Dec 152010

I was thinking about my last post and what causes my haters to say such things about me.  Putting the conspiracy theorists aside since they hate me for separate reasons, there are three things I came up with.  First, they’re afraid of authentic male sexuality.  Second, I’m not neutered.  That may not explain all my non-conspiracy theorist haters but it does explain the Gaping Hole Gang and Susan Walsh.

Take a look at what Ferdinand had to say about Escapistart comparing me to a serial killer:

See Escapist’s comments about you. Only someone with a serious learning disability would compare you to a serial killer, considering that you’ve only expressed normal sexual desires for men (wanting a threesome, wanting to pork other girls, not wanting to get married).

Ferdinand is correct.  I have normal male sexual desires.  Escapistart and Susan Walsh can’t deal with that.  They can’t deal with authentic male sexuality.  That’s why Escapistart compared me to a serial killer, and Susan Walsh called my behavior disgusting.  I also express my desires like a man.  Susan Walsh loves Obama and his relationship with Michelle. Perhaps that is because Obama is a mangina and has been effectively neutered as a man by Michelle.  What else can you say about a man who runs away from a press conference and his job as President of the United States so Michelle won’t be mad?  He’s the President of the United States but still under his wife’s thumb.  I’m sure this is what Susan Walsh wants from men.  However, there is no authentic masculinity in such a man.

The third reason and possibly the most important is that I’m the bear from Dalrock’s bear and salmon analogy.  The salmon (at least the ones vaguely aware of it like Susan Walsh and the Gaping Hole Gang) are pissed that they can’t catch me.  I know exactly where the Salmon are, how to catch them, and I am free.

Take a look at the picture to the left.  (It’s a picture of a kermode or spirit bear.  I picked it out because it’s a rare form of black bear with white fur.  It seemed appropriate to pick the most alien looking bear with all of the reptile alien jokes around here.)  Notice how the bear has a salmon in its mouth, but the bear is looking for more.  It can get more salmon without trouble.  The bear is an efficient salmon hunting and eating machine.  It fits Dalrock’s analogy well.

Susan Walsh and the Gaping Hole Gang are pissed that some woman won’t be able to entrap me as a beta provider for her.  Snark pointed out how surprising it is that I get so much abuse since I’m mild compared to a lot of MRAs and don’t do much wrong. The reason why I attract such abuse (conspiracy theorists aside) is because I’m the bear.  I represent a real threat to what women want.  This is why they hate me.  I’m not the only one either.  Over at Dalrock’s blog, Marcos got a lot of abuse for similar reasons. It’s not unique to me.

  44 Responses to “I Am The Bear (Alien)”

  1. Just to regulate male sexuality, women will even emasculate their own sons.

  2. It’s good you finally decided to “come out of the spaceship “. I’ve been out for years. You’d be surprised, Klaxrurx (I hope it’s ok to address you by your Illuminati name here),how many of these foolish hairless primates simply refuse to believe you’re a reptilian alien when you tell them to their face about it.

    Anyway, keep up the good work abusing the earth women, we’re really close to creating that reptilian-human hybrid, I’d say about 50 more serial killer-style rapes with the old lizard dick ought to do it. I’ll see you at the inner circle barbecue next week,we’re having cold slaw and teriyaki human jerky.

    Oh, please keep a close watch over those photographs of the REAL pre-doctored lunar landing and the dossiers that prove the Holocaust is a Zionist conspiracy,wouldn’t want those falling into the hands of our detractors.They’re already onto us.

  3. I like that bear analogy. I’ve watched the brown bears scooping salmon out of the Chilkoot river up in Alaska, and it looked like a good life.

    Here’s a sign on the road just downriver from where I watched them:

    Bear Zone

    BTW, I call my son my “bear cub.” He does love his salmon and berries.

  4. As one of “the salmon” I have to say I’m tired of being eaten by you “bears”. I bet you think you’re a nice guy. You’re not. You’re an asshole who uses men for sex just like my ex boyfriend who is exactly like you.

    • Illuminatis also use men for sex ? They truly are cold-blooded, almost like a reptile, oh wait …

    • No, I’m betting jackals are more to your taste.

      Seriously…who even remotely cares whether or not someone else finds some guy “nice” or not. The only gripe here is that PMAFT can play the game better and faster than any woman; and by game, I mean the what-can-I-get-for-free game which up until the twenty-first century, was exclusively the province of women.

      If that’s not levelling the playing field, I don’t know what is.

  5. Actually, if PMAFT were a “nice guy” women would be LJBFing him, not sleeping with him. So yeah, given his success with Sabrina, he’s probably not that “nice”.

    If women really wanted “nice” guys, they could have them tomorrow. All they would have to do is sleep with the “nice guys”, while shunning the “assholes”. But they will never do this, because “nice guys” simply don’t turn them on the way “assholes” do.

    BTW.. I’m not being judgmental here. Hating a woman for liking “assholes” is like hating a man for liking big breasts. It’s not right or wrong. It’s not fair or unfair. It’s not good or bad. It just IS.

