Jun 192010

Last Saturday I talked about reptile aliens, and this post will do that again.  I’m thinking about making Reptile Alien Saturday a semi-regular occurrence.  It will have some reptile alien talk and some stuff about what the Illuminati is really up to.

Last week you should have seen some reptile (non-)aliens on Doctor Who.  Remember Part 2 of last week’s episode is tonight on BBC America for those of you who get that channel.  Or you can download the episode off of bittorrent.

In other reptile alien news recently the SciFi Syfy channel showed one of their crappy movies called Wyvern.  It features one of the last appearances by Don S. Davis before he died where he thinks he is getting attacked by reptile aliens but it turned out to be a wyvern (dragon).  Don S. Davis was General Hammond in Stargate which had actual reptile aliens called Unases.

Getting on to something more interesting in my last post here I talked about some of the weird obsessions with sex particularly bizarre and disgusting sex acts.  8:03 had this as an explanation:

Repressed homosexuality. Explains all their obsessions with sex.

I am forced to agree.  Why else would someone photoshop a picture of Dick Cheney to make it look like he has a huge dick?  Or just look for a picture like that.  Just the fact that they’re thinking about the genitalia of politicians is bad enough.

Not to be outdone Greatbooksformen expanded his trolling repertoire to include this obsession with bizarre sex.  Read what he wrote at Roissy’s blog:

when you hold a fiat dollar and look at it

real close now

look relaly relaly clcose

can you see the ifat funded cock sliding in and out of the girls’ ass behind teh pyramid? lzozlzllzlzlzl

i swear to good it is there and if you can’t see it you can smell it lzozlzlozlzl

This is a solid trolling job here since I’m sure the Henry Makows of the world see these sorts of things when looking at the a dollar bill.  I’m sure they see it on everything else too.  I tried looking at a dollar bill to find this but I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t expect to since I can’t dream up the most bizarre sexual crap there is.

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