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Henry Makow spends some of his time reprinting “ideas” about Iran being controlled Satanist Freemasons from people who are trying to get money from his readership. (I’m serious.  Scroll down to the bottom of that link where the author asks for financial help to “finance his higher education”.)  A lot of the rest of the time seems to be spent on veiled or in some cases outright misandry.

Take this “letter from a homeless woman”. Her life’s story consists of getting raped by members of a cult, being abandoned by a husband while pregnant who cheated on her, and a father that…let me show you what she said:

I do believe my father was either an Illuminati or something similar.  He tortured me by not letting me sleep in a bed; I had to share a sofa with my sister and he would sneak in at night and shut off the heat, so we would freeze in the living room, which had 9 windows.  He did secretive mind control and hypnosis on my baby brother while he was asleep.  He had a collection of books on mind control techniques and after he died I read them and realized he practiced those techniques on me and my siblings.

There are quite a few things that are fishy about her story.  If you were homeless isn’t emailing Henry Makow high priority?  How was this secretive hypnosis done when hypnosis can’t be forced upon you?  Knowing what we know as part of the manosphere about lies of abuse being used in divorce cases, the false rape industry, etc. this woman just sounds crazy.  (And crazy women will fabricate stories about rape.)  Someone her cheating, lying husband turned her 5 children against her.  If you know anyone with a psychotic parent you know how they will have to cut off contact if the parent doesn’t get help.  (I know someone who had to deal with this.)  Of course the parent doesn’t understand what really happened creating a story about what really happened just like this woman did.

No one there questions this woman’s story because it has some Illuminati crap and some crap about “reversal energy” in California and most importantly it allows their white knighting to run rampant.  Just take a look at this comment on that post:

Dear Marie, I have said a prayer for you through our intercessor Jesus Christ to God The Father. I have asked Him to find you a good and beautiful home to live in the rest of your life and that He finds you a decent man who will provide for you. Every woman deserves a fine man to look after her, provide for and love her.

What else can I say?  (As an aside the California HQ of the Illuminati is not in San Diego.  I would know.)

But none of this is good as this post about Krisztina Morvai.  They all love her for her “anti-Zionism”.  Let’s look at this quote of hers:

I would be greatly pleased if those who call themselves proud Hungarian Jews played in their leisure with their tiny circumcised dicks, instead of besmirching me.

Why is this woman using the standard, “you have a small dick”, shaming language?  And she does it doubly so for attacking these men for being circumcised.  Are there no Jewish women in Hungary?  Take a look at what else was said about her:

She`s a practicing Catholic with three daughters. Her ex-husband, a journalist, is a Jewish socialist.

I trust her for all she has said and done in accordance with Christ`s teachings.

What did Jesus have to say about getting divorced?  So much for “all she has said and done in accordance with Christ`s teachings”. Take a look at her background (from Wikipedia):

She primarily researches the area of penal law, dealing with the retrospective administration of justice, the question of abortion, victim’s rights in criminal procedure, the dignity and rights of the HIV positive, child abuse and sexual exploitation, the problem of prostitution, discrimination and domestic violence. She is author of the book Terror a családban (Terror in the family) a book on domestic violence.

between 2003-2006 she was a member of the Women’s Anti-discrimination Committee of the United Nations.

She was the Hungarian member of a UN Women’s Rights Committee

In the UN Women’s Rights Committee Morvai conducted research into what she called the “inhumane living conditions” of Palestinian women

Remember only Palestinian women have problems.  Palestinian men are rich and living it up in their palaces.

This woman is nothing more than a misandrist feminist UN bureaucrat.  If this sounds familiar to you, it should.  I wrote a while back about how white nationalism was filled with misandry, and this is the same thing just in Europe.

None of this should be surprising to anyone.  There’s misandry in the depopulation conspiracy theory so finding misandry elsewhere in conspiracy theories is not surprising.

Even posts like this about female debauchery have the implication that it’s the fault of men.  Where do these guys keep meeting bisexual women?  I can never meet any.  I would like to know…just for my own curiosity.

  5 Responses to “Other Examples Of Misandry In Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Words fail me right now.

    Makow once mentioned a book authored by a woman who supposedly had similar experiences to this homeless woman. According to the summary on Amazon, the book was about how the Illuminati uses child sex slaves to service high government official (like Cheney *wink*) and founded the country music scene, especially the Opry, to abuse sex slaves. Loretta Lynne was said to be one of their victims. I cannot recall the name of the book, just the summary. As you likely expect, the reviewers were all believers.

    • I couldn’t fit this into the post because it has nothing to do misandry but Makow has a series of posts from a supposed Satanist Illuminati. If you’re a Satanist and a member of a world ruling conspiracy what do you do? Of course you tell Henry Makow about it. Sure.

      I don’t know if Makow is making it up or if a troll is writing it. I used to be really plugged in to the trolling community and conspiracy theorists were a common target of trolls. It’s too easy for conspiracy theorists to take the bait. Just look at all the posts from this supposed Satanist Illuminati. They eat it up over at Makow’s.

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  4. Yeah, see this is a good reason why I stay out of all movements, though I do keep up with what is going on with the Truth Movement and the MRM. There definitely is a globalist conspiracy, they want a matriarchy, which will eventually lead into the androgynous agenda. All your gurus out there, the Alx Jones, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Rasa Von Werder, Credo Mutwa, Malachi York, Russel Means, Glen Kealey, Alan Watt, they all play off this myth of how women are soooo “discriminated,” and how men are the perps.

    You see, the elites have been doing this for thousands of yrs, no creature on this planet is as obsessively studied as human beings. We even have fields such as behavioral psychology with which to manipulate people. So they KNEW that some portion of the population wouldn’t buy the official story, so, they had to give them “alternative” leaders to follow (COINTELPRO), agents who are bought and paid by the system, to use truth to sell lies and/or hidden agendas, to send followers further down the rabbit hole, while continuing to take the follower’s money through donations or what not…

    So the CIA funded the Truth Movement, they need to use the truth movement to tear down the old system, to bring in the new system… Not that the old system is any good, it got us to where we’re at now, however, the new system will be even more tyrannical… By using the truth movement for this, they could dupe the populace into THINKING they are defeating the globalist agenda, when in reality, they all rolling out the red carpet for it. This way too, women and manginas who at one time tried to speak against the NWO, can walk right into the NWO being decieved into some faux utopia. Freemasons call this “order out of chaos.”

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