  6. When women complain about ‘bears’ they’re just exposing their own slag nature.

    The women we’re talking about have had more cock than Davy Crockett’s rifle but now some ‘bear’ sleeping with them is a crime against humanity? Hey, when Tattoo Le Freak hit them and quits, why, that was just part of his roguish alpha charm.

    Nope, they don’t object to being used, they just object to some beta doing it. They really think guys like PMAFT should buy them a castle just to get what half the school team got for free when it was fresh.

  7. I don’t go after obvious jerks. I go after nice guys or guys that I think are nice. I’m a good woman but guys like PMAFT are lying jerks. Why won’t you hold him accountable for it? He’s just like my exboyfriend down to every aspect of his personality. I haven’t been able to get together with another man because of what my ex did to me.

    • Cool.

    • Because most of us admire and congratulate him on his transformation with women.

      Accountable for what? Having consensual sex and relationships on terms that please him? Get real.

      Feminists and by now women generally sure insist on the right of women to have sex and relationships on terms that please them.

  8. PMAFT is not accountable to anyone on this, or any other message board. Just as none of us are accountable to each other. It really is that simple.

    As far as your ability or lack thereof to be with another man, that again is not anyone else’s problem but your own. Men are not in the business of convincing you or anyone else with a chip on her shoulder that we are worthwhile people, with reasonable wants and goals. Those come first and always will, regardless of our relationship status.

    The days of men bending over backwards to “win” the girl are rapidly coming to a close. We haven’t a thing to prove to anyone but ourselves. Women are not the grand prize they believe themselves to be.

  9. Being hated is the best. Who needs friends when you can make enemies?

    More seriously though, it is kind of strange you attract all that hate. I kind of agree with Snark’s musings about it.

    (Off topic: Thanks for the link to my blog! Although, the one you’ve linked to is dead. My active one is here.)

  10. Re: PMAFT and Sabrina…

    You ladies want to shame men into commitment and marriage, without being obligated to uphold your end of the deal? Fine.

    You want to have the ability to cash out of marriage, go “EatPrayLove”, and take the kids and a big chunk of your ex-husband’s income with you? Fine.

    You want a misandrist family court system that, regardless of the evidence, will always rule in your favor (unless you’re a meth junkie)? Fine.

    You want children to be exclusively your property? You want the power to take them from their fathers on a whim and move a thousand miles away, with the full backing of the judges and the police? Fine.

    You want to sit back and say nothing when other women, empowered by the court system, destroy “nice guys” in divorce? Fine.

    BUT. The price of that deal will be a growing number of men like PMAFT, who will never seriously invest in women — and see no good reason to — given the reality on the ground that men must deal with in the 21st century West.

    Everything has a price, ladies.

    So… is it worth it?

  11. So since PMAFT is completely unaccountable to anyone he gets to abuse women psychologically?

  12. considering that you’ve only expressed normal sexual desires for men

    So you’re bi? I really thought you were str8 all this time .

    • No. What FB meant was normal sexual desires that are the same as a typical man not a sexual desire to bang men.

      Everyone else was clear on the concept.

    • Ha ha ha.. Chic!

      Guess you’d be packing up the fishing gear and heading off home, after landing that big one. 😉

      • Homophobia, a woman’s best friend.

        Seriously, who even cares if PMAFT was bi? I wouldn’t. Why do you think it’s such a bad thing? Do you laugh when gay men get killed? Do you go on Westboro Baptist Church demos? Where does the hate come from, ladies?

        • snark, when have I ever mistreated a gay male in these parts for god’s sake. I was just making an observation aloud and trying to get a better mental picture of who pmaft is ok.

  13. Oh come on Snark,.. Of course Chic knows PMAFT is straight.. It was a joke. She has been reading this blog long enough to know that.

    She was just having a bit of fun with the ambiguous wording of that sentence. (It was never meant to convey the meaning that it did, I know ) I even had a laugh myself when I first read that sentence.

    Hey, I thought you poms had a sense of humour 😉

    • Actually it wasn’t ambiguous at all. All it revealed was that either CN has a problem with the English language or is still pissed that I’m no longer a virgin.

      • The sentence WAS poorly constructed, and that is why Chic had a bit of fun with it… We all knew what was meant by that sentence..

        That’s why I in turn had a bit of fun saying that Chic had landed the big one.. She threw out the bait and got a couple of bites. Lol.

        Hey it’s Christmas, time for good cheer and all that stuff.

        Have a Good one you guys :)

      • yea, I’m still a little mad that you’re not pure any more but I’m mostly over it.

        CN has a problem with the English language
        and part of this too

    • “Hey, I thought you poms had a sense of humour”

      lol, do I KNOW you?

      • You are missing an opportuntiy to laud it over us Aussies after our inept batting performance, yesterday, Snark..

        Looks like you poms will be retaining the ashes.. Making it a hat trick! Sigh… Credit where credit is due, though..

