Jan 202011

I got this piece of hate email from “Betty”.  It references my most recent Spearhead post and my most recent post on the blog.

I found your blog and wanted to talk to you about it.  Have you considered how your behavior is demeaning to women?  You must think you have a great life just like Don Draper.  You wear expensive suits every day and get paid more than you should.  Your only problem is that you want to keep a wife at home and prevent her from working while you play with your mistresses.  You don’t want your wife or your mistresses to be able to work so they are dependent on you.  At least Don Draper kept his wife and mistresses separate.  You would make your wife have threesomes with your mistresses as you’re about to do with your girlfriend.  You’re worse than Don Draper.

I have got news for you, Mr. misogynist sexual degenerate.  I’m a feminist and I have my own job.  I earn my own money so I won’t be forced to live off the largess of the likes of you as a housewife or a mistress.  I know you secretly support making women into housewives.  You can’t stand career women because we are feminists who don’t need you.  The economy is turning more female so you will have no women sooner or later.

I love how I have gone from “loser virgin” to impure or “worse than Don Draper”.  When it comes to dealing with women, you as a man are always wrong.  You can’t please them so you should only try to please yourself.  I noticed how she believed presumably from my Mommy Wars Spearhead post that I wanted to force women into being housewives despite me going after both sides of the mommy wars argument.  “Betty” is guilty of binary thinking.  Since both sides in the mommy wars argument are absurd, historically inaccurate, based on false premises that don’t reflect reality, a waste of time and a trap for men, and something that will never produce anti-feminist results, this translates to supporting whatever she’s against.  In “Betty’s” case this means being for housewives but against “working” women.  “Betty” can’t see the existence of ideas that don’t fit into her binary thinking of women at work or women at home.  She tries to shoehorn my ideas into her binary thinking which means she ends up believing I’m pro-housewife but anti-“working” woman.  She either is incapable or does not want to understand what I said.

Alte did the exact same thing “Betty” did except from the opposite direction. Alte used the exact same binary thinking but because she’s a housewife and not a “working” woman so Alte thinks I support career women but am against housewives.  Like “Betty” Alte is either incapable or refuses to understand what I said.  It’s no surprise that both sides of the mommy wars argument would interpret my words in such similar ways.  Either you’re with them or against them which means you’re against their enemy or with their enemy.  Both sides treat not being in total agreement as an excuse to claim I’m a “sexual degenerate” which shows how deep both “Betty” and Alte are into binary thinking because they fear and don’t understand male sexuality outside of mommy wars argument.

If you want see how bad binary thinking can be, just read any of Thordaddy’s gibberish about “supremacy”.  If you dare to disagree with him at all you’re in a state of “anti-supremacy” while anyone with at least an IQ of 20 will be thinking (correctly) that his “supremacy vs. anti-supremacy” gibberish makes no sense.  His gibberish has nothing to do with the real world.  The mommy wars arguments have a similar problem but not to the same degree as Thordaddy because Thordaddy is most likely clinically insane.

Speaking of the sexual degeneracy I was accused of, I loved this bit from Alte:

You think PMAFT is against feminism? He loves feminism because it supplies him with an unending supply of cheap pussy! He’s a hypocrite to even complain about it because he wouldn’t end feminism even if he could. He just wants to tweak it a bit, so that it’s even more convenient for him…He wants even more cheap pussy, and fewer consequences for pumping-and-dumping his way through the female population.

SHIT!  I can’t believe I was caught.  All this time I spent arguing against sexual harassment law, the false rape industry, paternity fraud, big government feminist programs, etc., pissing off hundreds of women by pointing out feminist degeneracy in science fiction causing hundreds of women to tell me that I have a small dick, supporting initiatives like URLs @ Urinals and so on was really a cover to hide my feminism.  Months, no years of work ruined dammit!

Seriously, can anyone explain to me how feminism produces “cheap pussy”?  I would think that convincing women that “all heterosexual sex is rape” and causing them to believe other feminist bullshit would actually reduce the supply of cheap pussy.  Every woman I have ever banged believed that she’s not a feminist so obviously I didn’t get cheap pussy on the basis of feminism.  If I got “cheap pussy” (and how do we determine that pussy is “cheap”?  It’s not traded on the commodities market.) it would seem that if anything it’s a result of women trying to get their claws into me (or into my wallet) now that I can access women of the age who are in find a beta chump to marry mode.

Alte provided so much material to rip apart.  Unfortunately, I will only have time to write another post or two about it.  I don’t have the time to cover it all because I don’t have the time to blog all day.  I have a job.

  12 Responses to “Haters: I’m Don Draper But Worse”

  1. “Seriously, can anyone explain to me how feminism produces “cheap pussy”?”

    I wanted to say something but “you as a man are always wrong. ”

    “and how do we determine that pussy is “cheap”?”

    unless you are giving a diamond and a marriage proposal in return…

    • I have suspected that what Alte, Kathy, and the rest of them are really pissed about is that women are running out of a supply of beta chumps to lock into marriage. Men increasingly know the score and women aren’t worth a diamond ring and marriage proposal. Notice Alte’s selective outrage against me. Where is her outrage for Roissy or Roosh? She has none for them because unlike me they’re not interfering with women’s plans for marriage. I am so I get the outrage even though I have never had the opportunity to “defile virgins”.

