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These are not new categories of shaming language, just newly defined.  Regardless they should be added the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Language.  You can thank manboobz for inspiring this post since he used them both.

Charge of Preying On Weak/Damaged/Insecure Women (Code Magenta)

Discussion: Often the target is accused of being unable to get laid or get a girlfriend/wife (code tan & code purple).  However, these forms of shaming language fail when it turns out the target is able to get laid and/or get girlfriends/wives.  The women in the target’s life will be attacked as being weak, damaged, insecure, or otherwise dependent on the target.  The accusation is that the original shaming language of not being able to get a woman/get laid is correct except that the target can get (and only get) women who are weak, damaged, insecure, have low self-esteem, etc.  It’s a way of saying that a “real woman” would want nothing to do with the target.  Examples:

  • I feel sorry for your girlfriend/wife.
  • Your girlfriend/wife has low self-esteem/psychological problems.
  • The only reason you can get a woman is because the patriarchy produces anti-woman propaganda to make them desperate to have a man, any man, in their lives.

Response: The one pressing the charge is doing nothing digging a deeper hole for themselves.  The original shaming tactic failed.  Since the one pressing the charge is trying to claim women are the arbiter of a man’s worth, the evidence of the target’s relationship with a woman directly proves the accuser wrong.  The accuser must claim that the target’s woman is not a “real woman” in some manner.  However, the accuser has already failed since the evidence is against the accuser.  It integrates the logical fallacy of “argumentum ad misericordiam” (viz., argumentation based on pity for women).

Charge of Non-Specific “Shameful Behavior” (Code Beige)

Discussion: As shaming language tends to fail, the target will be accused of “shameful behavior”.  What this “shameful behavior” is will be poorly defined or not defined at all.  Typically this accusation will come after the accuser’s attempt(s) at shaming language has been exposed, but it could be used against the target at any time.  Examples:

  • Your behavior is shameful.

Response: The accuser is now incapable of producing specific examples of what the target’s shameful behavior is.  This means that the accuser is being emotional and has run out of arguments for their position.

  17 Responses to “Some New Categories Of Shaming Language”

  1. The first one I’ve personally many times. AW are shit.
    Interesting thing happened today I remember many years ago watching Death Wish and was shocked watching his wife and daughter get raped. Then I thought how sad that his wife died at the hospital. It was depressing. I’m watching it today and I thought as his wife and daughter get raped Im thinking who cares there broads anyway. As his wife dies in the hospital I thought this time how lucky can a guy get. Free pass!!

  2. Excellent update. Obviously, we won’t need many more additions. Shaming language comprises the totality of their limited arguments,the shaming language itself being limited to less than 20 different categories of ad hominem attacks.

  3. Good additions, but I think Beige might already be in use. Is there some kind of central CVS repository you can check these into?

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  5. Here is a list of some responses I came up with to the usual shaming tactics:
    Revised Catalogue of Shaming Tactics

    Its kinda lame.

  6. When I lived as a bachelor back east Code Purple was no doubt applicable, although not specifically told to my face. After working there for ten years, I got married. I said nothing to anyone there about my girlfriend/fiancee until after the wedding when I had to for benefits and pension purposes, at which I was Code Magenta. No doubt the snickering behind my back was along the lines of “Good grief. Who would be desperate enough to marry HIM??!?”

    We’ve been married 13 years now, and as long as we’ve lived here in Nevada no one has ever known me as anything other than “Karen’s” husband and “Cody’s” daddy. No one says that about me (as far as I know, to paraprase Chevy Chase) here.

    • Well, that’s usually the outcome of marriage, especially if you have kids. It’s bad enough to live with an emasculating harpie, but everyone you know, including your own family will not think of you by your name, but as so-and-so’s wife, or such-and-such’s father. You lose every facet of your identity because all that is expected of you is to make a wife and child’s life easier. You can go to hell, just as long as they don’t suffer any kind of sorrow or loss. If they do, you are nothing but a bastard.

      Marriage is suicide for any man with identity, dreams, or a functional brain.

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  8. There is a new shaming phrasec many black women are using now “don’t judge me’ and “only God can judge”.or ‘stop being so judgemental”

    • While at the same time complaining about black men who date white women.

      There’s a whole world of difference between being opinionated and being judgemental. Judgement connotes a kind of power to pass sentence or adjudicate an outcome.

      Opinions are just that.

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  11. Good point. All this indicates the other side is getting desperate. They are resorted to the traditional female tactic of throwing tantrums. And the worst offenders are the male feminists.

  12. Magenta has a name, it’s called No True Scotsman fallacy

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