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The Spearhead had an article about Jack Tuckner, the lawyer who is representing Debrahlee Lorenzana, the woman who “dressed too sexy” at Citibank.  Putting aside the “dressed too sexy” law suit, what struck me was how Tuckner wants to be and is submissive to women.  I’m not surprised he is working for a feminist law firm since he allegedly wants to be a slave to women.  What surprises me is that a man can have those desires in the first place.

I can talk about how my (male) coworkers have been run down after years/decades of living with their wives, but that is not the same thing as Tuckner.  At least my coworkers fight for some time by themselves with things like the car repair class they’re taking.  Plus, they also recognize at some level that they have no good options.  Anything my coworkers might try and do to better their situations is potentially a disaster in the current political and legal climate so they are the “walking dead” more or less.

Tuckner on the other hand allegedly wants to outright submit to a woman/be a woman’s slave and is actually doing it.  Even if it turned out that this wasn’t true of Tuckner, there are many men like that.  I really don’t understand it.  When I’m with Sabrina (or was with Kristen or Rachel), I know I’m the man here not her.  I have the dick, and I am supposed to be in charge not her. Pushback from women tends to be minimal.  For instance, Sabrina has called me an asshole a couple of times but that’s it.  (I’m surprised she isn’t constantly calling me an asshole.)

It’s one thing to talk about guys like my coworkers who are stuck in a lose-lose situation.  It’s another to talk about guys who want to submit and be slaves to women.  I can tell that there is something right about being in charge when it comes to women.  Can’t those guys who want to be slaves to women tell there’s something wrong?  I have a hard time believing the answer is chemicals/toxins or brainwashing because the behavior of these “super-manginas” should be more pervasive if either was the cause.

  22 Responses to “I Don’t Understand This Type Of Guy”

  1. I want to confess I am one of these men. Remember that scene in Godfellas where Henry wakes up with his wife straggling him with a gun in his face? I found that scene to very emotionally stirring. I’ve always found myself loving the idea of a woman beating me, abusing me, putting a knife against my throat, tying me up. I am aware that it is a sickness, an abnormality, a deeply dysfunctional urge that I am very ashamed of. Neither this awareness, nor my hatred for feminism has done much to change this very deep seeded drive that I have.

    One of the reasons I hate feminism as much as I do, is I feel so emotionally impotent to rebel against it even in my own heart. I fight this desire but its still a constant battle. This is one of the reasons why I hate masochists, they are sick people who sexualize traumatic feelings/emotions to avoid feeling the pain.

  2. I mean to say that Henry wakes up with his wife straddling him.

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  4. I can understand it, just. It’s about losing control. I’ve noted that many powerful men have masochistic/submissive perversions. They have to powerplay and lead all day, and at night, they want someone else to take over.

  5. Sabrina must have really low self esteem if she accepts your “I have the penis so I make the rules” attitude. It’s too bad you can’t get a woman with self esteem.

  6. What surprises me is that a man can have those desires in the first place.
    When it comes to certain sorts of men, I’m not surprised. Men who are very powerful might not want to be powerful all of the time. They might be outliers to be sure, but they aren’t necessarily that rare it seems.

    • Not wanting to be powerful all the time is one thing. There’s a difference between that and a dominatrix beating a guy’s ass.

      • You are right; there is a big difference. Many “normal” powerful men or men who simply get to attend to many details and serve as ‘adult babysitters” in their day to day life might be perfectly content to come home to a wife who takes care of everything at home and assures the home is a fortress from the world of demands and decision makers.

        The ones who fall into the dominatrix category likely have something else going on that’s turned their need to relax into submission of a different kind. Some who practice S&M may fall into a similar category.

        Is it sad if nothing surprises me anymore?

        • I should add my husband used to work with a man who spoke openly about his twisted sexual relationship with his wife. They were both officers and it seems she outranked him at work and at home if you catch my drift. She could discipline him at home if he were bad. Neither my husband or I could decide what was most disturbing: that they had this sort of relationship or that he’d talk about such perversion openly.

          Knowing this was almost as bad as the time we had neighbors in base housing who asked if we might be interested in swinging as the husband had always “wanted to do a redhead” Yuck.

          I don’t understand any of them. They’re all crazzzyyy.

  7. Their is a big difference in being bossed around by some gorgeous, six foot tall, blonde, amazonian, bitch goddess destroyer on one hand and being told what to do by some middle aged, denture wearing, varicose veined, 300 lb beast from twenty thousand fathoms on the other.
    The former gets my nads pumped. The latter just creeps me out.
    And when it gets right down to it that’s the reason feminism sucks.
    It’s not that it attempts to make women (as a group) our superiors but that it tries to make INFERIOR women our superiors.
    Who wants to take orders from the creature from the black lagoon?

