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There’s some excellent material in the hater category today.  (And thanks to the person who emailed this to me since I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.)   This is some of the best hater material ever.

There’s this woman who goes by Escapist, and her blog is here.  If you are unable to figure out what she’s trying to say, you are by far not the only person with this problem.  She also has this alternate account and blog called Sexy Pterodactyl.  Don’t ask me to explain that either.  She posted this at HookingUpSmart, Susan Walsh’s blog (full comment included for context):

Aunt Enid (aka Susan Walsh), I have a question for you? If you care about girls having good dating experiences, why do you specifically (and tacitcly) support stuff like the following? Perhaps its that women are inherently worthless/class enemies once they’re past say age 27?


Surely the manosphere (MRA PUAs, or even the “nice happily-married ones like Dalrock”) is not about belligerence, just justice/righting wrongs? Au contraire. Consider this post and the associated comments at Dalrock……
…celebrating guys that put up a nice front (including via Internet dating, and including showing marriage interest), but are actually purposely “using”/taking up the time of the women they are dating (they target women in their late 20s and 30s) – as revenge for the crime of said women (not necessarily even the specific women in question, but their age group) not dating them when they were younger.

Consider also the nice nerdy “Pro-Male Anti-Feminist Tech” blogger whose attitude towards his girlfriend Sabrina is basically that of a serial killer observing a specimen for how best to prey. He’s trying to figure out how/when to dump her to avoid having to be nice at holidays, meet her family and such – but to still get Sexytime/a threesome (not so much for enjoyment, but because that way he “wins”) and the associated ego-feed goodies in the meantime. Aunt Enid (ahem, Susan Walsh of Hooking Up Smart) and the like duly submissive-helpmeet-squadron him in his comments section.

Serial killer?  At least she’s admitting that serial killers are popular with women and not like this guy.  What is the serial killer argument she’s using?  It’s just like this woman who commented her a while ago how I was being “controlling” with Sabrina but if/when Sabrina tries to do the same thing it’s a “feminist relationship”. Women prey on men all the time but when a man just has a real backbone that’s “preying on women”.

I don’t think Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl really read my blog.  Where is this “submissive helpmeet squadron” in my comments section?  Provide some links, or it doesn’t exist.  How am I avoiding meeting Sabrina’s family when I have already done that?  And what’s wrong with threesomes?  If they weren’t enjoyable why would anyone do them?

While the “serial killer” bit is new, none of what Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl says is new.  I have been accused of “preying on women” before which is a common enough use of anti-male shaming language that I gave it its own color, Code Magenta. I have been accused of sexual depravity, of being a sexual deviant and sexually degrading women in a filthy way, treating women like cum dumpsters, having a large dick and using it to hurt women, etc.  You see elements of all that in what Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl says.  It should surprise no one that the same silly arguments/shaming language are coming up over and over again.  A year and a half ago they would have just used code purple shaming language of how I’m just pissed I can’t get laid.  Since they can’t use that anymore, I get this.  No matter what I do outside of chopping off my balls or becoming like David Alexander I will always get one form of shaming language or another from women like Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl.  If one form of shaming language stops working, they just move on to another one.

The only things that Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl missed were calling me a reptile alien in charge of the Illuminati and a global depopulation agenda and having a small dick.  Maybe she did but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the gibberish that is her blog.

Also, let’s not forget why I can’t (or won’t) do a standard progression of relationship to engagement to marriage with a woman.  It’s because of the corrupt anti-male divorce system.  Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl won’t admit that exists so I get attacked for being like a “serial killer”.

Susan Walsh had a response to this:

He and I have never been on speaking terms, and I banned him from this blog a long time ago. I do not read his blog, so I’m not sure why you claim I’ve commented there. I actually went over and read the posts you mention, and I’ll go on record as saying that he disgusts me. I do not support him or his tactics, either blatantly or tacitly.
Or are you calling me out because Ferdinand links to me and links to him at the same time? Do you really believe that I am responsible for the company Ferdinand keeps?

I disgust Susan Walsh?  That means I must be doing something right.  This is also an example of code beige shaming language, the charge of some sort of non-specific “shameful behavior”.

What tactics am I using?  Ones to avoid entrapment.  That’s it.  Why do I only stay with women so long?  Because I’m avoiding marriage or more accurately, I’m avoiding the corrupt anti-male divorce system.  I am also doing things to avoid being entrapped in the anti-male child support system (with an “oops” pregnancy), etc.  This is what really drives haters like these two.  I’m successfully avoiding women getting their claws into me and my bank accounts.  They can’t stand a man that is free, and I am free.  This is not the first time I have been attacked for this.  It’s happened before because like with the rest of this it’s nothing new.

Ferdinand, you need to work a lot harder at generating some haters.  It’s pretty bad when you have to rely on your association with someone for generating haters.

The last thing I have to say about this is knowing that Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl is so mortified at the prospect of having a threesome makes me want to have a threesome with Sabrina and her best friend even more.  I’m sure that last sentence will drive Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl even more crazy if that’s possible.

  18 Responses to “Haters: Escapist And Once Again Susan Walsh”

  1. People keep describing you as filthy and disgusting for good reason. You are filthy and disgusting when it comes to relationships.

    We need to find Sabrina and free her.

  2. She attacked you but turns around and admits she doesn’t read the blog? Well if that doesn’t earn a fat /ignore I don’t know what does.

