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And in this case by “interesting” I really mean batshit insane and totally nuts:

MGTOW, which stands for Men Going Their Own Way, has become a popular anti-feminist movement on the internet. Its basic premise, the rejection of today’s “liberated” women, sounds innocent enough. Many disgruntled males, myself included, initially found the MGTOW philosophy appealing because it resonated with our worldview, which was shaped by our unfortunate experiences with AW/WW over the years.

Once you dig deeper into the movement, however, you quickly discover just how degenerate and outright hypocritical it really is. The same people who (rightfully) criticize today’s women for being devoid of morals turn around and promote sleazy PUA techniques; brag about their one-night stands and other sexual conquests; engage in rectal sodomy; condone homosexuality and bisexuality; and glorify indecent behavior while shunning real manliness. While this may not describe everyone in the MGTOW movement, it does describe an overwhelming number of participants on MGTOW-themed message boards and blogs.

MGTOW communities are also havens for Marxists, Zionists, black supremacists, gang-stalkers, cybercriminals, and even pedophiles who take advantage of vulnerable young girls whilst abroad. No moral, God-fearing man would want to be associated with such shady, deplorable characters.

Also, if you are white, having pride in your race is a punishable offense in MGTOW Land. On one forum I used to frequent, a white South African man was banned for voicing his opinions about the Jewish Supremacists and their damaging influence on his race. Several forum members successfully convinced the moderators to crack down on this particular poster’s “antisemitism.” Meanwhile, black supremacists run rampant on that forum, because they have been given a free pass to spout their anti-white rhetoric and brag about having sexual affairs with white women. Talk about double standards!

Sickened by the unabashed dirtbags who frequent these forums, I recently posted a definition of ‘mgtow’ on Urban Dictionary. My intention was to warn potential members of the inherent dangers involved with aligning oneself with such slimeballs. This was my proposed definition of MGTOW:

“The losers of the internet. They engage in unprotected sex with third-world hookers and use sleazy PUA tactics to attract filthy AW. They brag about their sexual conquests and don’t take paternal responsibility when their sex partners become pregnant. The majority of MGTOW are atheists. They idolize the slimeball cast of Jersey Shore and wish to emulate them. They defend homosexuality, bisexuality, rectal sodomy, and public obnoxiousness. They think it’s “cool” to act disrespectfully and engage in gang-stalking activity. They are in league with the criminal, anti-white KOBE organization. They are perfect matches for the feminists. The feminists hate men and MGTOW have no respect for women. They “pump and dump” women and then brag about it to their dirtbag friends. Roissy in DC is their hero. They have a lot of neo-Marxists within their ranks who worship Che Guevara. They try to marginalize Ron Paul a la the lamestream media. They are satanic to the core and will not gain admission into the kingdom of heaven. Their lives are full of sin, treachery, and lies. They fake friendships like their hero Stargazer does. They are untrustworthy and unscrupulous. Furthermore, most five year-olds possess a higher level of mental and emotional maturity. No wise man or woman would ever confuse your typical MGTOW dweeb with true anti-feminists who live moral lives, believe in God, conduct themselves in a respectable manner, and do not wear tattoos.

The MGTOW movement is for you if you enjoy sodomy, condone homosexuality, don’t believe in God, wear tattoos, listen to rap and death metal music, act obnoxiously in public, defend bullies, engage in one-night stands, enjoy filthy network programming like Jersey Shore, and support Hollywood. The most despicable characters will fit right in with the SADs, PAMs, and other lowlifes who frequent MGTOW forums.”

There seemingly must be MGTOW editors on Urban Dictionary, because my perfectly valid definition was rejected. Here is the response that I received from UD’s editors:

“Thanks for your definition of mgtow!

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.

To get a better idea of what editors publish and reject, sign up as an Urban Dictionary Editor here: http://editor.urbandictionary.com/

Urban Dictionary”

Meanwhile, a plethora obscene words and definitions remain on the website today.

Chances are, Urban Dictionary’s gross negligence will result in unsuspecting people becoming victims of the decadent, gang-stalking villains that are overrepresented in MGTOW communities. Those boards and blogs are filled with criminal sociopaths who wouldn’t think twice about ruining your personal life, career, and reputation. This is not paranoia; this is real. As posted a few weeks ago on The Ghost Nation forum, “Criminal sociopaths always call their victims paranoid.”

The Ghost Nation, one of the of the few strict anti-feminist websites on the internet, has been subject to numerous cyberattacks over the years. According to the site’s webmaster, MGTOW members were directly responsible for these attacks. The IP addresses of the offenders were logged — and traced back to MGTOW losers like Stargazer. In addition to their cyberattacks, they have made violent threats towards AWS, blogger Robin Steele, patriotic family man Stephen DeVoy, and other decent individuals. Become involved with MGTOW at your own peril. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you if something happens to you because you decided to affiliate yourself with “the losers of the internet.”

