Apr 252010

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As I have discussed before female supremacism isn’t limited to just feminism.  As we know there is conservative female supremacism and Islamic female supremacism.  There are a lot more than three forms of female supremacism.  White Nationalism is also a form of female supremacism.  White Nationalism promotes misandry by attempting to turn what would otherwise obviously be issues caused by misandry to issues of race.  It seeks to keep men of different races from working together and discovering how much they have in common.

Our own Ferdinand Bardamu had a post at his personal blog recently about a dustup at AltRight among the White Nationalist crowd there that laid bare the misandry inherent in White Nationalism.  As you can see from the link, White Nationalism is filled with women who except for the racial rhetoric sound like feminist, manginas, and (ironically) white knights.  Let’s look a few examples of the comments from the White Nationalist crowd at AltRight starting with this one:

Mr. Locklin, I do hope that your desire for foreign women won’t overshadow the white man’s duty to reproduce with his own racial group.

Other than the racial rhetoric this could have been written by a conservative female supremacist white knight.  Look at this one:

To broadly insult our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters in this manner is tasteless. Both American women and men have some changing to do, changing we can do ourselves. But you’re doing what feels good for you and that’s what counts for you. Paradoxically, you’re the typical modern American man: empowered, sassy, sarcastic, and dedicated to gratifying yourself. You’re not loyal to the nation or interested in seeing it through to a restoration. You’re doing your own thang and won’t take no bojive from people who are offended when you insult them.

This is nothing but garden variety anti-male shaming language.  However, that doesn’t beat what a White Nationalist woman has to say:

Lock-load is an insulting cretin. As well as an utter moron. The article is loaded with errors. He shows two pictures of actresses. Lillian Gish was an American woman She had a career that spanned decades.This makes her a successful career woman – who succeeded in a business crawling with the Tribe. She would not have endured the juvenile insults of a pathetic, inadequate joke Lockloser for 2 seconds.

Neither would have Hedy Lamar – a woman that used her exquisite beauty to garner every type of material benefit imaginable. She was bi-sexual, and fled Nazi Germany, to serve the goalso of Die Jude, in America. Lockloser most likely would not have had enough cold hard cash to elicit her attention. Her idea of a dinner date would have included diamond bracelets, as hors d’ oerves.

Lockboor then includes the photographs of an assortment of foul Lesbians, and Jewesses, as representative of American females. Which they are decidely not. The promotion of every sort of denegeracy, in every American institution, is the work of the Franfurt School of Talmudic Jewry. The horrors of a degraded American, and global, womanhood, is the work of the Jew.

Lockinadequete-appendage rhapsodizes about the helpfulness of foreign females, and asserts that they aren’t as greedy and grasping. I suspect Lockmommy’sboy is exceptionally good at retaining his small hoard of cash, and resents the expenditure of the price of a hotdog, on a sidewalk stand, on any female – but if he thinks that foreign females are not materially obssessedm and greedier than George Soros – he’s still a virgin. Asiatics are the most soulless, heartless, absolutely ammoral hardheaded gold-diggers, that have ever befouled the Earth. Impovershed Eastern European females are not far behind. I have personally witnessed the very thorough skinning of every assett, of American White males, who have sought “submissive, demure” foreign brides. I have laughed in the faces, of those men, when they bemoaned their impovershment, and legal ravagement. They got what they sought, and they got what they deserved.

Finally – the White Nationalist movement is always whining about the absence of females. Gee – I wonder if snarky, snot-drenched attitudes, exemplified by Locksociallyretarded, have anything to due with this problem? Sorry, fellas – it’s not women that have to please you – you have to please, and lure in women.

Yup. It’s true. My 9 year old nephew has better social skills, than do 90% of you.

Gee, thanks, Richard Spencer, for publishing this insulting garbage. All this article has done is PISS OFF a lot of WN females.

I demand an apology. And a retraction.

Really – I do.

As a White American Woman. Who talks to a lot of other White American women. Who have HAD IT with snarky, juvenile, insulting socially-cretinous WN men.

This same woman wrote another similar comment:

Many, many of the comments reveal the precise nature of the problem – the boorishness, childishness, and social inpetitude of American males.

Once again, fellas – the onus is on YOU to please women. Not the other way around. Ghetto Negroes have better wooing, and flirtation skills, than so many White males. A lot of you guys are beyond pathetic. You really have nothing to offer females of any Race. A lot of you have very little money, and you are not as physically attractive as you flatter yourselves to be. To many of you – not all – but many – your attitude towards women is the most repellent aspect of your being. It’s not women – it’s you.

As anyone can see it’s all massive amounts of misandry and shaming language with some racial rhetoric thrown in.  The misandry inherent in White Nationalism goes deeper than a few comments on the internet.  Where did the false rape industry start?  It wasn’t with feminists.  The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) had their own version of the false rape industry white women would make false accusations of black men.  Drop the racial terms and it’s no different the the current feminist false rape industry.  Take a look at what happened during the Rosewood Massacre.  A woman lies about being beaten and raped and a random black man living in Rosewood gets lynched.  Then a massive battle between white men and black men happened where at least several men got killed.  Multiple men died all because a woman lied about rape, but the Rosewood Massacre is not properly recognized as being part of the false rape industry because race was involved.

The misandry in White Nationalism goes even farther than just incidents like the Rosewood Massacre.  The KKK had a corresponding group for women called the Women’s KKK or WKKK.  The WKKK is very similar to feminism both in action and language.  (Read the link for documentation of the similarities.)  All you have to do is drop the words white and black from WKKK language, and you end up with feminist language.

We have to remember that misandry is the central problem facing all men today.  That’s true regardless of what race a man is.  Men of all races have a great deal in common.  White Nationalism tries to hide that fact effectively acting as a vehicle for the promotion of misandry to benefit (white) women.  White Nationalism and other racist ideologies are misandarist and benefit no man.

  2 Responses to “The Spearhead: White Nationalism? More like White Knight Nationalism”

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