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I know FB has asked us to stop paying attention to manboobz but I have a point.  Manboobz decided to comment on my last post completely missing the point. (And he managed to do it very quickly.  I would assume that he had some sore of government-feminist job except that he’s still a guy and a ninth class citizen under feminism regardless of his views.)  Manboobz said at the end about my prediction of an anti-feminist Stuxnet:

Well, that’s one way to win the war of ideas.

To manboobz feminism vs. mens rights is some sort of debating and mental masturbation society.  Manboobz has does not truly grasp the destruction feminism has caused in men’s lives.  To someone like manboobz its all an academic argument or at most is about getting laid.  (This is a problem shared by others such as Susan Walsh.)

Men are sitting in jail for crimes they did not commit because of feminism.  Men have had their children taken away from them because of feminism.  Men are paying child support to children that aren’t theirs (paternity fraud) because of feminism.  Men have had their lives destroyed by divorces forced on them because of feminism.  Men have had their jobs destroyed because of feminism and a hostile feminist government. Men are losing their freedom because of feminism.  Men have been murdered because of feminism.

All of these things show us how this is not a “war of ideas”.  This is why I talked about how there will probably be an anti-feminist Stuxnet in the future.  Manboobz focused on how I said the worm would take down feminist blogs and websites.  That would be at best a secondary goal (and more difficult than its primary goal).  The primary goal would be taking down the computers and networks of feminist groups influencing the government to destroy men (i.e. NOW) and various organizations and government agencies that exist to destroy men.  Men my age and younger have seen how their fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, male friends, male business associates, etc. have been destroyed my feminism if it has not already happened to us.  We have been forced to sit through (attempted) feminist indoctrination at public (and even private) schools.  To many men this ceased to be a “war of ideas” a long time ago and is one step away from being an actual shooting war.  This isn’t a war men are planning to start.  It’s a war that was already declared on men, and the only question is when groups of men will still fighting back in such a direct manner.  In such a situation where it’s a war or almost one, new and interesting weapons to fight feminism will be created.

The Stuxnet worm has provided an example of how malware can attack specific targets.  Instead of nuclear reactors the same principles can be used to create a worm that attacks feminist organizations and feminist created government agencies that destroy men.  The men who write this malware will not be concerned with silencing feminists as if they were anti-free speech.  They will be concerned with taking down the array of groups who are currently successfully destroying men.

  6 Responses to “This Is Not A Debating And Mental Masturbation Society”

  1. Seriously, any man who has a blog called “manboobs” is a seriously damaged faggot. It speaks of a male who embraces androgyny and emasculation, something truly disgusting and truly sad. As somebody who is painfully aware of the devastating consequences of wide spread male emasculation and castration (both metaphorical and literal), to see anybody treat the subject as a source of comedy disturbs me. I don’t hate men like this because their simply damaged, casualties in the culture war, severely mind raped by feminism. So many people are so infected witht the disease of feminism and cultural Marxism in general that they can never be restored to health or normality.

    Male feminists are just simply so vile and repugnant. Its funny how different people respond when they are afflicted with the crippling disease of emasculation. For some men (I one such man) it will make them a fierce proponent of healthy masculinity and give them a deep heart felt appreciation of just how sick and toxic feminism is. Others will respond to the disease by trying to infect healthy people and change the very definition of “health” and “normal” like an with AIDS patient trying to fuck as many people.

  2. […] Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech – “Stuxnet“, “This is Not a Debating and Mental Masturbation Society” […]

  3. PM/AFT,

    Please, please, please do a devastating analysis of Cassandra at Villainous Company. She is an example of Republican misandry, who thinks she is against feminism, but isn’t. She has a big following of yes-men, and has never been challenged on her cluelessness.

    Please, please, please do an unprecedented fisking of her. Use her as the premier example of conservative misandry.

  4. This is a guy who has suggested criminilizing criticism of abortion as ‘hate speech’.

    Who cares about the ethics of killing children, so long as David can get his gratitude fuck from a feminist boiler?

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