Mar 082010

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We have heard a variant of these statements many times:

You MRAs/MGTOW/gamers are just as bad as the feminists.
I’m trying to find a common ground in the middle.
We need to ignore the extremists on both sides.

Whenever you hear a statement like those, it is not a statement of fact. It’s triangulation. What is triangulation? It’s when someone claims to be “above” or “between” the left and right wings of politics or some other issue. Triangulation was made famous by Bill Clinton, but he is far from the only person to use triangulation. Barack Obama has also engaged in triangulation. Neither Clinton nor Obama actually believed in a set of politics that was “above” or “between” the left and right. Both are leftists and used triangulation to get elected. This is the most obvious with Obama who while campaigning talked about “change”, “a new [non-ideological] politics”, but has clearly governed as a leftist.

Triangulation acts in a similar fashion when trying to shout down MRAs, MGTOW, & gamers. Using triangulation is an attempt to bring down MRAs, MGTOW, & gamers down to the level of feminists as if pointing out anti-male injustice is the same as feminists trying to gain more power. Thus the only thing that can be gained from triangulation when used here is continuation of the status quo. That status quo is misandry and feminist government policy. For the claims of the triangulator to be true, MRAs, MGTOW, & gamers would have to have as much political power as the feminists. Men are being thrown in jail by women lying about rape. Men are losing their jobs due to sexual harassment nonsense and government stimulus policies. Men are being forced to pay for kids that aren’t theirs (paternity fraud). Men are having their life savings and their children stolen by anti-male family/divorce courts, etc. There is nothing that men can do to women right now that is equivalent to one of those things much less all of them combined. Feminists have more political power, so the triangulator’s true intentions of defending misandry are exposed. Also claims of being “above” or “between” both sides are never used meaningfully against feminists, and this further exposes the triangulator’s true intentions.

One variant of triangulation you may sometimes hear is, “If we take feminism away, men will do all the same things to women that feminists do to men.” Again, this statement is only used against MRAs, MGTOW, & gamers so it enforces the status quo of misandry and thus is triangulation. However, this statement is objectively false. While there are many political views among MRAs, MGTOW, & gamers, there is a generally agreed upon view that government is a major part of the problem. Without government most misandry would not exist. When misandrist laws and policies are eliminated, the government will be a great deal weaker. It won’t have the same power to interfere with people’s lives it did when feminists controlled it. The only way men could do the same things to women that are being done to men now is by reinstating a powerful, pervasive government that they wanted to be rid of. In other words, it will be impossible because the weapon of a powerful, pervasive government has already been destroyed.

Despite explaining this, there will still be people who triangulate and talk about the need to find “compromise” or a “middle ground” (perhaps because they claim we need “female allies”). If you think about what “compromise” and “middle ground” mean in this context, it’s obvious they are triangulating. We want the false rape industry gone, the anti-male family/divorce court system gone, etc. Feminists want to keep on doing what they are doing. Thus finding “middle ground” or a “compromise” means only half as many men experience false rape charged, get ass raped in family/divorce court, etc. This is completely unacceptable and still gives the feminists what they want, but more importantly it exposes cries for “compromise” or a “middle ground” as hollow and triangulation.

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