  14. […] Chic Noir wrote: yea, I’m still a little mad that you’re not pure any more but I’m mostly over it. […]

  15. Susan Walsh’s central focus is on getting most college girls to stop hooking up, but instead take it a lot slower and date guys who are beta or higher beta, or at least act and have expectations like them. (A lesser alpha who’s willing to seriously commit before having sex is ok too, if she can find one that interested in her).

    In complementary fashion she’s into shaming guys away from being players, but has I think given up on confirmed PUA’s / players who actually meet with lots of success. So that leaves as her main target to shame former betas or those going in the alpha/player direction. She wants to shame them back into beta behaviors, at least with respect to being willing to give love and commitment before getting sex, and also being a considerate, appreciative and supportive boyfriend. She also wants as high a percentage of men as possible to have a wanting to get married mindset.

    So that means guys like you, who only emerged from virgin status a little over a year ago, but who have since developed considerable success with getting girls since, and also who have developed a real aloof, being in clear control, what’s in it for me mindset in relationships, are who really disturb her. She knows there are always going to be some players. That you’ve firmly decided not to get married, and to drop any relationship where the girls pushes to hard for it, ain’t helping you with her and those of her mindset either.

    BTW, I’d suggest not dropping a girl who wants to push for marriage for that reason alone, if she’s otherwise doing it for you, but rather tell her how risky it is for men, far more than for women, with details. Then refuse to keep talking about it. I wouldn’t say you’ve absolutely decided to not get married, but rather that your strongly inclined against it. Seems so one sided against men these days, what with feminist “progress” in divorce laws.

    • You are right about Susan Walsh. I would summarize her shtick as telling women to spend a little less time on the alpha cock carousel because they won’t be able to snare a beta for the long term since too many men are figuring out what women are doing. What’s the most dangerous man to someone like Susan Walsh? It isn’t the player/PUAs/men who do nothing but one night stands. It’s the man who engages in LTRs but avoids marriage. I deprive women of marrying a chump and cause them to lose time because they think they’re getting their claws into me but end up without me causing them to lose valuable time in finding a chump.

      I realized this idea when I read this comment and I realized from what that guy had said that he has been saying the same thing as Susan Walsh effectively despite being a traditionalist. He gives women a pass when it comes to slutting it up and divorce but attacks men for failing to “man up” because men are figuring out that getting married to these women is a legal and psychological minefield. What does he attack me for? “Deception” but the link he uses documents how my women at the time were trying to deceive me (poorly) and considering when I should dump a woman. He must think only women have the right to dump men and not the other way around. If I dump a woman, it means I have committed a grave sin against a woman as far as he’s concerned. Why? Because I denied a woman a beta chump.

  16. “He gives women a pass when it comes to slutting it up and divorce but attacks men for failing to “man up” because men are figuring out that getting married to these women is a legal and psychological minefield.”

    No PMAFT, you are misrepresenting what Mark Richards has said. He has on many occasions said that a man SHOULD NOT marry a slut!

    It is much different here in Oz… Women STILL do respect their men…A man can still find a decent woman to marry. In the unfortunate event of divorce.. we have shared parenting laws.. Unlike America.

    The marriage rate has also been steadily rising here, since 2001, unlike America where marriages are declining..

    Mark Richards (from reading what he has written) appears to be a good decent husband and family man.. He has always advocated marriage, but only to women who are suitable long term partners.

    He has said that he is aware of women who do not meet the criteria for a suitable wife.. He has also said that he has met women who would make suitable wives too.

    In my own experience, I know of a few single women who would make good wives….I am also aware that there are women out there who would not fit the bill.

    I just do not move in those (feminist) circles.. I’m a married stay at home Mom with kids and don’t go out that much.. So I am not personally acquainted with any of those kinds of women..

    • Apologies. His name is Mark Richardson not Richards..

    • Actually Mark has told men to marry sluts. He just doesn’t believe the women in question are sluts when they really are. Just because he sticks his fingers in his ears and goes, “la la la” doesn’t change the reality on the ground for (young) men.

      Mark’s only complaint about female behavior is that they’re waiting to get married, and the only reason he’s concerned about that is because it means less babies. He really isn’t interested in stopping what women are doing as long as babies get born like most socons. Otherwise he blames everything women do on men with his “man up” nonsense.

      • “Actually Mark has told men to marry sluts. He just doesn’t believe the women in question are sluts when they really are”

        I don’t think that you can make that judgement PMAFT. Mark has had dealings with Australian women, you with American women..

        The birth rate along with the marriage rate is rising in Australia.
        Obviously the situation is not as bad in Oz as it is in America..

        What Mark Richardson says or does not say will not alter the facts.

        He is just a blogger amongst the 50 million plus other bloggers in the world expressing an opinion..

        Bloggers don’t usually effect change in this world. 😉

        As the old saying goes. Actions speak louder than words.

  17. I’m suspicious because this looks an awful lot like a false flag.

  18. This comment has been popping up over at In Mala Fide, too.

  19. I’ve seen it over at Omega’s place too.

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