Oct 112010

Saturday Night Live while trying to be funny has provided us in the past (probably unintentionally) with poignant commentary about women and current society. This weekend’s Saturday Night Live did it again with their skit, The New Boyfriend Talk Show.  (It’s only available on Hulu):

There’s so much in this skit that lasts just a few minutes. There’s everything from the kid wondering if the “new boyfriend” is going to be his new daddy to how big of a slut his mom is. Just watch it. Everything you can imagine about such a situation is in there. The only thing that is missing is what happens to the son when he gets older. Either he would end up like the biggest stereotypical “nice guy” ever, or he ends up a total misogynist. Perhaps both (in that order). It’s too bad the writers of this skit couldn’t fit that in there.

  6 Responses to “The New Boyfriend Talk Show”

  1. I laughed my ass off.
    Karen Owen is a freaking NUN compared to “mom”. lol

  2. I think you should fill us in on The Experiment.

  3. Funny, but horrendously tragic at the same time.

    This is what our mythos has become. If it weren’t based upon real life, it would not be identified with so easily as to render a laugh.

    Fortunately, women who take their priapic activities to this level are easy to spot…at least for the present. I just don’t understand guys who can lower themselves this far down.

    Talk about buyer’s remorse.

  4. The boy’s face when the mom says, I think you remember these guys better than I do… Ouch is about all I can say.

  5. LMAO yes SNL parodies reality. The sad truth is that this is becoming the norm for many young males. Who soon learn about Male disposability from their own Mothers. They also learn that Women who have no societal restraints turn Feral. They behave without any morals whatsoever. This is what Feminism has promoted. That Men are irrelevant, except to provide for Females, and provide Sperm to provide them children. This is too close to the truth. I watched a couple of years ago. A Single Mom make her 6 year old Boy carry her luggage which appeared to weigh more than him. She did not care. I scolded her for using him like a beast of burden.

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