I would think this is Thordaddy/Josh F. but there’s no talk of de-facto homo-ism.  There’s so much I could say about this, but it really speaks for itself.  It made me laugh for half an hour.

  21 Responses to “An “Interesting” View On MGTOW”

  1. Rectal sodomy !! Cool.

    The MGTOW guys are all madly keen on that, especially with each other.

    I’m glad this guy speaks out about his problems with MGTOW. It makes the MGTOW guys look good.

  2. The usual anti-male shaming. Code pink was the dead give away. I would like to see some example that MGTOW are gay. I have never seen it. Guy sounds like your typical white knight mangina betazoid from the planet pussy pedestal.

  3. Maybe it’s that Omega Virgin Revolt guy.

    • I doubt it. I read his blog occasionally and I thought he was pretty pro-MGTOW. If this was about game, then it’s possible it could be him.

      It also was way too white knight nationalist for him. And the blog in general is way too conspiracy theorist for him. There’s always the possibility it could be him trolling in which case all guesses based on POVs are off. If that’s it, trolling to what end?

  4. Anything that can pitch, Marxists, Zionists, black supremacists, gang-stalkers, cybercriminals, and white supremacists under one tent must have something going for it.

  5. One thing is for sure…when the shaming language and innuendo are put forth, it means that MGTOW is no longer a fringe movement. It is gaining ground, and it is starting to scare those who want us to repudiate our own self interests and conform ourselves to “the norm”.

    Basically, they want men to knuckle under and assume to oppressive yoke of slavery, like we have done throughout history. This kind of hateful rhetoric can only come from the most privileged class of people ever to exist, fearing the loss of a little of that privilege and actually having to work for what they want, instead of having us shed our own blood in payment for it.

    For myself, I don’t really condone PUA tactics and lifestyles…but then again, I don’t have to engage in them. I do understand from whence it comes. Women enmasse have the nerve to take umbrage with a man who deploys these tactics. It isn’t out of a sense of righteous indignation so much as it robs them of the manipulative games they play against men. Someone else is playing on their ball field and playing by the same rules and thus their power is diminished; so much for being able to compete fairly.

    A force that can no longer be ignored is demonized. It’s a scare tactic that is used to stir up undue fear amongst the cowardly elements of society. Rabble-rousing is easy when the greater portion of society is comprised of sheep. Let them hurl insults…they will avail nothing.

    • MGTOW is much larger than a “movement”. I suspect that’s what scares a lot of people about MGTOW. Most guys GTOW have never heard of MGTOW. They’re just doing it. There’s also no leadership to attack or even a core set of principles. All a detractor of MGTOW can talk about is what a MGHOW isn’t doing but that really doesn’t work as a criticism because it exposes that its all about the detractors self interest.

  6. I don’t consider those “alphas” to be MGTOW and don’t know why they insist on using that lable. Real MGTOWs like me want nothing to do with women, not even sexually. Yes im a virgin and plan on staying that way. Im living my life safely, morally and quietly and some may refer to this as “ghosting”. Ill(and every other men) get my chance to form a normal, loving relationship with virtual girls by 2020 and robogirls by 2030. Im writing more on this in my blog.

  7. Your above definition is absolutely laughable. You haven’t a clue as to what you are talking about. MGTOW http://www.mgtowforums.com

    Please get your office tested for lead paint. I’m actually ashamed that you are male.

  8. This is the guy who wrote ‘The Ghost Nation TM’. Note the ‘TM’. He takes work from other people and claims ownership for himself. Even the title was invented by myself.

  9. Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That IS incredible!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to be a part of that group!!!!!!!!

  10. Let me give you a little background on the The Ghost Nation site. I think it is founded by the same guy who founded AmerianWomenSuck.com. His forum nom de plum, I recall, was “grunt” and he was a regular poster on the NiceGuy forum about 7 or 8 year ago. I remember when he had a falling out with the guys there and split to start his own forum. Hence the bad taste in his mouth about the MGTOWers. I am just working from memory here.

  11. […] kind of response did that get?  I got accused of (possibly) being an act.  That is typical.  I have been accused of being the guy behind The Ghost Nation blog or one of his yes men, people who among other things hate MGTOW.  […]

  12. Doubt whether this was originally written by a man…seems all the handiwork of a woman (er, -myn)…

    Most commenters have got it right – it IS a scare tactic…

    Just ignore it and keep going your own way – JIIAKGYOW…!!!