    • What is the difference really? Any man would rather bang the six foot blond but why submit to her. She’s a woman. I’m a man and I’m supposed to be in charge. If I met a six foot tall blond amazonian bitch goddess destroyer I would show her who is supposed to be in charge and it’s not her. She would learn quick that its her job to be submissive not mine.

  8. Why do you confuse what turns a man on sexually with some sort of castrated eunich or female worshipping mangina?

    I’m a male switch. I like spanking, tickling and some other mild bdsm activities. No, I’m not a “gimp” don’t desire that all women dress in leather, and I could never call a woman “Goddess” seriously, anymore than I could tell a female I’ve just punished to take her tongue to my butthole. I find some dominatrixes sexy, and heck yes, I can and could submit to them within the bounds of a sexual relationship. However, the majority of dominatrixes I have run into in my life personally have been some of the most spoiled and selfish (two who by actions showed me they had honor or other morals excepted)women in our society. In a society where all women are “empowered” those who get used to worship or near worship every day will become the most spoiled. But then not all women willing to erotically spank a man are into being dominatrices.

    I’m not into cuckoldry, fem supremacy, or any of that. Indeed cuckoldry (not to be confused with both partners consensually swinging though I don’t desire that either) and fem supremacist sites where it is obvious they take it seriously or practice it make me sick. I also do not fantasize about chastity and the only reason I could ever see to subject myself to it would be to test my bravery as sexual deprivation within a relationship because of the full control by one partner does not make me feel either valued or safe.

    There’s a bit power of exchange within all relationships, even no BDSM ones. I wonder, PMAFT if you had a wife, as you are “the man” would she have to get your permission before she changes a diaper? Would you be content with her day to day running the household while you worked and controlled the money? If you have sex with someone have you ever pinched them or given them a playful swat?

    I won’t let anyone shame me as not being a “real man” because of the domme tendancies of some of the women I hang out with. It’s my opinion that sexual dominance is natural for a certain percentage of women (obviously not the vast majority) as sexual submissiveness is natural to a certain percentage of men. In between there are those of the opposite persuasion and people such as myself who can trade roles within limits and reason.

    As for your coworker it was rude of him to give you details of his sex life. However, so long as he’s not supporting NOMAS or promoting female supremacy in general his home life is his own business. I don’t really understand your confusion anyway. Part of it is ignorance – there is a difference between being a submissive and a slave, as there is a difference between being a bottom and a submissive. Being spanked by a woman as part of a sexual game (esp if you are going to spank/top or whatever her later) is a far cry from signing over your paycheck to her each week while she holds the keys to your chastity belt. Lastly, the personal is not always political. Those who equate femdom with female supremacy are manginas of the worst kind and I don’t hesitate to call them my enemie. This lawyer dude might be doing the right thing by representing this pretty woman or not, regardless its his other activities that HARM his fellow man and that me and you can condemn him for.


    • As for your coworker it was rude of him to give you details of his sex life. However, so long as he’s not supporting NOMAS or promoting female supremacy in general his home life is his own business.
      My husband’s coworker chose to make his home life the business of others. Nobody asked him to share such tales over dinner, but he felt compelled to do so anyway. If he didn’t want to be judged, he shouldn’t have shared. 😉

      • Of course, Hestia. I did say it was rude, did I not?

        Basically such details are only to be shared with good friends whom you’ve talked about sex before and with the approval of the other partner. Since most people don’t have friends or partners ok with all this sharing it is best not to impose it on people.

        Still, it probably blows your mind to find there are guys who think sexually submitting to females is nothing to be ashamed of and yet at the same time don’t think that being a female means you grow wings and halos and deserve Rulership. I’ll be honest: I haven’t been active in the bdsm community in about 5 years (as opposed to having a partner here and there) so I don’t know the current percentage of male subs who are, for want of a better term “manginas” (i.e men who pedestalize women to the extent of betraying and harming their fellow man). I believe the majority of them are, but this might be skewed by the group I hung out with and the fact that the internet seems to publicize more extreme viewpoints. Nonetheless I’ve known several male Doms/Masters who switched once on a dare or a lark or just to prove they could, but 99. 9 percent of the time they are the ones issuing the orders, weilding the paddle, or being “The Man”. Me, I truly am happy bottoming or topping with a woman I value, though I’d never be able to stay in a relationship where it was all one or the other. I think male and female switches are probably more common than male or female subs but we also tend to be a bit more discreet about things for whatever reason.Maybe its because switches don’t tend to tie their whole identity to what type of BDSM they prefer?

        Sorry, a thought came to me and I rambled a bit.

