Mar 152010

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Chances are you’re familiar with Saturday Night Live’s Tom Brady sexual harassment skit.  If not, you can watch it at this link.  While Saturday Night Live is trying to be funny, they end up presenting a very accurate portrayal of how “sexual harassment” really ends up working.  This is particularly true with the “three rules” they came up with to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits, “Be handsome.  Be attractive.  Don’t be unattractive.”

With this weekend’s episode Saturday Night Live has done it again.  This skit is a spoof of a commercial for one of those home security companies.  Watch it below:

While this skit is a hilarious spoof, it shows how unreasonably paranoid women have become of men.  You have a guy who was at the woman’s party break into her house 20 seconds after leaving the party in addition to her grandfather, her rabbi, a couple of boys, etc.  Why does this skit have a basis in reality?  It’s because feminism produces propaganda that men everywhere are out to get women, and the skit hits on this by talking about how if you’re a woman “most men want to kill you”.

One thing that makes this funny is how it doesn’t make sense.  Why would a guy already in a woman’s house leave just to break in 20 seconds later?  That even more true with the woman’s grandfather.  How would a couple of nine year old boys break down her door so quickly?  We know such things but, the paranoia of men that many women have is not rational.  A woman’s grandfather or a nine year old boy isn’t a threat to a woman.  Feminists produced and continue to produce anti-male propaganda that men are out to murder, rape, and/or assault women, but as we know it doesn’t reflect reality.  It makes no sense that a guy already inside a woman’s house would leave and then break in 20 seconds later.  However, there are plenty of women who believe such things.

What’s very ironic about this skit (and still very true) is how despite this woman’s paranoia about men, she is still dependent on men for her protection.  The office of “Broadview Security” is staffed by men.  This also is very poignant.  While feminists have produced all this anti-male propaganda to make women paranoid about men, their protection is still dependent on men.  This includes male police officers and male legislators who produce anti-male laws for feminists.  In the woman’s paranoia had any logic whatsoever, she should be just as afraid about the men from Broadview Security breaking down her door.

In conclusion, Saturday Night Live has created a skit (probably unintentionally) that shows the levels of female paranoia against men that many women have today.  Just like with the Tom Brady sexual harassment skit, it tells truths about the subject that only humor can deliver over feminist dominated media.

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