  3. I’m convinced that all of the women in the Gaping Hole Gang (my new name for LR and her associates, like Escapist) have some sort of mental illness that keeps them from processing information correctly – Asperger’s, severe autism or something. It manifests itself as an extreme gullibility and inability to detect nuance or sarcasm in anyone’s online writing.

    See Escapist’s comments about you. Only someone with a serious learning disability would compare you to a serial killer, considering that you’ve only expressed normal sexual desires for men (wanting a threesome, wanting to pork other girls, not wanting to get married).

    Also, a while back, I posted a picture of a fat guy dressed up as Mystery claiming it was me:

    Someone told me that an LR poster linked to it over there and ALL of them thought it really was me, including Escapist, despite the fact that:

    a) ten seconds of Googling would have found them the source of the picture
    b) I mentioned in the post that the picture was originally procured by a white nationalist blogger who has never met me in real life, doesn’t know my RL identity, and thus has no clue what I look like

    It’s either that or they’re trying to libel us in an Goebbels-esque way (tell a lie often enough and people would believe it), but that would be giving them far too much credit.

    Ferdinand, you need to work a lot harder at generating some haters. It’s pretty bad when you have to rely on your association with someone for generating haters.

    True dat. I’m thinking of expanding my Julian Assange coverage into a trolling operation on feminist blogs, but I’m pressed for time at the moment.

    And besides, have you read her blogs? Escapist mentions me, along with Roissy, in nearly every post she makes. She has a creepy, stalker-like obsession with me. If it weren’t for the fact that her overwrought, ADD-riddled writing style limits her influence to her fellow Gaping Hole Gang sycophants, I’d encourage you to ignore her.

  4. What bothers me about these chicks is they simply refuse to acknowledge that the way you treat Sabrina is how women like to be treated, and they’re attracted to you because of your aloof, inconsiderate attitude, not in spite of it. Even if your only desire was to please Sabrina (certaintly not suggesting it should be), in order to keep her excited and happy you’d still have to treat her the exact the same way. Take away the divorce/child support racket and you’d still have to treat women like “cum dumpsters” in order for them to pay the slightest bit of attention to you.

    I want you to really take this message in Kara, because most men would rather have I would they could trust their women and not have to “game” them constantly, men like PMAFT are only adapting in order to satisfy the needs of women. That’s it. I know you will not admit that you wish you had a man that treated you like PMAFT treats Sabrina, I wish women were not this way, I wish your blue pill bullshit was the truth.

  5. Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech says:
    Gaping Hole Gang, that describes them perfectly.

    If anyone’s interested, I’ve been debating some members of the gang over at ttp://’s-behind-door-3-a-new-old-role-for-women-in-libertarian-conservative-feminism/#comment-954. Roissy in particular makes their panties moist, but they don’t want to admit it.

    I doubt it’s Aspergers or autism. That would require masculine thinking that they clearly do not possess.

    I agree. Their problem is their inability to “stand back” and analyze anything in a way that’s separate from their own emotions.

  6. Man, you crack me up.

    Well, your haters do. I really don’t know how you attract so much of it. You don’t actually seem to do much wrong or even piss anyone off particularly. Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re fairly ‘mild’ compared to a lot of MRAs. Which makes it so much funnier when all these people congregate around you shouting abuse. Which you report back to us in this indifferent detached manner. It’s completely hilarious.


      This was fun. This chick blew up for no reason when I asked her why a woman has the right to demand a man wear a condom as a condition of having sex,and then clammed up when I asked her what women’s obligations to men were.Her people claim it’s rape if a man lies about wearing a condom to have sex,and that a woman is entitled to financial compensation if she becomes pregnant as a result,despite women having more avenues open to them as far as contraception goes.

      Clearly, she was somewhat aroused by the exchange because before censoring me she began asking questions about my penis. If she wasn’t married, I’d think she was sexually harassing me. She even filled in the alpha behavior subconsciously because she insisted I thought she was dumb and was attempting to boss her around repeatedly,despite my never having said anything of the sort.

      She pretends to have some concern for men,but also apparently believes women not only have the right to decide their own contraception,but men’s contraception as well,or he’s a rapist.

    • Some of it has to do with conspiracy theorists. I really piss them off when I demand real evidence, numbers and math that makes sense and isn’t impossible, wonder why they don’t do anything about the conspiracies they claim exist, etc.

      Beyond that I think that I’m mild is one of the reasons I get this level of abuse. I’m not an obvious nut like some others. Thus I can’t be ignored/attacked as a nut. The most “extreme” opinions that people might think I have are about the future of technology and how that affects men and women. But even that is only garden variety transhumanism. A lot of the abuse I get is similar to what a certain commenter gets if you take away the crap I get from conspiracy theorists (since he doesn’t talk about conspiracy theory at all). What do he and I have in common? Both of us have enough of a similar view on the future of technology and social factors that we provide an explanation of a path out of female dominance of our civilization. It’s a workable path that doesn’t involve destroying civilization first or the fatalism of conspiracy theory. It’s a real threat.

      Another thing driving Susan Walsh, the Gaping Hole Gang, and others is that they can’t use the “you’re just pissed you can’t get laid” argument against me anymore. Now they have to use more difficult arguments like “You’re crapping on your girlfriend” or “Your behavior is disgusting”.

  7. Are you sure that is a mental disease? I always thought that they were just stupid and desilusional. Well, more than the average woman.

    And you get the best haters around these places.

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