Apr 222010

In today’s post I was going to explain how money are IOUs but that doesn’t mean they autogenerate debt, but my conspiracy connections keep getting exposed.  Someone called “Thomas George” wrote on Dave in HI’s blog:

This ProMale AntiFeminist is a high level official of the Illuminati-NWO. You can tell from his blog and his arrogance. As men we have a duty to our Lord to get married, procreate, and lead Christian families. This ProMale AntiFeminist hates the Lord and wants to trick men into not fulfilling our God given responsibilities to women. That vile individual’s blog and that spearhead website he bankrolled are a satanic plot to turn men into large boys who fail to have children. His ‘mens rights’ are an affront to our godly responsibilities as men.

Let me tell you.  This guy figured it all out.  Here I was thinking my secret plot to “destroy Christian families” through MRA was A SECRET.  It’s all out on the internet.  The only thing he forgot to do was call me a reptile alien.  You would think a world ruling conspiracy would have tighter security, but no I can’t get real security.  All of my secret plans are all over the internet.  How did he figure out I bankrolled The Spearhead?  That reminds me.  Welmer, the IOUs we call money are in the mail.  I mean in this time.  And I have to say I’m really insulted that he called me only a “high level official” of the Illuminati.  I worked very hard to take over every world ruling conspiracy out there.  I deserve credit for that.

Getting back to being serious, do people actually believe crap like this?  If one of you guys is trolling me, be man enough or woman enough to come out and admit it.  Otherwise, there are lots of disturbed people out there.  Why am I associated by (presumably) multiple people with running something like the Illuminati or being a “high level official” of said group?  I’m just a random guy with a blog.  At least when it comes to being accused of being part of the large dick conspiracy, that can’t be serious.

Maybe I should try telling Sabrina that I run every powerful conspiracy in the world.  If she buys it, her hypergamic instincts for me will go into overdrive.

  21 Responses to “My Conspiracy Associations Keep Getting Exposed”

  1. Trolling is internet normal. Sometimes you just have to laugh and move on. Other times you have to call the police lol. It’s something I thought about before I started posting with my real name.

    • If it’s just trolling then it’s harmless and I’m not bothered by it. What creeps me out is that I can’t tell if these people actually believe the crap they’re saying or not. If they really believe that I’m an Illuminati member and/or a reptile alien or what not, they have serious mental problems. As far as I can tell it is more than one person at least based on IP addresses.

  2. I’m so jealous! I only get told what a bad wife and slut I am! Or doormat and parasite, depending on the person in question. 😉

    Some people really do believe such stuff and likely it is a result of mental illness. I’ve mentioned on here before how many conspiracy videos use certain sorts of music and other effects to cause physical responses in the watcher. A mentally balanced person may feel ill at ease but can take a step back and realize what is happening. Somebody who is ill, however, cannot do this and will be influenced by what is being said.

    If you consider what many of the conspiracy theories encompass, it’s easy to see how somebody who is socially isolated or perhaps not successful in life can take solace in the tales being spun. Having the government or shape-shifting aliens or Illuminati to blame makes a persona victim rather than responsible for their own life decisions. They also posses “secret knowledge” which makes them feel special and superior to others, making their life more bearable. Much how religion can often work. There is noble, sane belief and then there are the True Believers who commit evil deeds or are convinced the entire world is out to get them and defile their children. So it goes with conspiracy theorists to I think.

    Also consider how desperate conspiracy theorists are to hold on to their beliefs in the face of all evidence. They will resort to the same tactics of logical fallacies and belief against evidence and logic as others do. There worldview is being threatened and so they must fight back, proving how true their beliefs are, even if they are built on a foundation of sand.

    P.S. You’ve been discussed on a few blogs, in the comments, not for being a reptilian alien, but for apparently being a peter pan who is anti-traditional marriage and anti-male responsibility.

    • Hestia, what I don’t understand is why associate me with their conspiracy theory beliefs? Sure they probably have some type of mental illness, but what do I have to do with it? (Assuming that I’m not being trolled.)

      You’ve been discussed on a few blogs, in the comments, not for being a reptilian alien, but for apparently being a peter pan who is anti-traditional marriage and anti-male responsibility.

      Can you send me the links to these comments? If you need to email them to me that’s fine.

      • The only thing I can guess is the fact you’ve mentioned living and working in the DC area. Perhaps somebody who is really out of their minds might twist that into Illuminati, special connections to powerful people, etc. You may have also irritated some weirdo back on your science fiction post and were perhaps discussed in some conspiracy theory board of some sort. And the fact that you’ve debunked theories in the past might just add fuel to the fire. Who knows.

        It’s all rather amusing, wouldn’t you say. I personally found the whole “cum dumpster” thing to be pretty insane too.

        And, yes, I will email that info to you. I only bookmarked one link, but it’s a start.

        • I’m sure living in the DC area has something to do with it. I think I may have mentioned how I work in the Defense & Homeland Security and it involves security clearances. If I told you what I work on it would sound super sinister to a conspiracy theorist.

          I know I pissed off a lot of people. Maybe if I piss off enough conspiracy theorists I will become the subject of Alex Jones’ next DVD. That’s a goal I would like to work towards.

          I find this very hilarious. I have derived great enjoyment from them. The “cum dumpster” thing is pretty insane too but I understand how they came up with it even though it’s stupid.

