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It’s too bad I don’t issue a monthly Captain Picard Double Facepalm Award.  If I did, this month’s winner would be Obsidian.  He started out bad enough but he really dug a hole for himself with his second post.  I haven’t said anything because so much of it has already been covered effectively by others from the race baiting, to the bizarre claims that Spearhead commenters are anti-hygene, to the refusal to answer simple questions of why should any of the “slobs” dress up since they have better game than Obsidian and don’t need to, etc. I decided to write this post because after taking a look at some of the links in the comments of Obsidian’s second post I noticed something, how this was being used in a way that facilitated more shaming language.  Take what Susan Walsh wrote:

Hi Obs, I just left a comment on your blog. I read the Spearhead comments, but honestly, I feel really uncomfortable over there. It’s the online equivalent of walking home alone late at night in a dark alley. Cue the scary music. I think your post is right on.

Late at night in a dark alley?  So if you go to The Spearhead you might get mugged like if you were alone late at night in a dark alley????  I have never even heard of someone getting mugged over the internet but I guess there’s a first time for everything.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you should recognize this immediately as code orange shaming language. Susan Walsh at least stuck to only one form of shaming language.  Chic Noir used multiple colors of shaming language in one paragraph:

Many of them may well be frustrated virgins(nothing wrong with being a male virgin). Others have mental issues. Another group are gay or closeted gay men ,and a smaller number may have horrible relationships with their mothers.

She forgot to include how anyone who visits The Spearhead has a small dick too. Nobody should be surprised that Obsidian got this level of disagreement.  He’s obsessed with the idea that white guys in this part of the internet have an “irrational hatred” for Michelle Obama and claims that we “need therapy”.  What he’s talking about does not exist.  How many white guys around here even give that much thought to Michelle Obama?  I don’t.  I have many other more important things to think about.  Remember guys you “need therapy” if you don’t spend at least 3 hours a day thinking positive thoughts about Michelle Obama.  Obsidian doesn’t stop there because he claims again that white guys need therapy and have a bunch of neuroses.  This is code white shaming language. There’s a reason why I am pointing out some of the shaming language used here.  It’s the same reason the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Language exists.  It’s because shaming language is used to attempt to shut down debate and the raising of legitimate concerns.  A lot of what happened here had to do with how Obsidian refused to answer a few legitimate questions.  It reminds me of how when men bring up legitimate concerns about the marriage system, for example, the response is to step up the shaming language.  Shaming language has nothing to do with the men it is used against.  Instead it tells us everything we need to know about the user and that is what we see here.

  28 Responses to “Facilitating Shaming Language”

  1. There are some people in the manosphere that aren’t even worth spending time reading, esp. those more focused on other, side issues.

  2. The length of the thread is past the 300 mark and rising. Obsidian just posted in his own defense again this morning and I posted in reply. I guess it’s going to keep going until he either slinks away or Welmer locks the thread. If the man won’t admit he misfired, he should go back to his rah-rah fan club at his own blog.

  3. Shaming language has nothing to do with the men it is used against. Instead it tells us everything we need to know about the user and that is what we see here.


    I haven’t been paying attention to Obsidian’s posts, but you bring it all together well.

  4. Fuck you crackers. You just wanna keep a black man down.



      • More racist bullsheet? I oughta known from the CRACKA RIGHTS MOVEMENT

        • So,

          Based on nothing but what, my name, you assume my skin color? My race is human, not sure at this point about yours.

          Care to make any other racist assumptions, idiot?

  5. He dropped a bunch of racist shaming turds over at Flyover Libertarians place too. I know the MENS rights movement is supposed to be racially inclusive, but people like him make it tough. Typical primadonna black boy behavior, race baiting and excuse making, dropping his race card turds on the floor as if they were grenades. I stopped reading the Spearhead a couple months ago when I read his first article, spouting some racist b.s.

    • I read a couple of them. It would be fair to say now that he’s blown his credibility to smithereens in the manosphere. A pity, since he’s written some pretty good stuff in the past.

      As far as racial inclusiveness goes, it hasn’t changed much for me. This little episode is just an object lesson that anyone who’s a prick, for whatever reason, is subject to being dropped like a bad habit.

      • It is sad. I actually enjoyed quite a bit of what he had to say, simply because his perspective is quite different and that type of insight is always welcome to those with a thirst for knowledge.

        But yes, he has blown his credibility with those last couple of items.

        And then to get idiots, like nigger, defending him on race, when I’m pretty sure that he (nigger), doesn’t even comprehend what the problems most have with those posts.

        • I wonder if Nigger is just a sock-puppet bent on undermining Obsidian further by posing as a fellow homeboy from the ‘hood. Whatever he is, I think he’s not black but is a throwback to Homo erectus.

        • Yeah, Ray, THAT’S what’s going on here! >:-(

          It’s not just basic trolling for lulz at all …

  6. Obsidian is my homeboy, we tight, I aint stand for this shit no mo. Rich white crackas wanna fuck up a black man tryna make it out there for heself in the world, thats fucked up

    • Damn, you make me laugh you’re so moronic. How about learning some basic english skills, and some logic skills.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…… idiot.

  7. To the humor challenged, “Nigger” is Snark, formerly of the Remasculation blog. Their Gravatars are the same:


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  9. Don’t you dare use Picard for evil. He would never agree with anything you write. I’m sorry your mother didn’t love you. I hope you get help.

    • “I’m sorry your mother didn’t love you. I hope you get help.”

      And to think, this post is entitled ‘Facilitating Shaming Language’.

      • Now, now, Snark. Seems there’s been a fair bit of “strong” satire going on here recently.

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