  2. One of the effects of feminism has been a huge increase in the availability of sex and sex without committment. This is especially true for Alphas. At least, this is a common theme for Roissy and I can’t refute his logic. Prior to feminism, those girls were tied up in virginity or marriage.

    • Sexual mores can change without feminism. There have been plenty of cases of that throughout history.

      Both feminists and socons like to believe that premarital sex didn’t happen before 1960 or so. The truth is different.

  3. I don’t always agree with you and I don’t know about the threesome thing but what is Alte’s malfunction? Your sex life isn’t responsible for the death of marriage. Remember Roissy’s maxim #22. You have to make marriage an attractive alternative to men if you want the institution to survive. Alte is pissed that MRAs are pointing out the facts that marriage is dangerous to a man’s assets, children, and freedom. Instead of fixing the problems with marriage she scapegoats you.

  4. Um… would that be the same Alte who wrote this?

    “But it is even worse than that. They (social conservatives) are imploring men to obey rules without insisting that women obey equal but different rules. The husband’s role is still enforced by law, even for men who are not married! The wife’s role is a purely optional one, that can be discarded whenever it grows inconvenient. I think most men wouldn’t mind carrying the legal burden, if their wives reciprocated by relinquishing their legal freedoms. …

    “In other words, I don’t think men would evade “manning up” if their women were required to “woman up” in return. Men are not generally afraid of sacrifice, they reject pointless sacrifice. We need reform, not just at a personal level, but at a societal and legal level, as well. Traditional marriage requires the support of traditional law. Repeal: VAWA and all domestic violence legislation, female suffrage, reform rape laws, alimony, child support for the unmarried, prohibit women from the military, family court, remove all affirmative action for women, etc.”

    So on the one hand, Alte seems to acknowledge that Marriage 2.0 is a bad deal for men. And yet… she thinks you’re evil, because you’re able to get sex and have relationships with women outside of Marriage 2.0.

    • Retrenched, Alte (and Kathy) are worse than you think. Alte for all of her moralizing had sex with lots of guys before she was married. Then she switched to moralizing married woman as soon as it was convenient. She claimed before that its impossible to have traditional marriage because society and the law do not support it. Now she’s claiming it’s all the fault of men refusing to be “Christian patriarchs” whatever the hell that is. Not only did she have sex with multiple guys outside of marriage not that long ago but she defended Bavarians having premarital sex to the point of calling it “traditional” at Oz Conservative. Then she attacks me for premarital sex as well as Ferdinand and Roissy. Premarital sex is okay if Bavarians do it but not the three of us. Alte never has a consistent position on anything. It’s attack whoever has pissed her off in her deluded mind.

      Kathy is no paragon of morality either. She claims to be married to a “good strong man” but in reality she’s married to her second husband. Yes, Kathy is divorced. So much for obeying Catholic Church teachings on divorce. Despite this she has admitted she wants a theocracy. As an aside, I have had to send all of Kathy’s new comments here into the moderation queue because she was causing so much trouble and attacking people for no reason. The only other person I have had to do that to in the history of this blog is Susan Walsh. Kathy also has a history of online stalking and harassment. The people she stalked can tell you about that if they choose. Like Alte, Kathy has no authority to comment on sexual morality much less other aspects of morality.

      • “Alte for all of her moralizing had sex with lots of guys before she was married. ”

        hey hey pal, next you will be saying that ex drug addicts shouldn’t be trying to wean off other addicts..
        on cue, the masturbation post from FB

        “Not only did she have sex with multiple guys outside of marriage not that long ago but she defended Bavarians having premarital sex to the point of calling it “traditional” at Oz Conservative.”

        haha wow, and didn’t rob chase her out of spearhead?

        • In Alte’s case that would be an ex-drug addict who claims not to be an ex-drug addict deleting blogs to hide the fact that she was an ex-drug addict.

          Alte claims that Rob chased her away from the Spearhead but I saw the link where Alte claimed that happened and I couldn’t figure out what Rob supposedly did that pissed her off. She has a long time habit of making shit up when she wants to get angry at someone.

  5. can anyone explain to me how feminism produces “cheap pussy”?

    Cheap in quality – not price – that is how.

  6. Your post asked a lot of questions. I only have ONE. Are women capable of analyzing ANYTHING without making reference to low-quality prime time television shows about interpersonal drama,i.e. chick porn? Seriously, imagine a dude who was always saying shit like “O…M…G… You know who you’re acting like? You’re acting just like Rodrigo the Gardener from Hardcore Ass Gapers 4!”

    That’s what these bitches sound like to me. Intelligence-wise,they are even below the guys who talk about nothing but NASCAR and don’t understand anything you say unless you walk it through Bubba-ese for them.At least those dudes can probably change a tire in under 2 minutes. Shallow, puerile,feeble-minded cunts.

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