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For context I wrote my last post mostly yesterday but I scheduled it for this morning.  This email from Susan Walsh came in through my contact form before my last post was visible:

From Contact Form: Always Left In Moderation


Susan Walsh


You are such a coward PMAFT. Man up and debate.

Yeah I better start letting Susan Walsh’s comments through so I can “man up” and “not be a coward”.

I love Susan Walsh’s rank hypocrisy of how she bans me from her blog but expects to post here with impunity.  When she doesn’t get her way she slings shaming language at me.  Truthfully she doesn’t want an actual debate because that would involve burning the fields of strawmen that have been created so far and nonsense like, “When I read comments at the Spearhead I often feel uncomfortable, even violated,” much less calls for “therapy” and accusations of not taking showers would not be tolerated.

Over at SOTD there was a post on How To Argue Like A Girl which describes exactly how Susan Walsh is behaving.  Again I have to ask why is the other side of the argument having so much trouble coming up with a sound and reasonable argument for their position that doesn’t involve strawmen and shaming language?

  19 Responses to “An E-Mail From Susan Walsh”

  1. Walsh doesn’t want to debate. She wants to vent her feminist spleen and throw the usual hackneyed ad hominems around because somebody, a mere man, refuses to kowtow and kiss her ass.

    She should just stick to her compatriots of strong, but victimized women and join her voice to the vast fugue of those who will.

  2. LOL @ “man up.”

    I can’t help but laugh at this kind of language these days.

    • It’s so bizarre – exactly what does she think she knows about being a MAN?

      • “Man up” means “do what I say and submit passively to my abuse like all the other men”.

        • Yeah, that’s what “man up” means and why this woman is so obsessed with PMAFT. PMAFT has manned up when it comes to authentic true masculinity. He’s a giant of masculinity now and this woman hates him for him. I am sure she is also sexually attracted to him. Why is she trying so hard to get him to notice her with her comments and emails?

  3. I don’t if that makes her ballsy or just plain stupid. Wow.

    Funny thing is she counts herself as a ‘good’n’ and still expects a pussy pass and no ramifications for past behavior.

    • Stupid. So Stupid. How the fuck does she expect a pussy pass from PMAFT? PMAFT knocks women off their pedestal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She would have been better off if PMAFT never showed us her stupidity.

  4. :(

    I find Hooking Up Smart to be a decent blog with occasional insights for those who want to do the dating/LTR thing. But I’ve just lost alot of respect for Susan Walsh. If she’s going to ban PMAFT from her blog, how in the hell does she feel entitled to respond or post at his? But for this post and the prior one I haven’t seen hardly any posts of AFT’s where Susan Walsh has been the focus or mentioned more than en passante except perhaps I think I remember one when he was first banned. So he hasn’t been kicking her around, and to be fair to her , she hasn’t been kicking him around on her blog. Susan won’t get a pussy pass here, and I’m sad she thought she would.

    As someone whose been on blogs like Stand Your Ground and MND and others since the late 90’s/early 2000’s I think I can explain a bit about the issue with the Spearhead’s comments. Overall, despite welmer, despite PMAFT, despite Novaseeker and a few others, the comment section is one of the most disrespectful and prone to ad homs I’ve ever seen ESP if you identify as a woman. If you identify as a woman there, there are certain posters who will never address your comments but yet feel free to attack one as a person. I can see how many women -esp when used to the normal pussy pass (more likely to get moderator help, more terms that are derog about them auto filtered, etc) they often get via chivalrous blog speech codes on mainstream blogs would feel like utter trash when exposed to The Spearheads comment sections where they aften treated worse than the male posters in a given thread. And considering how shabbily many of the arguments between male posters are conducted, that is saying quite a lot. In short, at the Spearhead you have practically unmoderated commentary from a bunch of guys who are often skeptical of the average female in terms of intelligence or moral clarity to say the least.

