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At least according to this mangina who responded to yesterday’s Spearhead post that I wrote on masturbation.  (He did forget to say that I had a small dick.)

This is how repetitive shaming language is.  The mangina linked to my blog.  He has seen it, and all of you know that I’m getting laid so he couldn’t have missed it.  It doesn’t matter.  I could have a threesome with two chicks with model quality looks on national television, and I still would be accused of being a loser who can’t get laid.

What the mangina said is pretty funny, but I’m disappointed that I’m not on his enemies list.  The comments so far have been pretty good like:

Wow that is new. Being called a misogynist for not fucking everything that looks remotely like a woman. Some people have standards. What about women who prefer their dildo over a warm, living, flesh-and-blood man? Misandrists? Or just objectionable to any sane man?

Even more funny than the youtube-video is the fact, that self-proclaimed feminists like you have more in common with christian wackos like O’Donnell than you realise


As for your essay, you kindof prove his point. In one paragraph you exalt women for being ashamed to masturbate, complete with useless statistics. If they are so ashamed, perhaps they’re not admitting that they masturbate, SFB. Then you follow it with cliche feminist insults about creepy unattractive men who can’t/won’t fuck a real woman, which incidentally, are the standard replies to any man’s argument about anything. You left out the small penis charge though.

  15 Responses to “I’m A Loser Who Can’t Get Laid”

  1. Once again great job with that article.
    The spearhead really should have a lot more articles about male sexual agency (in all of its forms) and how feminists seek to suppress it.
    I’m becoming more and more convinced that all feminism was ever really about was trying to get men to pay more for sex in an otherwise free sex market.

  2. Great article.

    It’s just ironic that women will shame every men’s rights argument with the ‘small penis, can’t get laid’ accusation, when the entire history of feminism has been blatantly about preventing prospective male partners from having access to younger, cheaper, better looking pussy.
    First wave feminism began with the social purity movements of the 19th century that sought to end prostitution as well as raise the age of consent, as men and women (and young girls) flocked to the cities (teeming with prostitutes) to work in factories.
    Second wave feminism was even more dramatic and speedier in its consequences, and began almost immediately the contraceptive pill truly created the free sexual market which pushed the price of pussy down to that of a beer or a meal.
    Thrid wave feminism (last 10 or 15 years) has been perhaps more dramatic still. From near zero representation at high levels of government, women make up near half of government posts in many nations, and thoroughly dominate the moral agendas of intergovernmental organisations such as the UN and the EU. All western democracies are now slaves to the vagina vote. Why has this relatively uncommented upon third wave occured so quickly? Because globalisation and the internet threatened to lower the price of pussy still further.

    More MRAs need to call out feminism for what it is – a sexual trade union, pure and simple. It’s not shaming language, because it’s the transparent truth. Cultural marxism has been a vehicle for the second and third waves of feminism, but not its cause or driving force.

    BTW, I honestly wouldn’t care what this mangina writes, nobody reads her blog. S/He has put me on her enemies list and my stat counter says S/He hasn’t sent me a single visitor.

  3. I left some comments about that article too, but it all stopped being fun when points kept getting re-iterated and personal attacks were becoming the main topic of discussion.

    So men jerk off….big fucking deal. If a woman has a problem with that, it simply is her problem. Have you ever known a woman who doesn’t bitch about her husband or boyfriend doing something that doesn’t include her?

    I really tire with all the analysis as to the nefarious motives of whatever-wave feminism. We have established those motives as immutable fact, so let’s get moving on with our lives. We shouldn’t give a damn about what motivates women to their insanity. What we should do is start a war designed to piss them off even more.

    How about billboards with some demotivators about marriage?

    Or, radio ads for Fleshlights suggesting that masturbation is better and healthier than the real thing?

    Anything but sitting around trying to understand the enemy. We already do.

  4. Its funny how the so called liberal ‘anything goes’ establishment will do anything to quash unencumbered male sexual expression. Drugs, porn, masturbation and prostitutes are verboten but fags and fems get away with absolutely everything, even murder.

    • True, True…

      That’s why a guy’s right hand is the ultimate prom date, minus the frilly shirt, uncomfortable jacket, and fake-ass memento pictures.

  5. I wrote the blog post in question. So I guess the conclusion to be drawn from all of this is that … none of you can fucking read?

    Here’s a hint: If a guy actually refers to himself masturbating in a blog post, it’s pretty much a safe bet that the blog post is not actually attempting to stop men from masturbating.

    Try reading it again, especially the part near the end where I talk about someone “being the sort of person who uses the phrase ‘pussy cartel.'” NOTE: This also applies to people who use the more cumbersome phrase “sexual trade union.”

    I am sorry to learn that you are getting laid. Not sorry for you, sorry for her.

    Also, I’ll go ahead and put you on my enemies list, Mr. Pro-Male etc.

    • “I am sorry to learn that you are getting laid. Not sorry for you, sorry for her.”

      Oh cute, a feminist Ken doll. Pull his string again and see which shaming tactic he comes out with this time.

      I LOVE how, when you point out that all they are saying can be reduced to shaming tactics, which is not reasonable discourse, they respond with … more shaming tactics.

      It’s like arguing with a six year old. “I know YOU are, but what am I?” ad inifinitum.

      • I keep pulling on manboobz’s string but he won’t tell me I have a small dick. What’s he waiting for?

        • You know, I really have no interest whatsoever in the size of your penis. I’m not quite sure why you think it’s such a fascinating topic of conversation.

        • It’s more that feminists seem to think it’s an interesting topic of conversation, and we have noticed this. Time and again, they refer to our penis sizes, as non sequitur ad hominem attacks.

          It’s as if they can’t think rationally, or something.

        • Boy, they sure do. Those feminists are always claiming outrageous and nutty things like:

          “Your penis is so big, your argument is not valid!”


          “I don’t listen to men that are that bulging in the pants.”

          and of course, the ever-so-favorite of mine:

          “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to your argument because I was too busy undressing you with my eyes.”

          What is it with those nutty feminazi’s anyway.

  6. This AUDIO clip on YouTube says it all about masturbation:

    Listen to the whole thing, you will NOT be disappointed!

  7. […] first heard of Futrelle when my fellow Spearhead contributor Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech wrote him up as a hater. That post lead to another one where he made some additions to the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming […]

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