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There are many different types of conspiracy theories about many subjects.  However, most conspiracy theory you will encounter follows a “standard model”.  This “standard model” conspiracy theory usually includes some type of unified group of elites such as the NWO or the Illuminati.  In many “standard model” conspiracy theories you will find demons, reptile aliens, or grey aliens really running the show.  The “standard model” conspiracy theory almost always has some type of “depopulation agenda”.  The unified group of elites in the conspiracy theory want to reduce the population of the human race radically.  Various final population numbers such as 500 million and 1.2 billion are given.  The reason usually given that the unified group of elites supposedly want to eliminate that much of the human race is to better enslave the survivors.

The depopulation agenda conspiracy theory has quite a few problems.  The biggest is the lack of hard evidence.  The depopulation agenda is usually connected by a conspiracy theories to how feminist a society is, meaning that feminism is used to collapse fertility rates along with abortion and birth control.  However, no such correlation exists.  While feminized societies in the first world have seen their fertility rates collapse, this isn’t limited to places where feminism is prevalent.  Japan’s fertility rate collapsed without feminism.  Fertility rates even in the Islamic world have collapsed.  For example, thirty years ago Iran’s fertility rate was 9 children/woman. Now it’s 1.8. Feminism has no influence in the Islamic world.  Abortion and birth control aren’t used there either.  Yet fertility rates are collapsing in the Islamic world the same as they are in feminized countries.

Another problem is that events after a depopulation event historically do not happen the way the depopulation agenda conspiracy theory claims.  The black death was an event that caused depopulation.  After the black death the nobility was not able to tighten the screws on their populations.  In fact the opposite happened.  Wages and other compensation went up for the survivors.  This is consistent with supply and demand in economics.  There was a major drop in the supply of labor so compensation of the remaining laborers went up.  The elites that want depopulation would run into the same problem since they can’t annul the basic laws of economics.

However, all of those are side issues for us.  In the future the depopulation agenda conspiracy theory will be used as a vehicle of misandry against men.  So far it has only been used to attack feminism (and certain environmental issues).  When it has been used to attack feminism, its attack has only been on aspects of feminism related to abortion and birth control.  It’s fits in very well with conservative female supremacism which only attacks that portion of feminism and completely avoids what is happening to men.  Conservative female supremacists go as far to say that feminism actually benefits men and that women are the only “real victims” of feminism.  They will say that feminism “allows” to avoid “responsibility” in creating families and having children.  (Of course, this is absurd since there is no responsibility to create a family and/or have children, just to take care of the children you already have.)

Due to the misandry in churches, many men have left the churches.  On top of that due to marriage 2.0, many men are part of the marriage strike.  This extends into the churches as well.  Divorce is just as common in the church as outside of it.  That is one of the reasons for the fear that conservative female supremacist women have of not having enough children.  As we have seen, conservative female supremacist women and their white knights have not fixed the divorce system or created incentives for men to marry.  Instead they use more and more shaming language.  Since progressively using more and more shaming language isn’t have the effect they want they will need to up their shaming language.  The depopulation agenda conspiracy theory will allow them to do that.

The conservative female supremacist women and their white knights will claim that the marriage strike, men’s rights, MGTOW and related ideas are all part of the depopulation agenda.  Their “evidence” will be that men who have discovered these ideas aren’t getting married and having children.  They will try and club men over the head with the idea that we’re voluntarily following the Illuminati in their depopulation agenda and that we need to man up and get married and have kids to fight the Illuminati.  They will claim that the marriage strike, men’s rights, and MGTOW are Illuminati ideas to continue the depopulation agenda.  Whenever a man points out what a disaster marriage and many other things having to do with women have become, he will be told to “man up” because he’s failing to fight the Illuminati.  If a man is a victim of paternity fraud, the divorce industry, has his kids taken away etc. they will say that we all have to make sacrifices to fight the Illuminati.  Since the Illuminati is a fictitious concept, conservative female supremacists can ascribe whatever motivation they like to the Illuminati which they will use to claim that any man who isn’t obeying them is a tool of the Illuminati.

While many conservative female supremacist women and their white knights will use this form of absurd shaming language in the future, most of them will not completely believe it.  That does not matter to us.  Even though they may not believe it, they will still use it out of desperation.  While this will probably happen, it probably won’t be any more effective as other forms of shaming language are now.  If anything it will be less effective since in addition to sounding crazy, shaming language has been becoming less and less effective over time.

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