    So there is something to Obs and Susan’s rants, problem is the larger conclusions they drew from this disrespectful behavior are self-serving and stupid. Obs is still partly obsessed with the racial angle to things, and Susan is hurt at finding that some guys have been so screwed by the current system that they aren’t interested in hooking up smart or hooking up at all – they just want to be left the fuck alone and are enraged that the system or the feminists in power won’t leave “well enough alone”.

    No, not all commenters to the Spearhead are disrespectful to women and even when they are, there tends to be reasons for it which neither Ms Walsh, nor Obsidian feel they should care to address.

    • No, not all commenters to the Spearhead are disrespectful to women and even when they are, there tends to be reasons for it which neither Ms Walsh, nor Obsidian feel they should care to address.
      A very important point you raise here. Yes, women who comment get a lot of abuse and “tests” shall we way on The Spearhead, believe me I know 😉 , but the reasons are not as simple as “I hate women just because” as if often implied by those who are women or those who disagree with the treatment of women. The reasons are deeper and need to be explored and addressed as such. As you said, Clarence, some men have been so deeply harmed they are now opting out. That’s not as simple as “they were mean to me” but more so the territory of “hate bounces”

      I’ve been called many names on The Spearhead and was recently bashed on a thread as being an “undercover feminist” not because of anything I’ve said but because of hunches and feelings. I’ve been called a slut and a myriad of other insults that make no sense to anybody who actually knows me and would want to insult me as opposed to a straw-man idea of women. However, the insults and grief I’ve faced at TS have been nothing compared to what happened during my recent mobbing from Free Jinger and other feminist attacks in the past though. Nobody from TS has ever sent me graphic emails about how they’d like to kill my three year old because of my anti-feminist views or that sort of thing for example. This sort of thing freaks me out; being called a slut not so much.

      • Hestia, did you contact the police?

        • We didn’t think the person in question was serious but my husband did file a police report just in case. The death threat was sent from somebody’s work email using their work internet. My husband made sure their place of employment knew what sort of people they are employing. 😉

          A couple of the people involved also claimed to have pics of myself and my daughter that they’d expose throughout the manosphere if I didn’t do what they demanded of me. They already outed my first name, so I wouldn’t put it past them to out the pics if they really do have pics of us. The one of my daughter is a blonde girl and she’s a brunette so there’s a good chance any pics they have aren’t actually of her and I.

        • “The death threat was sent from somebody’s work email using their work internet.”

          As I said to you at the time, the incompetence of some people is simply astounding. This is IRL America’s Dumbest Criminals.

          Not only did she not use a proxy IP, she actually sent it from her work email …

        • Astounding indeed.

          I haven’t heard anymore from the feminist mob since I followed your advice, Snark. They probably didn’t have any of the info they claimed to have on me but were bright enough to know everything I had was real. 😉

        • Hestia, it’s good to see someone hold women accountable for a change.

      • Well thank you for your kind response, Hestia.

        I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. I was somewhat aware of it, as I do look at your blog from time to time, but I wasn’t aware just how serious the threat was. :( NO ONE should ever threaten you, your kid, or your hubby with harm because of some opinion on the internet, and I’m very glad that enough people in your life including some MRA’s on the internet gave you the advice needed to help you solve this terrible problem. Here’s a big internet HUG and best wishes for you and your family.

        • Thanks for the supportive comments y’all. I was rather unnerved by the whole event but have thankfully learned some lessons at least. Next time I won’t even try to play nice but rather start shooting fire the moment it’s raining down on me. Fighting like a girl just doesn’t work during e-drama. 😉

      • I’ve been called many names on The Spearhead and was recently bashed on a thread as being an “undercover feminist” not because of anything I’ve said but because of hunches and feelings.

        I’m sorry to hear that. I believe that you are solidly in our corner and would tell any man so,not because I’m prone to white-knighting, far from it, but because it seems to be the truth.

        Judging by your actions,which is the best barometer in this case, you are on the sane and rational side of these issues and are able to hold your own well enough to be a valuable ally and a friend of the Men’s Movement.

  5. […] some death threats from a woman due to her views on how men are human beings deserving of rights.  She and her husband filed a police report against this woman.  This woman made no attempt to hide who she was to the point of using her work email to send […]

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