Jun 252010

A commenter recently said (in response to how murder suspect Joran Van Der Sloot is getting massive pile of marriage offers):

That is why we need transhumanism.

When women reward serial killers far ahead of, say, engineers, women are the obstacle to civilizational advancement.

Sure, NAWALT. But that there are even some women who put gina tingles ahead of their own safety (let alone the safety of others) casts serious doubts about their fitness to make decisions.

I don’t like talking about “transhumanism” because it has some philosophical baggage I’m against but a lot of my ideas about using technology to liberate men are “transhumanist”.  The commenter is right that women are the obstacle to civilizational advancement but the problem is worse than that.  Women are threatening the foundations of civilization.  This is why we need technology to buttress the foundation of civilization, anti-aging technology, artificial wombs, sex bots, VR sex, considerably more advanced genetic engineering, etc.  All of it will help.

If you still don’t believe this, just consider the effect of paternity testing and where we would be without that technology.

  12 Responses to “This Is Why We Need Transhumanism”

  1. You would think we need transhumanism, you sly little reptile alien,you. I know what you’re up to,buddy.

  2. Ya know, your post reminds me tangentially about all the female triumphalism about how men are unnecessary, will be extinct soon, etc, because of advances in technology.

    Seems to me the reverse is more likely to be implemented. Given sufficient technology for sex bots, manufacturing of embryos from scratch, and womb-not-needed gestation, it may very well be that the sex that regularly stands athwart cultural and civilizational survival will be the one pushed aside.

  3. It worries me to see transhumanism invoked to bolster male supremacy. My own project has exactly the opposite focus. I wish your anti-feminist agenda the worst of luck.

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  5. You ADMIT to being a female supremacist???

    That surprises you? We live in a feminist/matriarchal society, female supremacist attitudes are normal.

    Actually, no one here is a male supremacist at all.

    You should be. The supremacy of one “gender” [sic] over the other is a normal state of affairs, take your pick.

    We just want either a) real equality

    “Real equality” is impossible. Furthermore, the whole “equality” mantra is a female/feminist ruse.

    b) gender normative roles.

    What the hell are “gender normative roles”. Sounds like feminist gobbledegook doublespeak. As I said, non-equal treatment of men and women is normal, and the supremacy of one sex over the other is normal.

  6. […] got a strange and silly comment to my previous post about why we need transhumanism: It worries me to see transhumanism invoked to bolster male supremacy. My own project has exactly […]

  7. The days of females substituting their pampered realities on unsuspecting men are numbered. Please enjoy the last few decades until the advent of the robogirl plus 11 in the looks department and wholly satisfying and cooperative life partner.

  8. We need morals, not transhumanism. That alone would solve just about every problem that we have today, with no futuristic technology even required.

  9. Oh NooOooOoo… a Scared little Feminazi Puss Pocket gonna Miss out!

  10. Eh? you forgetting something then! how About guys in Australia women are So BAD They make American females Look like Fucking Disneys Princess!!

  11. This is very true. Having lived in China for some time now I see Beta males everywhere getting very gorgeous women. Its the culture here it doesn’t punish males for not having looks or even height. As long as you have money its the great leveler. And many women consider a man without money even with good looks a beta male. The chinese alpha male, is wealthy and looks are secondary. The chinese beta male is an asian prettyboy with no money. Go figure.

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