  3. Again, I don’t get it. Even when I do my damndest to flame crazies, the most I get is an autistic loser calling me a “sexual pervert” and a “moral degenerate.” The most original thing I’ve been called is a “psychotic nullity”, on the HBD Books post where Richard Hoste responded to me. What’s your secret, dude? Do I need to start debunking conspiracy theories with more verve?

    • Yes you need to start debunking conspiracy theories with more gusto. I recommend checking the original sources as much as possible. Conspiracy theorists get very pissed when you point out that they’re referencing something that doesn’t exist or means something completely different.

      Conspiracy theorists generally have low self esteem. (Our own Hawaiian Libertarian of course does not fit this mold as he is a lot more rational and thoughtful about it.)

      About the end of next week I am going to be posting an article to The Spearhead about why believing in the depopulation agenda is misandarist. I’m hoping for some serious flameage.

  4. Ferd,

    It helps if you are in fact a reptile alien member of the illuminati with a big probe. That’s what PMAFT has over you. You are just a quisling Grey attempting to increase your status and secure your mental independance within you’re colony’s clone hive mind.

    It won’t work, btw.

  5. Heh. The funny thing is that IF the aspects of the conspiracy theory that I believe to be real…Thomas George could very well be a conspirator dupe looking to discredit the entire argument by calling you exactly what he is….

    …LOL. This train of thought can certainly lead one down into a very deep rabbit hole of paranoid confusion!

    Yes, I’m joking.

    Please note: I’ve gone through great pains to differentiate between what I believe to be credible theory from fantastic, crazy disinformation.

    The idea that international bankers were able to create a “shadow government” for their own benefit is not that crazy when you look at the framework, entities and membership roles of actual organizations that do exist – the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

    In addition, many of their members and founders have made very public statements regarding their actions, intentions and goals.

    I believe it is entirely possible that a very real conspiracy exists and does indeed influence society through their manipulations of the mainstream media, public educational curriculum, and funding political campaigns for both parties to get their agenda passed – whether the elephants or the donkeys hold the reigns of power in D.C.

    I only arrived at this conclusion precisely because I began to dig into the foundation of the feminist movement when I first discovered the MRA blogosphere.

    Women’s Studies programs across the entire nation have been funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. THis is undeniable. The Rockefeller Foundation members have made quite a few public statements regarding their goals for population control and establishing a one world Government.

    The Rockefellers donated the land in NY for which the UN was built on.

    The CFR was founded by Senator Rockefeller. Every President since the CFR was founded has been a CFR member, and every cabinet of each of the CFR presidents has always featured prominent CFR members.

    As detailed extensively by Charlotte Iserbyt, in The Dumbing Down of America, the Carnegie Foundation actively worked to gain control of the public education system to socially engineer young children in a wide variety of ways – including the indoctrination of feminist propaganda.

    All of these things are easily verifiable, and easily researched for yourself. Much of the resources for these things are found for free, online….and you can read for hours on these things without once coming across UFO’s, illuminati, and all that other stuff.

    How can a person be Anti-Feminist, and not at least give such things an honest and thorough investigation? Do you believe feminism just “happened?” That there was not a concerted effort by certain groups of people who effected feminism on the masses for their own purposes?

    As far as I’m concerned, reptilian aliens, UFOs, the Bohemian grove and all that other assorted stuff is simply disinformation designed to get the average person to disregard ANYTHING labeled “conspiracy theory” as crazy talk.

    It certainly works.

  6. This guy sounds like one of the sickos that follow Debbie Maken….well, except that they don’t play the Illuminati conspiracy angel.

    Isn’t it funny that men have “responsibilities” and must marry in order to be godly men, but if a woman begs off marriage and children, then they are exercising their “choices”?

    It takes all kinds to make a world, and that means all kinds of opinions. Still, it’s this kind of fanaticism that one must be vigilant.

  7. I don’t know about you, but I am really sick and tired of being lumped in with Fundamentalist Christians. Yeah, maybe they are big on “family values” and some of them do believe in self-defense (as in owning guns), but there are a LOT of non-Christian folks who have those same values. Seriously non-Christian, like the kind of folks who historically have been massacred by Christian fanatics.

    It really does tick me off.

  8. I think hawaiian libertarian is spot on. Consider the following.

    Working women generally have fewer offspring than traditional women. But more women working alongside men means more women getting pregnant in the workplace. Hence the introduction of sexual harrasment laws.

    The availability of contraception and abortion is limited only by opposition from religious conservatives. (The Catholic church, in particular, which they relentlessly demonize with allegations (true or no) of pedophilia in an attempt to shut them down.)

    No fault divorce financially rewards women for initiating divorce. Those very rewards discourage men from entering into marriage. The result of this being fewer offspring.

    The false rape industry discourages men from having sex with young fertile women by providing them with heavyweight legal instruments that they can use for revenge if they should ever feel slighted by their lovers. Again the result is fewer babies.

    The recent ‘cougar’ thing is an attempt to channel the sexual energies of young, fertile men onto less fertile (or infertile) older women. Botox, breast enhancement, and other plastic surgery techniques are really an effort to make these older women attractive to young men.

    Gay rights is also a way of channeling sexual energy away from reproduction. Misandric lesbian feminism teaches women that all men are rapists and that only nonpenetrative lesbian sex is ‘natural’. The result is for straight women to have more nonreproductive than reproductive sex.

    People generally react to population control aghast. Feminism is population control by proxy. You needn’t be abducted by aliens to see this.

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