Jun 162010

One thing conspiracy theorists are constantly dealing with is what they believe is or is not disinformation.  The idea is that the conspiracy (since the conspiracy theorists assume they exist) are constantly throwing inane and crazy junk to prevent the conspiracy from being discovered.  As I have recently discovered this “junk” is too crazy to have come from a disinformation campaign.

I was reading the latest post at Omega Virgin Revolt where he talked about Henry Makow’s insanity with some links that I read.   Henry Makow believes the world is run by a cabal of Jewish Satanist Illuminati pedophiles.  That’s what I think he thinks I can’t really be sure.  Even that I have trouble believing a disinformation campaign would come up with.  I suppose that they could have been using a random word generator.

What really convinced me that there could be no disinformation campaign was this page about “Illuminati Sex Slaves”.  The page claims everything is run by Jewish Satanist Illuminati pedophiles but there was one line that convinced me that there could never be a disinformation campaign now:

Cheney is not a pederast because his large genitals horrify children.

That’s right.  Everyone else in power is a pedophile except Dick Cheney because (ironically) his dick is too big.  Be sure to look at the page I linked to because that line has a link to a picture of a crotch shot of Dick Cheney’s supposedly large dick.  (Don’t worry.  He’s fully clothed.)  Who comes up with crap like this?  There is no way a disinformation campaign working for a conspiracy could come up with this unless they were all high 24/7.  And if they were high 24/7 they wouldn’t be able to run a conspiracy.

It takes a special kind of insane person to come up with this.  There is a part of the conspiracy theory community that seems obsessed with bizarre sex and sexuality.  Saying that the world is run by pedophiles and photoshopping Dick Cheney’s crotch says a lot more about the conspiracy theorist saying it that anything that is happening in reality.  This does seem to be semi-common problem.  Those of you who read Hawaiian Libertarian’s blog, know about Thomas George, a guy that comments there who claims I am a “high level Illuminati official”.  He claims I’m a “sexual deviant” and that I “sexually degrade women in a filthy way” like the rest of the Illuminati.  Of all the things Thomas George could come up with, he picks “sexual deviant” and “sexually degrades women”.  Like with Henry Makow that says a lot about him and nothing about the rest of reality.

  15 Responses to “This Is Not A Disinformation Campaign”

  1. He claims I’m a “sexual deviant” and that I “sexually degrade women in a filthy way” like the rest of the Illuminati

    I can believe it. You and your telescoping reptile alien phallus were sent to degrade all women who come within your sphere of influence. It all makes so much sense now.

    • I don’t deny sexually degrading women with my giant reptile dick. (I guess the large dick conspiracy strikes again.) Of course, women like to be degraded in that sort of way.

      Seriously, why is this guy thinking so much about my sex life?

      • Seriously, why is this guy thinking so much about my sex life?

        Repressed homosexuality. Explains all their obsessions with sex.

  2. The annual Bohemian Grove orgy party is coming up soon, PM/AFT. How about I pick you up on my broom and we head out to California? Sound fun? We could live blog the festivities!

    • Sounds great. I will be there. You will have no trouble finding me since I will be in my natural reptilian form.

      • I’ll come too. I will be less recognizable,though, because in my natural form I am the overweight middle-aged balding guy who faked the moon landings from a soundproof studio in L.A. I have only disguised myself as a reptile alien to work covertly among them until Xenu returns, then I will assume the form of a giant-dicked Jelly creature and return with Xenu to planet Gibbering-Insanity.

        See you there!

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  4. the world is run by a cabal of Jewish Satanist Illuminati pedophiles.

    This theory – and the theory that Dick Cheney has a really huge cock – is simply too fun to check.

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