despite the Bible never saying that) etc.  What do things like video games, porn, masturbating, etc. have in common?  For the most part they don’t involve women.  Sure there are women who play video games and there is mutual masturbation and women look at porn too but none of these things NEED a woman.  This is the real reason for the complaints against video games, porn, masturbation, etc.

Anytime men start doing something that doesn’t involve women directly there will be women and manginas both feminist and not screaming, “STOP THOSE MEN!!!!!!!” Anything men do by themselves either individually or with other men only is a threat to female supremacism.  To female supremacists both of the feminist and non-feminist variety you are supposed to be slaving away all the time for a woman or women in general.  You are supposed to make stupid financial decisions like buying overpriced houses for women and pay for rugrats that may not even be yours.  You are supposed to save away so that a woman can take your hard earned assets via divorce or other means instead of buying the occasional video game and saving your money for yourself.

Trying to get men to not play video games, look at porn, masturbate, etc. is a lot like the feminist campaign against male only clubs and organizations.  Feminists couldn’t stand individual men doing something for themselves or gathering with other men only to do something that had nothing to do with women.  Something this basic regardless what these men were doing was a threat to feminism.  Since a lot of the complaints against video games, porn, and masturbation come from conservative female supremacists this provides another example how (supposedly) anti-feminist women are really feminist.

Various people have said that VR (virtual reality) sex and (later) sex bots won’t have any effect and that men won’t go for them.  If video games, porn, and masturbation are such threats to female supremacism (particularly considering that video games are in no way intended to be a woman replacement) then there is no way that VR sex and sexbots won’t have a negative effect on all forms of female supremacism.

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  1. Sometimes I think your the only one on the net that ‘gets’ it.

    Hence the derogatory term, ‘peter pan’ syndrome, I’ve never heard of the female equivalent, pie in the sky syndrome? Slut syndrome? Wan’t to have your cake syndrome?

    I wonder whats the opposite of ‘peter pan syndrome’, heart attack hill? I’d rather fuck pixies and fight pirates any day.

    • “Sometimes I think your the only one on the net that ‘gets’ it.”

      He is not the only one.
      There are at least two others that I know of.
      “The Antifeminist” and Sean MacCloud.

      Like PMAFT neither of these two have any illusions about ‘non-feminist’ females. They also agree that men must be protected from the ‘pussy cartel’.

      IF feminists tell the truth whenever they say that they don’t care if men jerk off to porn then it’s only because of the differences in the way they seek to ‘hold the whip’.

      Conservative women want to pussy whip us.
      But feminists want to turn us INTO pussies that they can whip.

      For conservatives it’s the pussy cartel.
      For feminists it’s emasculation.

    • I’m not the only one who gets it. The Spearhead had an article today about Sarah Palin’s feminism, and I didn’t write it.

  2. When women do stuff by and for themselves, they’re empowered, smart, sassy, strong, and independent women; you go, grrl! But, when guys do the same thing, they’re immature ‘Peter Pans’. I thought I was the only one who saw that little inconsistency…

  3. These things reduce a woman’s control over men.

    It is a HUGE threat to them – they know it – they fear it.

    Now, I’m gonna go play an adult rated video game and jack off whilst playing it.


  4. Yeah, how dare us men enjoy playing video games, watching shoot-em-up movies, or hanging with our friends? We could be doing things that are so much cooler and much more meaningful, like watching Eat Pray Love, or visiting with my grandparents, or mowing the lawn, or shopping for drapes and deciding which ones match the stupid fu**ing carpet.

    I know a guy who had to hide his Hot Rod magazines from his wife because she couldn’t abide his reading “that trash” and cluttering up “her” living room with it. She would pitch the mags whenever she found them. He had to hide them like a school kid, just so the wife wouldn’t go ballistic on him.

    Women ruin everything fun.

    • Don’t forget how you’re supposed to be working, manslave. Overpriced supersized houses, SUVs, and women’s clothing don’t come cheap and cupcake “needs” all of that. You’re not supposed to have any fun or even time to yourself.

  5. When women complain, ill remind them that empowered women don’t need men. We already don’t need women and this will be especially true in the upcomming years thanks to technology of virtual girls, robogirls and artificial wombs.

  6. In the context of dating and relationships, a woman’s insecurities and fears are usually manifested as control. Hence, no porn, no individual activities, mandatory shopping trips as a couple, all of it.

    A truly secure and non-selfish woman (are there any?) has no need to control her man.

    I dated a woman briefly and the first thing she wanted to do was get me off my motorcycle. “You must have a car” were literally the first words out of her mouth when we had our first date.

    She claimed it was all about my safety. No, it was all about her insecurities and her selfishness.

    By the third date, she removed the salt shaker from my hands at a restaurant. Again, about my health she claimed.

    I’m glad she soon ran away from me. Delete emails, block profile, ignore texts and move on.

    • My two women might be considered secure and not selfish but I fairly certain they’re just thinking a bit longer term with a “I’m a cool girlfriend routine”. IOW they’re trying to lock me down for marriage and a subsequent divorce. So they don’t count as women who don’t seek to control men.

      OTOH we do have women like Hestia and LGR around here so secure and non-selfish women do exist.

  7. Have we not been told by women for 40 years that our attention was unwelcome? Our presence was threatening? Our good deeds were a ploy to get laid? Our words were an effort to mind-rape?

    The women of the world should be taking out PSAs thanking the video game industry for rescuing them from male attention.

  8. […] the iPad is the Cheapest Tablet Computer”Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech – “Men are Doing Something Without Women? STOP THEM“, “Shouldn’t Anti-Feminism Involve Being Against Feminism?”Roosh – […]

  9. Only discovered this site now. Strange how I didn’t stumble on it before. Very strange – must be Google embedding some feminist filtering system ^^

    Awesome title. For me, computer games are one of the only truly non-feminist infested places I can go so I totally support people spending time in virtual space.

    I would love to read your opinion on the development of a male birth control pill. Because my suspicion is that it might do for men, what the pill did for women (i.e. completely turn the tide and liberate them). My suspicion is that much of the imbalance of the sexes we see today comes down to women having more control over reproduction than men.

    I would also greatly appreciate anyone stopping by my latest article where I basically say: Don’t try to be a real man

  10. For decades, I’ve listened to the incessant female fear mongering about all men being ‘potential abusers’.

    Now, when such ‘potential abusers’ are preoccupied playing video games, women complain about that too.

    I guess it’s just one more example of how women exhibit the unenviable trait of being able to talk out of both sides of their mouths.

  11. Wow, what posts! I am neither a videogame nor a computersurfing guy, but I do not understand why women would be so upset about any of this. Maybe I need to talk to a woman once in a while!

  12. Women are such a contemptible breed. They are able to win us over with just a few simple gestures and crosslegging ala Sharon Stone and we are putty in their hands. The golden years are in front of us. When that kind of sexual manipulation will be redundant and women could cartwheel naked down every main street in every major city of the world and men everywhere won’t bat an eye because they will be too busy having their fantasies fulfilled by robobabes and VR temptresses. This is the day I am hoping to live to. Finally men will have arrived at the future when this day comes.

  13. There is a “male birth control pill”. You freeze your sperm and get a vasectomy

  14. I agree with every analogy you used. Conservative women are anti-feminist in name only.

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