        This stuff is complicated because humans aren’t “one size fits all”. And I have no problem with that on a personal level. You’ll never see me opposing a gay man visiting his partner in the hospital for example or getting some legal rights thereto even though I can see why society as a whole might wish to keep the term “marriage” for the pair bond between heterosexuals. In short, if it’s “risk aware consensual kink” I can have respect or sympathy for it.

        Anyway, thanks for the respectful dialogue. Sorry if anything I’ve mentioned has made you queasy, but then many “vanilla” people confuse all BDSM stuff with leather , whips, and that gimp guy from Pulp Fiction. Most of the females that have been with me as a top/bottom, or more commonly both, you’d never know it by looking at them day to day, nor do most of them tend to have an overtly bossy personality.

        We are everywhere..bwa ha ha ha *evil laugh*

        Be well :)

        • To be honest, nothing really shocks me anymore for the reason, as you stated, one size doesn’t fit all. I’m only scandalized when I must hear the dirty details of somebody else’s sex life when I wasn’t expecting it. This goes for men and women. I was once in the middle of the grocery store with a woman I knew when she blurted out that she no longer has sex with her husband. People were all around us. Our children were there. Who does that?! Not just saying it there, but doing that or admitting it at all?! Don’t ask, don’t tell would be wise policy for such times.

          Your comments have been interesting and have busted a few stereotypes I’ve had, so thank you for that. PM/AFT’s blog has been hijacked for adult sex ed. LOL

  9. PMAFT:

    Forgive me. I read all the posts, and yet somehow got it in my head that Hestia’s post about her coworker was an experience you had instead. I was responding to your post and the many comments and I failed to define the boundaries of who I was responding to appropriately. If you are somehow offended, I apologize. I guarantee you that there will not be any internet rumors that in addition to being a lizard alien Illuminati overlord with a large penis that you also have some very rude neighbors. :)

    • Don’t worry about it. That happens.

      This is one of those, “if this doesn’t describe you, then I’m not talking about you” things. The type of guy I was talking about was a slave to dominatrix who works at a feminist law firm. That’s clearly not you Clarence.

      • It’s ok, PMAFT.

        I understand why these things would be easy to misunderstand esp among those who don’t have interests in this type of subject. Sexual practices/desires are almost always embarrassing to most people – that men and women can still (at least some of them in THIS day and age) be shamed by their nakedness alone is telling as to just how personal this stuff is. It’s true I took your argument personally, though even then I knew I could hardly blame you – you can only go by what you see, femdom IS often linked to fem supremacy. I’ve been on mens forums for MRA stuff for years (since 1998) yet I was into femdom since I was a young teen. I actually credit the movement for helping me to integrate the two and understand the limitations of ones sex drive as a force to organize ones political philosophy around. Certainly it explained the bad and entitled behaviour of modern women esp Dominatrices that I’d encountered again and again.

        Anyway, all I wanted was to be treated like an individual, because I did feel attacked. Thank you for letting me have my say. In the almost 13 years I’ve been participating in online debates and things between feminists and MRA’s and things, this is only the second time I’ve ever had to admit this part of myself. I hope I haven’t “kinked up” your blog too much.


  10. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s EASIER to take crap from a beautiful women than an ugly one. It still sucks but not nearly as much. A pretty woman can, to a certain extent, make up for being a woman by being pretty.

  11. “I know I’m the man here not her. I have the dick, and I am supposed to be in charge not her.”

    Good line. Absolutely true.

  12. Not wanting to be powerful all the time can partly explain that but I think the root of this is lost of self esteem. And when you look to what this feminist culture give to us as men image I’m not so suprised that many men have no or very thin self-esteem. After being said that boys and men are stupid, abusers, morons, idiots, name-it and in the same time that women are so wonderfull, so perfects, so superiors, so great, etc. all their life. It’s no surprise for me that many men are now willing to be a woman’s slave, after all he is so low and she so high…

    It’s the same thing that having mom saying days after days that his sister is so better than him, that men are all bastards, etc.

    my five cents

  13. It seems to me that the Dominatrix industry should be regulated like any other business which requires s license. Dom’s use dangerous equipment; why isn’t OSHA involved! The Dom’s only take cash. Tax fraud is rampant. For Dom’s who have Dungeons, are the other working Dom’s employees? or independent contractors? These women not only want to humiliate the subs, but to harm them financially; which takes away money for the support of families. How is this good for society? Why are State and Municipalities giving these anti men women free reign? Why are not church elders not up in arms about the permitted debauchery? The Femdom philosophy is destructive to society. Concerned citizens should push elected officials for needed governance of this issue. Protests at Dungeon locations should take place. Protestors could take pictures of the men arriving for a session and their license plates. Dungeon locations can be determined if a man signs up for a session. These women are destroying the sanctity of marriage and hurting our daughters. A national anti Femdom organization should be established.

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