Dec 012010

It’s been a while since I got some good hate email.  I received this email from “Arthur”.

Why do you want to have a threesome?  Is it just an excuse to cheat on your girlfriend and trick her into accepting it?  You shouldn’t even be having sex before you’re married.  You are a very depraved individual.  Women are human beings not your sex toys.  Put down the massive amounts of porn you consume and get some help with your sexual obsessions.

Why do you brag about your sexual depravity on a blog?  I thought about this and realized it’s because you’re demonic.  You don’t have a demonic spirit in you.  You’re worse because you are the anti-christ.  You are trying to lead millions of men away from the path of sexual purity and divinely ordained marriage.  You are trying to trick them into a hell of infinite amounts of porn and promises of interactive porn with your obsession with technology.  It’s clear that you hate children and want to lead men away from their divine duties as fathers.

Your attempt to replace our Christian culture with a pagan culture of phallic worship will fail.  Real men are standing up to you, Mr. Anti-Christ.  I am married.  I am going to have kids.  Take that Mr. Anti-Christ.

I have never been called the anti-christ before.  How did this guy figure out my secret plan to lead all you guys away from marriage and kids?  I guess I’m going to have to shut down the cum dumpster servant girl factory.  (Just kidding.  You guys will get your cum dumpster servant girls.)

While this email was pretty extreme in its language, it’s the standard attack on mens rights for leading men away from marriage while ignoring how marriage has become marriage 2.0.  It blames men for protecting themselves rather than figuring out what has really happened.  It includes a massive attack on male sexuality particularly with his comment about a “culture of phallic worship”.  This is no surprise since as we have seen before there is an undercurrent of hatred of male sexuality in conspiratorial thinking.  Related to that this hate email wouldn’t be complete without attacking me for sexual depravity.  That is a theme that as come up before as I have been accused of being a “sexual deviant” and “sexually degrading women in a filthy way”.

I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about these “real men” stopping me.  What are they going to do?  Send me more emails?

  8 Responses to “Haters: I’m The Anti-Christ”

  1. I knew it. The anti-christ had to be a reptile alien!

  2. You get the best haters I have ever seen.

    • Had this been a comment, I’d have thought it a joke, from a troll. However, since it was an email and intended only for your attention (maybe), it’s possible someone really thinks this way.

      Also, like you really care if someone is getting married and having children. How about you wait outside the court house after “arthur”‘s inevitable man-screwing divorce and tell him “take THAT, mr. arthur!”.


  3. I’m getting really tired of Pagans getting such a bad rap.

    • To be fair,some Pagans deserve a bad rap. I hate Wiccans and I’m Pagan myself. Wiccans are responsible for all the pop-culture witchcraft shit that has complete morons degrading our religion by association.

      I’d rather have 50 devil-worshiping cannibal Satanists standing beside me than one Wiccan because the Satanists at least know how to formulate their religious beliefs philosophically,whereas the Wiccans are just airheaded loons who pray to dragons and fairies and give themselves Celtic names whose origins they’re unfamiliar with.

      They make Paganism look like a fad and commercialize it with their stupid kitschy bullshit.

      Really,if you want to help restore the good name of Paganism, join me in suppressing the Wiccans and fools, return the main body of ritual formulae to the mystery traditions they originally came from and spread the word to every Pagan you meet that it’s time to put an end to the commercialization of Paganism. The public,especially the christian proletariat who use “pagan” as a slur, has never seen the lofty face of the paganism of Aristotle or Plato,beside which even the European Christians look barbaric in comparison.

      I am trying, believe me, very very hard to get my brethren on the bandwagon. If we don’t put a lid on the imbeciles ASAP pagans won’t need Heinrich Kramer to make them look bad.

      If you want to stop the perpetual bashing of Pagans educate them through the mystery school method, swear them to abject secrecy, and force them to THOROUGHLY investigate any outward symbolism they are manifesting,so that the idiots can move beyond merlin statues and life-sized cutouts of “Gandalf the Grey” or “Dumbledore” into the more scholarly eidolons of the philosophers and the animistic theology of our venerated saints.

  4. This is really funny. I say you construct a new profile page featuring all of the secret info your haters know about you.

    I was once called the “anti-feminist anti-christ” to my face by a feminist in college. Guess that means I’m in good company!

  5. I agree with Snark, and I am jealous.

    All I get are some real empty-headed bimbos that call me a piece of shit or a turd, or a dork.

    I never get insults that are as loony and yet strangely imaginative as this one.

    P.S. Thanks for not canceling those cum-dumpster girls.

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