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When trying to claim NAWALT, it helps to not be a woman who is like that.  Take Kathy who went after me like Alte did with a bunch of crap about my sex life and how I supposedly treat women.  She claims to not be like that because she’s married to “a strong Catholic man”.  What she’s not telling you despite claims of taking her marriage vows seriously is that she’s divorced and that “strong Catholic man” she’s married to is her SECOND husband.  Already Kathy is in violation of her “strong Catholic beliefs”.  What’s really telling about Kathy is how she believes that Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen haven’t done anything wrong except fornication.  (This is not surprising coming from her since she doesn’t think feminism is a problem.)  She missed the part in the Bible where it talks about the sin of bearing false witness.  On top of that Kathy has said that she wants to live in a theocracy.  That would be really stupid on her part since she’s done enough to get thrown in jail by the morality police unless she thinks the morality police will only go after men.  Kathy accuses me of doing what’s convenient but I’m forced to conclude that’s just another example of women projecting.

Kathy’s selective morality doesn’t end there.  She has a history of online stalking (which I guess she doesn’t consider a sin either).  That part of the reason why Kathy is the only person other than Susan Walsh I have had to block from posting comments.  (The other part of the reason was that Kathy was causing trouble here.)  Kathy is like that.

Alte is the same way (except that she hasn’t stalked anyone online as far as I know).  She wasn’t a virgin when she was married. Reformed slut would probably be a better description.  We all know about women who are sluts in their teens and 20s, but then as soon as their looks start fading look for a beta chump they would have ignored earlier to get married to.  There are lots of these women in churches (along with divorced women).  Given that Alte’s husband refers to his time before marriage as “the long drought” I can’t say for sure that “reformed slut marries beta chump” is what happened here but it looks like it.  It’s a reasonable conclusion given that Alte has a very selective morality in this area.  She accuses me of being on the cock carousel and “defiling virgins” which is absurd given that I have never had the opportunity to “defile” a virgin but defends Bavarian men who have actually defiled virgins because it’s “traditional”.  And let’s not forget that these women who were supposedly defiled had nothing to do with what happened.  They would have been virgins if it hadn’t been for evil men like myself who tricked them.  Then there’s Alte’s “prediction” that a lynch mob of “normal guys” are going to come after me for “defiling virgins” (claiming that since those lynch mobs don’t exist it’s evidence that men have turned into “brainwashed wimps”).  Putting aside the absurdity of such a thing why would this lynch mob come after me since I was never involved and not the women who agreed with their “defiling”?  Like Kathy, Alte believes the morality police will only go after and should only go after men.  For someone who talks a lot about “male leadership”, Alte loves to tell men what to do.

Beyond that Alte’s behavior has always been bizarre.  There was the time she claimed Rob drove her off the Spearhead but there was nothing that Rob said that was directed at her.  Or claiming that I secretly defend feminism because it produces available pussy. (Ask the Duke lacrosse guys or Julian Assange about how feminism helped them.)  Or claiming that masturbation and video games are sins which according to the Bible, they aren’t.  Alte also has a habit of claiming one thing one day and the opposite another day.  For example, she claims “Christian patriarchy” is growing where she lives, yet a month ago she claimed such a thing was impossible because traditional marriage requires the support the law.  I could go on and on with examples but it’s clear Alte is like that too.

If a woman defends female behavior and attacks male behavior with no regard for logic or consistency like we have seen here she’s like that.  If a woman tries to get men to be used as cannon fodder for her battles (or complains men are wimps for refusing to be a part of her war) like Alte has then she’s like that.

This all got started because I pointed out that a lot of housewives are domestic divas sitting on their asses all day.  If you’re a housewife who has lots of time to blog all day like Alte, The (Not) Thinking Housewife, Lady Lydia, etc. then you proven my point that such housewives exist.

To end this post let’s look at the words of Laura Grace Robbins, a woman who isn’t like that, about my mommy wars article:

I didn’t get what all the fuss was over the mommy wars article. Dunno, maybe it’s a fear that the men won’t be there to help them fight their battles. Perhaps at the root of it all it comes down to one’s opinion as to whether or not society can be saved or if it is even worth an attempt. I tend to think not.

If men choose the career woman side, they are accused of not wanting to better society and if they choose the SAHM side they are accused of being all that is wrong with society. Who wants to get caught up in that crossfire? It’s being yanked back and forth between two groups of women who don’t really care what the man’s position is, but how they can best use him to accomplish their SAHM or career utopia.

Of course my side on this is obvious from my writings. The key is not getting men involved because this is a fight by women and for women. Women started this division and women can finish it. The SAHM side needs to focus on calling out and rebuking the career woman, rather than getting angry at men if they don’t want to get involved. As much as we may disagree with career women, it is women, my sex, that pinned fellow women against each other.

  7 Responses to “They Are Like That”

  1. What a couple of no good whores. I bet real money they both were big time sluts before getting married. In my experience the women who talk the most about the evils of sex were the biggest sluts when they were younger. Then they become supervirgins when they need to get married. Sounds like these whores.

  2. How’s the three way coming along?

  3. How the fuck is it that you didn’t loose your virginity until age 31? You’ll never convince me in a million years that you had some kind of miraculous conversion, the only option is that your former incel status was mostly self imposed. As far as I can see its simply impossible for anybody to undergo such a dramatic transformation from looser virgin to rock solid alpha. The only explanation is that you were an alpha all along and just didn’t realise it and the responsibility for your own “the long draught” rests squarley on your shoulders and nobody elses. A Threesome…….don’t you even dream of denying the fact that as of this moment you are officially designated an ALPHA MALE! As a 22 year old incel I know I could with another ten years of virginity standing on my head with a permanent shit eating grin on my face if I knew I’d be as succesful as you. I’d like to say your an inspiration to incels everywhere but that’s bullshit, your a godamn fluke. I can only stand back in sheer awe of your accomplishments.

    • Finally someone else noticed. Idk what’s going on but PMAFT’s story simply is too good to be true. Something else is going on. Idk what that is but his story can’t be true as is. It’s impossible.

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