  13. That’s the thing about MGTOW… if you want to be a bigot, you’re free to be. If you want to be tolerant, you’re free to be. It’s about going your OWN way, not someone else’s way – especially not whiny little turds like this blog’s author.

  14. Eh, sounds like a typical shaming post, plus some extra crazy thrown in. This guy seems to have his tinfoil hat on a bit too tight. I mean, come on…cybergangs, “evil” tattoos, sodomy, Marxism, black supremists, anti-Semitism? All that’s missing is a segue into “faked moon landings” or “hollow earth” theory! Good for a laugh, but that’s about it.

    The MGTOW movement is all about a guy doing what pleases him, keeps him sane, leads to a better, happier, more fulfilling life. Frankly, it’s one I can relate to on both an intellectual and emotional level, and I support anyone with the ability and determination required to remain free. The level of introspection needed to realize that marriage isn’t necessary for a good life is sadly lacking in most adults. Perhaps if more people lived as *they* desired, rather than succumbing to sheeple media thought, we’d be in a better place by now.

  15. Homophobia is no form of “masculinity” that represents me. Women created, imposed, and still require homophobia of men because they believe that they are the only proper sexual objects of men. Real men do what they want. Weak men grab for the crutch of religion. So no, goodbye!

  16. This comment it to the Author of this article/comment on MGTOW (men going their own way)
    I find it amazing that when someone writes criticism about those in our society who are (in any rational mind) the dregs of the culture– the majority of responses are by those who are the focus of the criticism.
    WHERE are the men that abhor lewd, crude, and rude behavior??
    WHERE are the men that are disgusted with those that think the area of the body with the greatest danger of pathogens, disease and the very things the body can’t use, that must ! be evacuated– is an object of pleasure and focus of attention– namely the anus and the body’s sewer system. How many of those that adore, cherish and are obsessed with sodomy (of men) or anal sex (with women) are hanging around during the day, breaking into at night, and seek to bathe in, drink or take home a doggy-bag from the local Waste Treatment Center—
    [or to stretch the hypothetical to its limit] to suggest any who put siphon pumps down man-holes to gather the filth from the sewer? Where are they?
    Of course even the retarded troglodytes of society KNOW that is INSANE
    Yet of course they see absolutely no connection parallel and understanding that they are putting their prized possession — their manhood –into the most dangerous place imaginable (save perhaps a wood-chipper) and think it will come out safe.
    WOW– to think there are things in life that take months, or years to manifest.
    After 5 years in the litigation surrounding the Scams and Cons and disgusting practice of the breast implant business and the deaths and immunological disaster caused by those — it is clear that just because you’re not immediately hurt– there are many things that are absolutely detrimental and deadly that do not instantly manifest How Bad They Really Are.
    IT IS THE SAME with this topic. And sadly the wholesome, and rationally minded men have abstained from making any comment on this blog/website to this author’s efforts to shine Light into the DARKNESS which is the most vile and selfish that exists in our current society.
    There is nothing admirable, noteworthy, uplifting, or honorable in being someone that seeks to take the virginity of as many women as they can before even the most powerful drugs or implants cannot allow a man to ravage a girl.
    There is nothing humane, or worthy to be called decent — in wanting to engage in putting your manhood into another person’s sewage system — and then having the effrontery of smiling- or bragging that it was anything other than nasty, perverted and just plain EVIL. {yes that terrible word– which the low-life’s would never put on their disgusting behaviors, and their corrupt desires!}
    And for you that commented — and gave either direct or indirect approval of Marxism or Communism-
    I lived in a Socialist country surrounded by a Communist Country– its vile, it is demoralizing. The countries of would-be tyrants (socialists) see and hate the very destination of their ideology — and are too blind to know it.
    There is nothing but ugliness and misery with those that want to subjugate the masses to their insatiable appetite for Power and Tyranny.
    That is Socialism — that is Marxism– that is what the LEFT want, think, and work to have! So to you that blithely approve, applaud or desire such governments, such society– be careful what you wish for—
    KNOW THIS you will Never be the President; Dictator or Tyrant—
    and when you have that around you– with people that are much worse than you—
    WHO you are even afraid of—
    [and when they are in power –
    the ones who are the so-called ‘President’ or Dictator or Tyrant
    THEN you will See and Know a person who Will Terrify You. –
    On that day remember my little comment—
    and see How Great That HORROR is Then!!

    All of you know that being nasty and vile is just that! WAKE UP

    Again to the author– very good.
    Stand up and continue to speak against the Darkness-
    the Brighter the Light– chases the shadows to the center of Darkness—
    and maybe the foolish and broken can then see that Center of Darkness
    and finally see how Terrible Cruel and Horrible it and its current master is –
    and THEN have a change of heart and Seek The Light and its True Master.

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